's Relationship With God And Religion In Vincent Van Gogh And The Starry Night?

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Vincent Van Gogh is a world renowned artist. He is most well known for his works such as the Starry Night. Van Gogh was an artist who was not popular during his time. He spent his life attempting many different professions, beginning with ministry, and then trying to join the family business of art dealing. He did not find his true calling till he attempted painting. Once he discovered his skills, he traveled near and far, further developing his skills. He gained many relationships, his strongest being with his brother. Van Gogh and his brother maintained a very detailed letter correspondence. His brother was his art dealer who help Van Gogh get his art out to the people of the world. After many years of travel, Van Gogh finally addressed his mental illnesses by checking himself into an institution in spring of 1889. Van Gogh continued to paint during his stay in the institution. In his time there he painted the iconic Starry Night. During this time he wanted to increase his interactions with religion. He also thought of many new ideas on how to paint a live night canvas. He ended up throwing away these tactics in the Starry Night. In the piece, Van Gogh portrays his relationships with God and religion through light and dark, while still showing the emotions his mind was going through with the movement of the paints.
The light and dark contrast in the Starry Night is a representation of the hope and religion in this dark time through his life. This mostly cool toned night

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