Zosia Krolewski The Moment Analysis

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The Moment
“The Moment” is by Zosia Krolewski chronicles a young girl’s challenges experienced after moving to a country and culture foreign to her. In “The Moment,” the writer uses similes, idioms, and personification to portray that although it may be hard people always move forward, and once progress is made to move backwards is not an option.
The simile is used to show that no matter what people continue to move forward. The author writes about her experiences with life. One truth discovered was that when life got hard she had to keep pressing on was essential. Krolewski states, “ Life keeps going/Like a train never stops moving,” (Krolewski 23-24). In a literal sense Krolewski is comparing her life to a train. A train is always moving
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Krolewski is writing about how she had to leave her comfort zone and how this substantial change in her life will likely bring her pain. She states, “ But a part of my heart/ will always be left behind,” (Krolewski 26-27). Though she knows that she must move on, a part of her will always miss pieces of her past. Her past was a battle, and she will always have the scars or memories to prove it. The author likely included this quote to show that it is a natural instinct not to want change, but it must happen anyway. Although the past may still be missed, forward movement is necessary.
The author uses personification to show that even though forward movement may seem hard to accomplish it does eventually get better. After Krolewski moves and settles in she still feels the pain of her past. She says, “ Time heals everything,” (Krolewski 25). In this piece of figurative language she gives time healing qualities. Although time doesn't literally heal anyone it does have healing effects. This quote was likely included to reassure others that everything will be all right. What she is trying to say is that all things get better with time. So the fear of pain should not keep people from moving
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