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Like many other jobs in the business field, marketing jobs are growing by the day. With the advent of new platforms and an overall surge of entrepreneurs and startups, there is a newfound need for effective marketing that is at par with the competitive business environment. 

A degree in marketing, therefore, would be a good choice. It would get you the credibility and skill sets that are needed for you to get a good, well-paying job in the field. Marketing degrees are valuable and can prove to boost your career the moment you graduate. 

Marketing degrees are varied and consist of a range of subjects that you can major in depending on your interests. These majors include advertising, social media marketing, digital marketing, and public relations. So it is important to be specific when you look for a marketing degree. 

Here are some degrees that are classified and simplified for you to choose from.

Associate’s Degree in Marketing

An associate’s degree in any marketing field would be good for basic-level knowledge but it cannot prepare you for high-level jobs that other degrees can. An associate’s degree can only get you entry-level jobs, from which it could be hard to grow your career. 

However, it could educate you in the fundamentals of marketing, its scope and uses, and equip you with key skill sets. Because it is short (not more than a year), you could use this degree as a stepping stone for your other degrees or to make up your mind about whether you want to continue in this field. 

An associate’s degree can offer short-term courses in subjects like fashion marketing and online marketing. If you’re looking to brush up on the basics or just try something new, then this is a good course for you.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is a serious four-year program that gives you in-depth knowledge of the subject and prepares you with the required skill set. A bachelor’s degree in advertising, public relations, or social media marketing could make you ready for good jobs in the field. Here you will have extensive and detailed classes on business concepts, target audiences, and marketing tools. By the time you graduate, you will gain knowledge in core business workings, consumer behavior, and developing strategies based on trends. 

Here are some types of specializations for a bachelor’s degree in marketing. These include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: It will give you a broader perspective to marketing and provide a widened understanding of the field. A bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing gives you flexibility in your career prospects, so you are not restricted to just marketing.  


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising: A bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing teaches students the basics of managing a business, laws and ethics, as well as developing marketing and advertising strategies that attract a target audience. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations: Public relations programs teach students how to interact between companies and media outlets. You will learn how to maintain a company’s public image, brand name, or overall popularity. 


Bachelor’s Degree in Social Media Marketing: With the advent of social media, an increasing number of companies are looking at social media as a means to promote themselves. Social media’s usefulness has made it a strong media for advertising and for creating a good brand image. Careers in this field are in high demand and graduates in the field are preferred for these roles.

Master’s Degree in Marketing

Master’s degrees in marketing take you a step ahead of what is taught in a bachelor’s program. This degree goes into depth on the topics that may have already been covered in the bachelor’s program. Master’s programs are available as Master of Business Administration, as well as a master’s degree in public relations and advertising. There are additional master’s programs like branding, media planning, and international marketing. Marketing degrees are helpful for people looking to boost their careers or get better work positions such as higher managerial roles and top analysts.  

Doctorate Degree in Marketing

For those interested in advanced studies after a master’s degree and who are passionate about research and problem-solving, a doctoral program is a good choice. These programs offer specializations in specific fields and require a dissertation or research project. Job opportunities are mostly in the research and academic field as professors, analysts, and researchers. 

Since marketing degrees are vast and include different specializations, it is important that you look into these options and understand which degree is best suited for your career choice. 

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