Animation and Graphic Design Degree

Although animation is an artistically driven field, artistic talent is not the only talent you need in order to excel in it. Animators need the ability to blend technical and artistic skills to tell vivid stories, create realistic characters, and bring intricate settings and environments to life. Creativity and imagination are central skills along with good computer and software knowledge. 

Animation is a competitive field because of the increasing number of people who are looking at it as a potential career path. Many people get carried away by how innovative, promising, and exciting the field is. They think creative skills are enough to get a job. On the contrary, in order to succeed, you’re going to need not only the right qualifications, but also experience and practice. 

A good degree in animation and graphic design will equip you to work professionally as an animator or graphics designer. A degree would also help you build a portfolio and give you the practical exposure you need. While computer science or software degrees are good to begin with, it is recommended to look at specific degrees in animation and graphic design if you want to boost your chances of succeeding in this career path. Bachelor degrees are perhaps the most useful because of how extensive and detailed they are in training you and equipping you with the basic skills you need. 

Here are some levels of degrees you can look into when choosing a degree program.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A four-year bachelor’s degree is useful in getting well-paid jobs in the field. These degrees cover basic principles and fundamentals which you can then practice and build on. Some bachelor’s degrees related to this field include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Graphic Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Character Animation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects


Bachelor’s degrees are in demand and an option for those who are starting a career in this field. 

Master’s Degrees

Although not very different from a bachelor’s degree in terms of topics and subjects covered, a master’s degree goes further into topics that would help in your career. It gives you a good base in theoretical and practical aspects of animation and graphic design, and further prepares you for a successful career. A master’s degree helps you stand out in the competitive field and helps you rise faster to higher positions and better jobs. 

Master’s degrees typically offer specializations in character development, environment design, and 2D and 3D animation. Some master’s degrees include:

  • Master of Science in Animation and Multimedia
  • Master of Fine Arts in Animation
  • Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
  • Master in Animation and Special Effects 

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral degrees in animation and graphic design are rare and not necessary for the professional field. There are a few colleges who do offer this course, but not many jobs ask exclusively for a Ph.D in animation or graphic design. Doctoral programs involve extensive research and usually require a dissertation to be submitted and they can get you academic or research posts. 

Although each of these degrees is good to add to your resume and they help boost your credentials, they are not the only requirements to excel in this career. Animation and graphic design fields require a lot of artistic and creative skills, like drawing, sketching, storytelling and computer skills. You need to be passionate about developing these skills and inculcate hobbies and a strong portfolio that you can show prospective employers. A degree combined with the right set of skills and hard work will help you establish yourself in this industry. 

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