Argumentative Essay

  • Kazakh Culture Reflection

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    I chose a research essay, one of the assessments in HSS, for reflection because this task was definitely beneficial as well as interesting one. I improved my creative abilities in writing assignments and developed my critical thinking skills investigating a certain topic. Also, it was my first research essay, therefore it is better to write my first sense and experience about what I learnt and what I should improve in further research. The research essay is a written assessment where a student

  • Reflection On Writing 102

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    left the writing 101 course and entered the writing 102 course I thought that this course would be very easy since it is similar to 101. At the beginning I believed that my writing abilities are up to the 102 level, When I started writing my first essay which

  • Discourse Markers In Literature Review Examples

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    Since , the Main focus would be on students ' academic contrast and compare essays and examine the discourse markers used in them, crucial definitions would be clearly stated in the following lines. Comparing and contrasting assignment is simply an essay that involves two topics and presents how they are similar and how they are different. It is well known that writing contrast and compare essays has to be done academically in which is considered as an important element

  • The Importance Of Academic Writing

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    Introduction Academic writing is a distinct genre that is marked with impersonal and formal style and complex structures making it a very difficult skill to acquire. Therefore, the importance of acquiring the writing skill in a way that enable learners to produce texts that are cohesive, coherent, and stylistically appropriate cannot be overstated. Cohesion and coherence are important features of successful academic writing; due to their importance, writing research continues to investigate how they

  • Ielts Text Analysis

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    to write an essay, analyze what kind of question you have been given at the exam. Underline the key words facilitate to understand its burden. 2. Warming up Spend some time making notes. It will enable you to focus on the issues you are going to discuss in the topic. Sometimes, the students subject to the emotions and forget what they wanted to write. 3. Giving examples. Brainstorm special examples, special facts, statistical figures, articles, scientific papers to support your essay. They will

  • The Argumentative Indian Summary

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    Book review – the argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen It takes courage and defiance for a person still learning, to select a work from celebrated author like Mr. Amartya Sen, and accept that one might even require to criticize the work, based on one’s limited yet very personal understanding of it. Even so I was able to gather the courage because the content of ‘The Argumentative Indian’, is so profound, stimulating and overarching, that it compelled me to go beyond a simple reading. Mr. Sen is

  • My Most Descriptive Essay: I Lean On Me

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    The Definition Essay had to be my most inexperienced essay I had ever written. This essay was the very first essay we ever did in intermediate composition. My skills as a writer were very minimal. Along with being one of the first essays we wrote in this class, it was also one of the hardest. Structuring paragraphs based on a top ten list of anything is very difficult. After writing this paper I had realized and mastered what is called as last minute work. I knew barely nothing about the paper

  • Analysis Of Thomas Cooley's The Norton Sampler: Short Review

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    In Chapter One of Thomas Cooley’s The Norton Sampler: Short Essays for Composition, the audience was exposed to several strategies recommended for reading pieces of literature. These strategies were divided into three segments: Previewing the Text, Reading Closely and Critically, and Responding to What You Read. Each segment contained a list of either advice or questions the reader could heed to while analyzing their given text. Later, the chapter exposed the audience to the four traditional types

  • Reflective Essay On Learning

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    Report of my activities and progress In this last two weeks I learned a great deal of things that helped me to improve my style and grammar. For example, I know how to recognize and write an excellent thesis statement, what is an analytical essay, and dominate MLA style guidelines. For a better understanding of the topic, I used the readings of the book and the documents on D2L, the posts of my classmates, the videos, the self-assessments, and the quizzes. After all the results I got, I can feel

  • The Importance Of Academic Writing

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    Academic writing is an important skill that all college students should be proficient in. Throughout college, many undergraduates struggle writing successful argumentative essays, and as a result they come across as incompetent or unacquainted with the subject matter. The book From Inquiry to Academic Writing, and “What is “Academic” Writing” aim to teach incoming, novice writers different tips, and skill sets to write academic, as well as scholarly articles. “In the strictest sense, academic writing

  • Metadiscourse In Academic Writing

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    Hyland (2002), for example, analysed the use of directives and hedges in published articles, textbooks and second language students' essays. The study revealed that directives are used for different purposes across different branches of Knowledge. Hyland (2005) also concluded that EFL writers tend to use direct and unqualified writing, and that stronger modals are used as a way of showing

  • My Learning Experience: My Purpose Of Writing And Learning

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    were where I started trying not to try to impress anyone. Now, my purpose of writing, rather than impressing readers, is to convey my messages to readers. This is the reason why I chose the topic of aloneness, loneliness and solitude for my argumentative essay. As I have mentioned, I used to avoid difficult question type and wrote what I presumed the marker will like, but this time I have decided I had to challenge myself so as to become a better writer. After I heard one of our classmates talked

  • The Importance Of Rubrics

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    According to Hamp-Lyons (2002) essay testing has been practiced for thousands of years. From the early 1970s, perceptions arose in the United States that holistic essay grading, when left to the sole instructor, can be excessively subjective, often resulting in a lack of reliability, validity and predictive assessment (Breland, 1983). Mechanical features of writing, peculiarly spelling and grammar, have been found to be highly influential factors relating to how an essay is rated. Research shows that

  • Reflection Analysis

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    The portfolio that I was assigned to put together showcased many of my projects, assignments, and seatworks throughout the school year so far. Looking back at the various essays and other pieces of writing, I can say with confidence that my overall writing skills have improved in both the analytical and grammatical aspect. Even if many of my works were not considered the best or did not receive the highest academic mark, the process of writing and learning the mistakes that have I committed before

  • Importance Of Strengths In Writing

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    join writing workshops, so I could refine my writing. I wanted to learn how to write better essays with a wider range of vocabulary and less grammatical errors. I knew this course would help me improve my writing, though I didn 't know much about the learning process and goals. Through this course, I have realized my weaknesses and strength as a writer and learned how to structure and write an academic essay.

  • The Components Of The Writing Skill

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    Definition of The Writing Skill According to Rivers and Temperely (1978), writing is "an art that requires consciously directed effort and deliberate choice in language" (p.262). That is to say, writing skill needs a lot of energy and concentration on the part of the writer because it is one of the productive skills. Writing skill is considered as a mean of communication that use both sings and symbols. Nunan (1989) claims that writing is not just a pen on paper. In fact, it is a highly sophisticated

  • Midterm Reflection

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    Kevin Pham Murray English CL January 27, 2016 Midterm Reflection In the category of Reading Literature in “Ninth & Tenth Grade Language Arts Learning Targets – Common Core”, I felt like I can cite and determine the theme of a text pretty well. I am very capable of supporting my point with “strong and thorough textual evidence”. From 8th grade to 9th grade, I also noticed that I have made some very significant improvements towards better vocabulary and word choice. However, one thing that I need

  • Mind Mapping Strategies

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    communicate, become more creative, save time, solve the problem, focus on learning, develop and clarify thoughts, remember be better, learn more quickly and efficiently. To conclude, mind map is an effective strategy of writing to take notes and brainstorm essay topics. Consequently, mind-mapping technique seems to be especially efficient to help students in planning and organizing their writing, since it motivates students to reach for and adapt a deeper level of understanding of the writing topics. It is

  • Difficulty In Academic Writing

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    Greene believes that students should not reproduce someone’s idea when they write an argumentative essay because writing in academic setting requires students to come up with their own idea about certain topic and present it to readers in a written form. Although repeating or summarizing other people’s arguments is appropriate and necessary writing

  • Reflection Of Public Speaking

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    In this Self Evaluation Reflective Essay, it will discuss about the acknowledgements I previously had before Public Speaking. The new skills I have gained when taking this course, mentioning a couple of skills that I believe will stick with me. There are skills I could work on and continue to improve on. Briefly state a specific skill I will take with me in my future career and it applies to my everyday work life. The perspective this course that has taught me when someone is delivering a speech