Human Resources Degree

A human resources degree is the best choice for someone who is capable of dealing with people, is able to motivate and lead those they work with, and has the talent to manage problematic situations and interpersonal disputes that arise in a workplace. Human resources (HR) is a field that covers these functions and studies human behavior in order to maintain a healthy and productive workplace that works for the company’s benefit.

Human resource jobs have been increasing at a healthy rate, indicating that graduates have a good chance of getting a well-paid position with a HR degree. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree for the job, while some require a master’s degree for higher level jobs. 

Human resource degrees provide students with an understanding of workplace culture and corporate environments, as well as help them become well-versed in handling employees, enforcing laws and regulations, negotiating, and organizing training programs. These degrees often also consist of an internship, which ensures that by the time they graduate, they are sufficiently experienced in the theory and practical aspects of human resource management.  

Whilst planning a career in human resources, it is important to look at what degrees would be beneficial for you and to choose accordingly. Here are some points to keep in mind about each of these available degree levels.

Associate’s Degree in Human Resources

An associate’s degree in human resources could take about two years to complete. It will provide you with fundamental exposure to human resource management, its key concepts, principles, and core points that would be useful in the field. Although this degree would only qualify you for entry-level jobs and may not be able to facilitate growth in your career, it is ideal for someone looking for an overview of the subject. The degree will help you understand the subject, why it is important, and give you exposure to the field that you could use as a stepping stone for further studies.   

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

Most human resource jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification. These courses begin with basic-level knowledge on theoretical constructs and fundamentals, and then move on to in-depth topics like managing human capital and ensuring employee satisfaction. They provide practical exposure in the field with programs that help students develop the necessary skills that would make them effective in dealing with people in a company. A bachelor’s degree in human resources could be offered with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This degree could include an internship for hands-on experience and exposure to different corporate settings.

Master’s Degree in Human Resources

A master’s degree provides in-depth and detailed understanding of the subjects that a bachelor’s degree may have already covered. This degree could take up to three years to finish, and offers specializations in fields like labor relations and organizational psychology. A master’s degree in human resources is popular as students have many job opportunities in the field lined up for them once they graduate. Some master’s programs include Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on human resource management or a Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM). As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, advanced degrees like a master’s degree can boost your chances of securing a good job.

Doctoral Degree in Human Resources

For those interested in studying further and going deeper into the concepts and theories in the field of human resource management, a doctoral degree is a good choice. Several universities offer courses that enable students to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). This course could take up to five years to complete and involve training and research in the problems and dynamics of a human workforce. Students are required to submit a dissertation at the end of the course and pass an exam. Although this degree is not necessary in the professional field, it is useful for those who are interested in going into research or academic fields as professors or teachers.    

Human resource degrees are valuable as jobs grow exponentially with increasing demands for human resource graduates. Careers in the field involve good pay with many earning about $177,460 per year. It is a wise option for students who possess strong decision-making, people management, and conflict management skills. A simple degree program could help develop these skills further and help you build a fulfilling career. 

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