Zora Neal Hurston's How It Feels To Be Colored Me

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I choose to analysis the ethical approach of “Zora Neal Hurston’s “How it Feels to be Colored Me.” I think the author used a very unique to say how she feel about herself. I can relate to the author, when she speaks of her town, and how she didn’t realize her skin until she left her. Growing up I really didn’t know how different my skin was, until I found myself in predominate white church. For a while, people treated me differently, until they realized I was human with a great heart and attitude. The author establishes her ethical appeal, by providing the reader with a vivid image of how her childhood was growing up colored. She let the readers see through her eyes by providing common grounds, with people of color. Growing up in an exclusively colored town, and only seen whites occasionally, gives the author no reason to see herself as colored,…show more content…
She expressed, how she felt about her skin, and provided great reason for how she viewed herself for being colored. She spoke of her ancestors and how they paid the price for her civilization; so therefore, she doesn’t have to feel less of a person because of her skin color. She even mentions a time where she forgets that she was a person o colored until she thrown against the background of white; meaning she sees no color until she is constantly reminded. The author shows core values by being happy in the skin she is in. “At certain times I have no race; I am me.” “I belong to no race nor time. I am the eternal feminine with its string of beads.” “I have no separate feeling about being an American citizen and colored.” Throughout the article the authors show numerous ways to good core value. The author values the skin she is in, but at the same time she uses the negativity her skin gets, as motivation to being a better person, as if it feeds her soul. Throughout the passage the author seems like she’s on her high horse and no one can bring her
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