2008 singles Essays

  • Cultural And Social Criticism In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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    The short story, The Lottery appeared on the June 26, 1948 edition of The New Yorker. Although the subscribers noticed nothing different about this edition of The New Yorker, it contained a story that would arouse divergent feelings among the readers and the public in equal measure. In fact, this story continues to elicit these feeling even in the 21st century, resulting in heated debates whenever the story comes up. It remains as controversial a story as it was more than half a century ago. The

  • Clare Boothe Luce's Speech At Womens National Press Club

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    The speech given at Womens National Press Club in 1960 by Clare Boothe Luce was a strong argument by the statements made. She shows ethos and logical appeal to her audience by condemning her argument to her audience. Luce slows starts by setting up her audience where she goes on to criticize the tendency of the American press to give up journalist integrity. She also engages the fact to her audience that she is there to give her speech because the journalist invited her to speak. Luce is first

  • Friendship In Teenage Life

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    Friendships are often considered the most important thing in a teen’s life since it is said to be smallest cluster of life. Friendship usually begins in junior grades and last through high school and even into college. Some friendships are so important and unique that they end up lasting a lifetime. But these friendships’ have lasting impact on one’s life. People prefer entering into friendship so they could determine whether or not they will suffer depression or feel connected in their jobs. The

  • My Best Friend: The Best Days Of My Life

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    As I was on my way to spend time with a friend name Eric for a day, I knew it was going to make him happy. He is such a great friend. I can trust him with anything. I stopped at one his favorite places to shop and I picked him up some Nike shoes and few shirts. I felt like it was going to be a great day full of laughter and joy. When I arrived at his home he and his family welcomed me with open arms. As we began to talk and catch up on things that were going on in our lives his face began

  • Fantasy Friendship Short Story

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    Fantasy Friendship By: Nur Sadiqah Aiman bt. Zakaria “My name is Arieqa, what is yours?” “My name is Nick.” “How have never seen you before, are you new?” “Yes, are you staying here?” “Yes! I stay here. Wow, this is great! It looks like I have a new friend.” “Is it? I think you’re right!” So, a friendship began. A wonderful friendship. Arieqa met Nick every day after she returned from school. She met Nick at a secret garden. That garden was beautiful and imaginative. Arieqa and Nick were happy every

  • My Best Leadership Experience Essay

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    My personal best leadership experience is one of the most joyful parts of my life as a young man. I love football and it was in the game of football that I got my best leadership experience, being the captain of a football team I played in. The football team was a junior team of a popular football team in Abuja. It is (put football team name) in this team I started out as a substitute for the first team. Making cameo appearances from the bench was not a joy for a football player. At a point I taught

  • Descriptive Essay About My Dystopia

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    My Dystopia Just like any other day, all the citizens woke up. But not in the world they want to live in. I rose from the bed, and sigh deeply. I walked over to the window, and looked out. Another dark day. The industry had made the condition of the environment worse, there barely were any plants left. Everything was dark and dusty, and the streets very dirty, with trash in every corner. The air was thick, and it was hard to breath. I lived alone, in a small apartment. No pets, no other humans

  • Personal Narrative On Disneyland

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    It was my first time ever visiting Disneyland. While we were waiting for the ferry my stomach felt like it was was upside down. I felt sick. I had never had a feeling like this. It was the most exciting moment of my entire life. It felt like the ferry was taking as taking hours I couldn’t wait any longer I was bouncing up and down trying to be as patient as I could. Eventually after what seemed like hours the ferry had finally come in there was a slight breeze that blew the ears about on my goofy

  • Tragic Hero In The Great Gatsby

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    “He had come a long way…and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him. Gatsby believed in … the orgastic future that year by year recede[d] before [him]” (180). In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby truly believed he could fall in love, rise to social grandeur, and achieve all his dreams. Yet his tragic end was the same fate as of the American Gangster. By chronicling the rise and fall of the criminal aspect

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Kings Island

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    I have always thought of going to kings island until i was told i was going to go this summer. When i was told i was going to kings island i was so excited, i had never been to an amusement park or anything like kings island. I was told i had to go to bed really early because if i didn 't i would be really tired, because you have to walk around a lot at kings island and it is a huge park. It took about two hours to get to the park which seemed to take forever but we finally made it there. I had never

  • Life Is Never A Bed Of Roses Essay

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    Life is never a bed of roses. Write a story that supports this statement. Janet looked longingly at the colourful lollipops at the counter of Mr Raju’s shop. “If only I could have one,” she sighed forlornly. However, she knew it was only wishful thinking as her family was so poor that they could not even afford a sweet, what more a lollipop. From birth, Janet had never experience a life where money was never the constant worries of her parents. Indeed, life had not been a bed of roses for them.

  • The Lost Chicken Short Story

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    The Lost Chicken BANG! A loud crash and blinding white light awoke Alex, who was fast asleep in his cozy, two story farmhouse. “Goodness,” he said aloud in the empty home. “This is quite the storm. I’d better check on Higgledy Piggledy to see if she’s ok.” He leaped out of his bed, ran down the flight of stairs, and dashed outside in his striped pajamas to the darkened henhouse outside. As he slowed from a run to a walk, he began to recall memories of his little black hen, Higgledy Piggledy.

  • Analysis Of Arthur Miller's 'Death Of A Salesman'

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    "…I absolutely forget I was driving. If I `d `ve gone the other way over the white line I might `ve killed somebody. So I went on again- and five minutes later I `m dreamin` again, and I nearly-He prosses two fingers against his eyes. I have such thoughts, I have such strange thought"(I 14). The origin of the play is based on a short story which Miller wrote at the age of seventeen. The short story is called In Memoriam. It is based on the experience of Miller with a Jewish salesman. After Miller`s

  • Persuasive Speech On Amusement Park

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    You don’t know how lucky you are to be a part of this but I just want to say thank you for visiting the Amusement Park! There’s so many activities this place had to offer, you may just forget you had a home that you should be going back to when the fun’s over. Maybe you don’t have a home because the place you sleep in and go back to every night is not worthy of being called your home. It’s sick, disgusting, and you can see the mold growing bigger and bigger each day. It’s doesn’t stop getting bigger—that

  • Essay On Vintage Movies For Kids

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    Vintage Movies For Kids A few months ago I made the mistake of watching Frozen. It was dull and long and did nothing for me except get “Doooo you want to build a snowman?” stuck in my head. It’s one of the most popular children’s movies around the world, and a lot of people think I’m crazy. But I started thinking about movies I watched and loved as a kid and found that, decades later, they’re still excellent movies for both kids and adults. Introduce your kids to these old movies on your next movie

  • Essay About Pharmacy

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    “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, hold within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” I have been lucky enough in life to discover all the blessing from good and bad experiences I’ve been through. However, the most important blessing I found so far was from my worst experience I went through two years ago. The blessing that gave me the opportunity to explore pharmacy field, to clearly understand the role of a pharmacist in patient’s health care and to finally decide to

  • A Day Trip In The Mountains

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    My day trip in the mountains almost took a turn for the worst. Our trip was nothing but normal. To start with, we had planned this trip for weeks, as we don’t get to take these rides as often as we used to. There was nothing unusual about this trip, we had taken the exact one three times before, it was supposed to be a short day trip up to a modest town called Crown King. If all went well, we would take our brand new UTV, and go offroading through the twisty mountain turns. Hopefully, we would arrive

  • Personal Narrative: My Best Memories Of My Childhood

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    My earliest memory is when I was getting ready for preschool and I decided I didn't like the shirt I was wearing. I climbed up the drawers and pulled out the first one to get a shirt and the next thing I know I’m stuck under my dresser. I screamed and yelled for my mom but she didn't hear me because she was drying her beautiful long blonde hair. I was a little person when this happened I was only about 4. I continued to scream and she finally heard me. She turned off the hair dryer and ran into my

  • The Importance Of Budget In The Future

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    Essay Part One Twenty years from now the future will appear as something completely different than how I anticipate. Throughout my life several things will happen that I would have never thought of occurring. However, I can try to create a plan of what I want to happen, and follow it as closely as I can. For example, money will have a large impact on how my future will be. Financial struggles will occur if I do not budget and save money that I have earned. It will be highly important for my future

  • Abandoned House Short Story

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    The wind whistled through the trees bringing with it the laughter of children who once lived there and the call of a mother letting them know dinner was ready. The abandoned house sat on the hill, wishing the morning light would come soon to warm its weary walls. It felt so alone, so empty. How long had it been since it heard the laughter of a precious child? How long had it been since it contained the wonderful smell of a family dinner? Against the dark night sky all anyone could see was the