Zora Neale Hudson Sweat Analysis

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In Zora Neal Hudson’s short story “Sweat”, “Don 't think Ah 'm gointuh be run 'way fum mah house neither. Ah 'm goin ' tuh de white folks bout you, mah young man, de very nex ' time you lay yo ' han 's on me. Mah cup is done run ovah." Delia said this with no signs of fear”. What Delia did right there is right. Delia did the right thing by standing up to Sykes and showing him that she was tired of the mistreatment she was receiving and the mental and physical abuse. Any person would get tired of something that is unfair or something that disturbs their inner peace. Delia and Sykes were married so one would expect them to love each other maybe some fights there and then but they were the opposite, fights everyday and the only time they weren 't fighting would be when they’re eating of sleeping. She wasn 't being treated like a wife, girlfriend or friend. She…show more content…
Delia was being treated like a slave since they were married. For 15 years she suffered of physical and mental abuse. “He stepped roughly upon the whitest pile of things, kicking them helter-skelter as he crossed the room. His wife gave a little scream of dismay, and quickly gathered them together again.” this shows the type of person Sikes is and makes Delia’s work almost impossible. Nobody wants to be treated the way Sykes treated Delia, nobody wants to be mentally or physically abused. She stood up to him and said she was tired of him as show in the story, "Looka heah, Sykes, you done gone too fur. Ah been married to you fur fifteen years, and Ah been takin ' in washin ' for fifteen years. Sweat, sweat, sweat! Work and sweat, cry and sweat, pray and sweat!". What she did was right, there is nothing wrong with standing up for your rights. In conclusion Delia did what any human being would do. She stood up for her rights and was tired of living with Sykes for 15 years. She did what was right, she stood up for herself. Fifteen years of sweat, abuse and
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