Business Administration Degree

The multifaceted and versatile business administration degrees are instrumental in improving your credentials, and hence, they have become one of the most sought-after degrees in the United States. Whether you want to pursue a career in manufacturing, advertisement, or even healthcare, a business degree can prove to be handy. Even more convenient is the fact that in order to get this degree and boost your career, you no longer have to enroll in traditional universities and spend precious hours attending physical classes – these degrees are available online, with full-time and part-time options.


When choosing a business degree, it is important to understand exactly what field you’re looking into and what career you intend to work in. An associate’s degree could help give you the basic practical exposure needed to widen your options, whereas a bachelor’s degree would give you a firm grasp of the subject matter and rules, regulations, and perspectives to consider while working in business. A master’s degree would help establish your credentials and make you confident in handling interpersonal affairs, management, and top leadership positions that a business requires. And then, if you’re into research and problem-solving, there’s the doctor’s degree in business administration. 


Each of these degrees may offer the same core topics, but with varied focuses and in-depth discussions. There are some points to keep in mind while choosing from these options.

Associate's Degree in Business Administration

Typically two years long, an associate’s degree will help you build a foundation, and establish yourself in the field with a firm grasp on concepts that give you hands-on and practical exposure to important concepts and fundamentals of the business world. Here, you will learn the basics of business, including key components like communication, accounting, and statistics. An associate’s degree could even help pave the way for a bachelor’s degree if you wish to study further. 

A diploma program could take around a year to complete, while a certificate course may be shorter (around six months lesser). It will introduce you to core concepts in accountancy, including basics and hands-on practice. Although it may not hold as much value as a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a diploma or certificate course can prepare you for a career in accounting and increase your chances of getting started in the field. 

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA)

A bachelor’s degree ensures you are more well-versed in and capable of handling managerial roles that consist of interpersonal relations, human resource management, and marketing. Here, you get the finesse and qualification needed to secure top positions in public, private, and nonprofit companies. Alternatively, like many others in the field, you could also go on to be an entrepreneur and start a venture of your own.  

Along with core subjects like accounting, statistics, and finance, a bachelor’s degree in business administration will also focus on wider aspects including HR management, business ethics, business law, management theory and practice, economics, organizational behavior, principles of finance, and principles of marketing. Unlike an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree would be a full four-year course, and it could take longer if you opt for a part-time course. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA would open further doors for you to explore new and bolder possibilities for your career, giving you a higher qualification that would ensure you are capable of handling top leadership positions.


Some of the topics this program would cover are rather similar to that of a BBA, but with more in-depth explanations. These topics include: analytical tools, business law, business strategy, economics, financial accounting, marketing strategy, and operations management. Just like with other degrees, with an MBA you have the flexibility of choosing a full-time or part-time course. A full-time MBA would take up to two years to complete. 

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

If you’re looking to study further and are interested in research, with a passion to learn more and advance findings and concepts in business, then a DBA should be just right for you. A doctor’s degree is ideal for academic or corporate fields, where you will be equipped for teaching, leading, or consulting.

A doctor’s degree in business administration can be finished in three to six years, depending on whether the program is full-time or not. The syllabus mostly focuses on studying and strengthening areas that a master’s degree has already touched on. Students studying a DBA are expected to have completed a master’s in business administration already, and would also be required to present a dissertation at the end of the course. This degree also allows the student to specialize in an area of their choice, like marketing, business communications, and management. 


Each of these business degrees have courses that tackle key skill sets and talents that you need in order to succeed in your career. From accounting to communications and marketing, business administration degrees cover it all. So choose a program most fitting for you and take the first step to building a career. 


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