Zora Neale Hurston Dreams

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Zora Neale Hurston was an African American writer during the Harlem Renaissance who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God. She was a very ambitious woman and did many things in her lifetime. In one article an author wrote, “Hurston realized many of her dreams during her lifetime and wrote prolifically, publishing short stories, essays, plays, historical narratives, ethnographies, an autobiography, and several novels” (“Zora”). Not only was she an author she was also an anthropologist. However Hurston’s life wasn’t all perfect at times. At a young age she lost her mother which ended her childhood abruptly, much like the main character Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God. After her mother’s death she also began working odd jobs and traveling,…show more content…
Janie always had a dream for her life and that always involved the image of the pear tree. Janie had a plan for herself and it was a lot larger than what others had instore for her. When she was young Janie always had this vision of a pear tree and in one article an author explains “Her guiding image of the pear tree in bloom bespeaks a more profound meaning for love” (Kubitschek). The pear tree meant a lot more to Janie than just marriage and love. It was a lot bigger than that, it was more about discovering the world and herself on her own terms. Janie as a young girl was always dreaming and thinking about what else is out there. She was constantly thinking about what her future held. Her Nanny supported her big dreams as well. In an article an author wrote, “Nanny states that although she could not realize her own dreams, Janie need not suffer such restriction: ‘It wasn 't for me to fulfill my dreams.... But nothing can 't stop you from wishin '....’” (Hattenhauer). Although Janie may not realize it, her Nanny has always supported her dreams when she was young. This shows the theme because Janie has always had a vision of the life she
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