Zora Neale Hurston Working Class Analysis

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In the short story by Zora Neale Hurston (glided Six-Bits) the black regular black working class linked into the story. The characters Joe and his wife Missie May are a happily young couple who are married. Their marriage was then messed up by Slemmons a player they met that opened an ice cream shop in there town. Joe and his wife Missie May worked things out with each other because they loved each other. A happy marriage in the working class is seem to be what everyone wants but there is rarely no such thing in real life.
As a summary, the story starts with Joe and Missie May a married happily working class couple. It all seems fine at first; Joe buys her presents and Missie cooks meals. But then a new guy, Otis D. Slemmons, shows up in
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If you’re married for year and half and your working day and night you have the least expect that your wife would cheat on you. Joe did not think that his wife would cheat on him because they are a happy family but they are not rich.When Joe got off work early, Joe saw his wife in bed with Slemmons. Joe becomes cold and distant, until he realizes Missie is pregnant. It is something that happens all the time but it is always a surprise to people because it is someone that you love the most that can hurt you so much.
In the working class marriage there should be forgiveness. Joe and Messie works things out because they love each other and Joe have forgiveness. Joe truly loved his wife he had everything he wanted being with her and even she was pregnant with his child that he always wanted .When someone messes up in a relationship it is always should be a forgiveness in that person heart if they really truly love each other.
In conclusion, the experience of the working class is a difficult one. In the working class many people are mistreated and not treated fairly. This story is an perfect example of a working class couple and what goes on behind closed doors in real
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