Healthcare Administration Degree

A healthcare administration degree is one of the most sought-after degrees because there is a growing demand for qualified healthcare professionals in the industry. As a healthcare professional, your choices are diverse. You can choose from coding and transcribing to managing and training, depending on your core skill set and based on your personal interests and professional growth. 

A career in healthcare would require you to study the requisite courses and obtain the qualifications that the specific role that you choose calls for. In its entirety, a healthcare administration course gives you a thorough understanding of not just health through topics such as physiology but also management which would cover the study of policies and management skills. 

With a heathcare administration degree, you can find career opportunities at hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories. Not all jobs in healthcare are client-facing. That is, as a doctor or a nurse, you are required to work with patients. On the other hand, there are many jobs that do not call for you to interact with patients such as work involving data, IT, finance, policy-making, and operations. There are public, private, and nonprofit organizations that you can consider.

Apart from employment opportunities and diverse roles that you can explore, working in the healthcare field promises good pay, growth, and an element of contribution to the society at large. It is one of the industries that make a difference to the public as healthcare is a critical area. A career that brings together personal satisfaction, professional growth, and social impact is a fulfilling one. 

As with all degrees, a healthcare administration degree must be accredited in order for it to be valid and of value. Accredited courses are more likely to have the relevant curriculum and instruction required for students to develop the skills and learn the knowledge that is essential for quality healthcare professionals. 

There are a variety of healthcare administration degrees that you could consider including an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. Online courses too are available which will allow you to set the pace of learning due to flexible hours.

Associate’s Degree in Health Administration

If you are looking for an entry-level position in the healthcare industry, obtaining an associate’s degree in health administration is a good start. It is a two-year program which will introduce you to fundamentals of healthcare such as operations, ethical codes, and pathology. After completing the 60-credit program, which includes courses in medical coding, office management and records management, you can get a job in hospitals or nursing homes.

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration

More comprehensive, the bachelor’s degree in health administration is a 120-credit program and spans four years. Some of the subjects that it will cover are health management, business administration, law and ethics, marketing, accounting, and quality assurance. You can also explore specific areas such as different types of healthcare such as home and long-term healthcare, community health, and more. The degree will qualify you for entry-level positions in medical institutions. The bachelor’s degree is available in two streams – arts and science, with the latter involving more science and math.

Master’s Degree in Health Administration

If you are aiming for a position at the executive management level, a master’s degree in health administration is a must. The master’s degree is usually two years long and requires 32 to 60 credits. If you choose to specialize, depending on the area of specialization, the time may be longer. With a master’s degree you can expect to join a medical organization in administrative roles that are higher up in the hierarchy. The curriculum covers more advanced ground such as strategy, analysis, management, and governance. The master’s degree in health administration serves as a gateway to a Ph.D.

Ph.D in Health Administration

If you are interested in teaching or leadership, a Ph.D. in health administration will serve you well. It is also ideal for those who are interested in research. With a Ph.D. you can contribute to policy-making and healthcare research. You can work with research institutes as well as agencies whose objective is to improve the healthcare industry. The length of a Ph.D. program and the subjects covered depend largely on the program and the institute. 

Depending on your interests and skills, you can choose to pursue a variety of programs in healthcare. There is ample opportunity in a career in healthcare because it is one of the fastest growing industries which require qualified healthcare professionals.

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