Zora Neale Hurston Sweat Analysis

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What would you define sweat as? Dedication to ones work? Perhaps the effect of exerting work/energy to achieve a goal? Many people may not know that humans sweat for many reasons from working out to being nervous and in the short story Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston Sweat is used as a way to show hard work, dedication, pain, and perseverance. The main protagonist Delia is a African-American women which is the wife to an abusive man named Sykes who abuses her physically and mentally while committing infidelity. Delia is shown as an obedient wife due to how women didn’t really have power in the house hold in the time period of the early 1900’s most logically at 1920. Delia is subjugated to working as a maid due to the fact that African American women didn’t have as many job opportunities as African American men…show more content…
In How it feels to be colored me Zora is telling the reader about herself and basically giving us information on how she didn’t let stereotype defy who she was. Zora is represented as a strong woman in the narrative as for she doesn’t let the little judgments or labels classify who she is. Zora knows her own self-worth but also knows that she can become greater. In the narrative Zora showcases that music isn’t something that calms her down but it is something that unleashes her inner being as for a burst of inner passion flows from her body into rhythmic dance moves and tapings. Once seeing how the music that transforms her soul doesn’t really have any effect on her white friend she realizes how different she is from them. Zora at the beginning tells the reader that she grew up in a black community in Florida and that she believed that everyone was practically the same. Later on she is to later realize that how much her skin singles her out in life and how her skin can create judgments towards her without even thinking about
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