Zotter Chocolate Factory Case Study

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For instance, during my MBA course, I was far behind my submission of assignment on management because I was not able to gain understanding on the concepts involved. But, I discussed with my peers and lecturers using my communication and networking skills to resolve the issue of understanding about the concepts in assignment. Though the use of my communication skills, I was able to complete my assignment exactly on time and submitted successfully. This instance not only refined my communication skills but also refined my time management and risk management skills. These skills have enabled me to position myself on professional path that will allow me to learn consistently about the business world. I will be networked with professionals with…show more content…
I have faced different challenges while completing my project on case study of Zotter chocolate factory. The most fundamental issue was the selection of most appropriate topic, that is, selection of case study on Zotter was not an easy decision to take. For this reason, I considered the available resources, which included time, people, and money; therefore, I selected the case study on Zotter as I wanted to learn more on management and marketing and the selected case study provided me sufficient grounds for it. Another issue was related to the selection of methodology to conduct the case study research in the project. It was undoubtedly the most important part of the project, as it meant to provide the way to move forward. I thoroughly researched on the research questions formulated in the study and it was the challenge for me to understand as I had no idea about the involved concepts. However, the selection of methodology was based on the answers of the case study on Zotter. In order to search for the appropriate literature related to the project, I faced issues in the searching of studies and journal articles because there was insufficient literature available regarding the selected case study. For this reason, I had to gain understandings related to the concepts and understood the case study to implement the relevant concepts on

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