Zora Neale's Loss Of Innocence In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the novel, Their eyes were watching God written by Zora Neale Hurston, the character who I believe sacrificed the most would be, Janie. At the age of sixteen, She was forced into marriage, which had caused her to give up her innocence. Throughout the novel, she is viewed as a strong, powerful, and a hopeful woman, who is degraded and belittled by men. In the end, Janie married Tea Cake who showed her the way life should of been and learned what it was like being loved by a man who had not taken her for granted. At the age of sixteen, She unwillingly married Logan Killicks and had a hard time transitioning into the wife that Logan wanted. He expected her to stop what she was doing at any moment and give him aid instead. Janie had a difficulty
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