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Video game designers typically work on creative aspects of making a video game, like the storyline, levels, graphics, characters, and settings. They work with a team to write scripts and storyboards, and develop plots and game plays. This is a profession that requires a mixture of creativity and technical knowledge in order to create unique virtual experiences. 

The video game industry is a rather competitive field and in order to make your way here, you have to make sure you have the credentials and skill sets that would help you stand out in the crowd. Although many times a bachelor’s degree is not enough, it is also essential because of the training and experience that you get while studying for one. A good degree course would help you build an impressive portfolio for yourself, as well as give you sufficient practice and exposure needed in order to excel. 

Although bachelor’s degrees in video game design are not uncommon, other computer science degrees can prove useful in the field and train you in the necessary software and skill sets you will need. Here are some common four-year bachelor programs that can prove useful in the video game designing field.

Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development

This is a good bachelor’s degree to choose if you are serious about a career in the video game industry. Here, you will learn the basics of video game design and focus on subjects like interface design, level design, storyboard rendering, scripting, and animation. This degree will train you to use programming techniques and software as well as interactive design programs that would form a foundation for your game development career. 

One of the benefits of a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development is that it covers a range of topics involving computer science and programming, which makes it easier for you to switch fields later. It gives you more career options to choose from and ensures you have a backup plan. 

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design

Unlike Bachelor of Science programs, a Bachelor of Arts would focus more on the creative and artistic side of game design, including drawing, animation, writing, and esthetics. Here, you won’t focus on the programming or coding aspects. Instead, you will look into user interface, graphics, and the overall look and feel of the game. You will learn how to create characters, give them realistic back stories, and choose colors, themes and environments. 

Being a video game artist is an exciting but competitive job, and often your portfolio, experience, and skill set may have more weight and advantage than your educational qualifications. Therefore, it is important you choose a good college to pursue this degree so that you are trained and you have a portfolio that can support you in your career. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design

A fine arts degree focuses on the artistic aspects of game design and development. You will be taught the history of art and design, with theories and practice sessions in drawing and sketching, to help you envision characters and places in your mind and bring them to life in your art. 

While being a video game artist sounds like a fun career prospect to consider, it is important to understand that like other jobs in this field, it is hard to make it in this field due to the competition. It is therefore crucial that you have a good portfolio, sufficient practice and experience, a passion for video games, and creative and imaginative skills. Choosing the right place for your degree could help you work on this and prepare you for the career path you choose. 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

This degree teaches you what you need to know in order to work as a video game designer. You will be trained in software development and programming, and you will also be able to use computer languages like Java, C, and C++ that are required in game development. 

One of the greatest benefits of a degree in computer science instead of a specific game development degree is that you have the opportunity to explore alternative careers, in case you are unable to secure a good position in the video game industry. Given how competitive the industry is, a degree is a good idea. Computer science majors are in high demand, with plenty of well-paying jobs available even for fresh graduates.  

Although there are other degree options like an associate’s degree or master’s degree, bachelor programs are more common and most accepted. But it is important to understand that in addition to degree qualifications, you will need to show enthusiasm for video games, be passionate about playing them, and be interested in art and storytelling. 

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