Finance graduates usually have the least unemployment rates compared to other majors, because of the high demand for qualified professionals in this field. Job prospects in the finance field are high and with good pay early in the career. There are a wide range of areas you could work in after graduating, depending on what degree you choose to get. 

Finance degrees give you theoretical and practical knowledge in the field making you better equipped for work. They also give you an overall background awareness of the subject, including global financial policies, trade, and economics. Statistics and accounting are often integral in finance, while business law, macro and micro economics also hold a lot of value. 

You could consider a range of finance degrees while keeping in mind your choice of career.

Certificates in Finance and Associate’s Degree in Finance:

Usually about one-year long, a certificate or associate’s degree would teach you the basic fundamentals of financing and give you a basic introduction to the field. You could use this to prepare yourself for advanced degrees like bachelor’s programs and master’s programs. But if you want only basic-level knowledge and haven’t made up your mind about this field yet, then this program could be good for you. This degree prepares you for entry-level positions like clerical or administrative jobs. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance:

A bachelor’s degree is a full four-year degree program that will give you more in-depth knowledge and skill in working with finance. Here, you will learn about financial concepts like e-commerce, statistics, accounting, and business law. This degree will give you the basic qualifications required to get you a good job in the field, since most positions including financial analyst or managerial positions often require only a bachelor’s degree. 

Master’s Degree in Finance or MBA in Finance:

A master’s degree is ideal if you wish to further excel and become skilled in the field after you’re done with your undergraduate degree. You can also choose to do a master’s degree online along with your job, so as to add to your credentials and earn more qualifications that would make you suitable for higher level jobs. In a master’s program, you may study topics similar to that in a bachelor’s degree, but in far more depth and with many advanced classes. You will get to choose a field to specialize in like economics, management, and corporate finance. A master’s program lasts for a minimum of two years, but like other degrees, the length depends on whether it is part- or full-time. 

Doctorate Degree in Finance:

If you’d like to study further, perform research in finance, explore academic teaching and instructing, or work as consultants, a doctor’s program can be useful. Although it has no fixed duration, it can take up to five years to complete. Not many choose to opt for it, but if you’re looking for opportunities to work as a professor or in any academic field once you graduate, then this is the course for you.  

Each of these courses can be done either on campus with traditional fixed class timings and lecture halls and professors, or online through live chat portals, virtual classes, and email submissions. Online programs provide flexibility that enable you to study from the comfort of your home without compromising on your existing job or private life. Online programs need not have fixed timings, which means you can log in and watch recorded sessions any time. 

Finance degrees can get you a wide range of positions like financial analyst, financial manager, chartered accountant (this would require you to pass an additional Uniform CPA Exam), or a financial advisor. These jobs are in demand, offer excellent pay, and can be easy to get with the right degree. 

So if you’re interested in subjects like math, business and economics, and are looking for a high-paying fulfilling career in finance, then go ahead and choose one of these degrees to get started. 

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