Zoroastrianism: Achaemenid Dynasty Of The Persian Empire

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1.Zoroastrianism: During the Achaemenid Dynasty of the Persian Empire, the prophet Zarathustra created a belief system that dealt with less deities than there were in other societies. According to Zarathustra, there was only two gods: the good one was Ahura Mazda, while the evil one was Angra Mainyu, who caused all the negative feelings on Earth. Zoroastrianism is still relevant today, because even though it is believed in by less people as it was in the past (due to Alexander the Great 's conquering and abolition of local religions), it shows that there are similarities between monotheistic religions, such as Judaism, and how they share elements also found in Zoroastrianism. (Interaction and Social) 2.Greek rationalism: During the golden age in Ancient Athens, most men were not extremely religious with the gods. This is because of a thinking known as Greek rationalism, which dealt with why things happened in the universe by science instead of the old beliefs.…show more content…
In fact, Laozi fled into nature to prove that his thoughts in the book Tao Te Ching could possibly be successful. Laozi 's teachers also made its way into the Chinese culture, as he was considered a believable person among China in comparison to Confucius. (Interaction and Social) 9.Constantine: In the fourth century CE, the Emperor Constantine of Rome became Christian. This was a very controversial move, because the other emperors preceding him did not like Christianity and their rejection of multiple gods or a divine emperor. This move was effective because eventually, Christianity found more and more support throughout the empire even though it took time through some societies. This also caused Christianity to be one of the major religions in the world. (Social and
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