Argumentative Essay

  • Reflective Essay On Self Evaluation

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    Kehinde Raji (Self Evaluation Essay) As I reflect back on my journey working on my final Multimedia Group Project themed ‘PLAY’. I have many memories with uplifting spirits, disappointing, devastating, and many are remarkable. The inclusions that I have selected to prove myself a good communicator, an effective problem solver, a skilled audio technician, a skilled programmer, a skilled video director, editor, and a producer, and a Hardware installer. My goal is to share my different experiences

  • Examples Of My Literacy Journey

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    My Literacy Journey “Sponsors, as I have come to think of them, are any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy-and gain advantage by it in some way” (Brandt 166). While staring at a blank Word document, re-reading the articles that we discussed in class, and brainstorming for countless hours, I asked myself, what or who was my literary sponsor? In her article, she goes on to state that “sponsors

  • Personal Essay Why I Want To Be A Good Student

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    As a student, writer and soon to be professional I want to be the best person I can be. Everyone has different strenths some of mine are math, livestock information and writing about my life. Even though I have strenghts, I also have weaknesses which include researching, using commas and being about to talk to a group of people. In my studnet, writiter and professional life, I want to be successful which means there is somewhere I always need to improve. School has always been fun and challenging

  • The Importance Of Writing Reflection

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    For as long as I remember I never was the best at trying out different techniques for writing. I have always stuck with the same format simply because even when I was in high school, my teachers didn’t implement any new forms of writing. I never heard of discourse until now, second semester of freshman year of college. After reading Keith Grant Dave’s piece of “ Rhetorical situations and their constituents”, I discovered many ways of writing techniques I should incorporate into my work to make it

  • Writing: The Best Day Of Your Life

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    I’m a reader and not a writer. I am supposed to write this essay to tell you why I am or aren't a reader or writer. I am a reader, not a writer. I am not a writer because I hate writing. It’s boring to me, and it takes too long. What turned me off of writing in school is the fact that we have all these prompts. For instance, I remember a prompt specifically from the sixth grade. The prompt read, write about the best day of your life. Are you kidding me? For one, I was like eleven in the sixth grade

  • The Importance Of Moving To Bangladesh

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    I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and I love my sketchbook. I love to draw things that I think of, things that I can imagine. I find that my drawings make people happy. I’m currently in Myanmar, and my life has been happy. I’m well educated and I know how fortunate I am, my family is rich, despite living in Rakhine State. I’ve lived here my whole life and now mama says we have to move, I don’t know why, but mama says we’ll be moving to Bangladesh. She thinks I don’t know but I’ve heard

  • Extent Deviation In Education

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    Exceptional or a typical refers to a condition of an individual that even to the casual observer appears to act him apart from other members of the group. From the point of view of the school, the exceptional child is one who deviates from seemingly normal children in his physical, mental, emotional or social status to such an extent that he is usually unable to profit from learning average group situations, he requires the provision of special educational opportunities to prepare him for constructive

  • Most Important Experience In Speaking English

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    Speaking English as a second is a powerful tool nowadays due to it provides with opportunities regarding employment, traveling, knowing other cultures, and studying abroad among others. In my case, becoming a bilingual person has been very significant because I have accomplished several personal and professional goals. When I was a child, I had an accident in which I was about to lose my tongue and consequently I would not be able to talk anymore. I think for any person, especially for a seven

  • Occupational Therapy Assignment

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    In this paper, I will be reflecting on my first year as an Occupational Therapy student at the University of The Witwatersrand. While preparing to write this paper, I have come to realise that my viewpoint and understanding of the profession of Occupational Therapy and the importance of occupation to Occupational Therapy have developed exponentially throughout this year. My previous understanding of OT and occupations in OT was very basic and shallow compared to what I understand of this topic currently

  • Importance Of Language Study

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    Language study has been essential in my life for years; although, it gradually became one of the main parts through various events, such as: travelling, going abroad to study, and teaching. During my studies, travels and year abroad, I became aware of the fact that language is much more than just a combination of letters, it is a powerful tool that can allow one to be immersed in a foreign culture. Moreover, during my time teaching I have realized that teaching is difficult, tiresome, and complicated;

  • Head Above The Water Analysis

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    Head Above the Water (1986), is a story of a woman that tries to find her own place, by resisting traditional patriarchal thinking of her Igbo society and prejudices of the British society. It is a story of individual self-making and a call to action. In addition to this, this is a story of a journey from marginality to empowerment. 1 Head above the water is not a chronological account. The author builds her story in the form of in medias res, starting directly with her trip to Great Britain. She

  • To Feed The Night Analysis

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    To feed the night I have chosen assignment B. In my essay I am going to analyse and interpret the short story “To feed the night” by Philip Hensler. I will put the text into perspective by including the text “Liquid modernity” by Zygmunt Baumann in my interpretation of the short story. Other than that, I will focus on the themes, on the genre of the story and on a characterization of the main characters. The story has a third person narrator. The narrator is mostly limited to the main character

  • The Critique Of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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    Jonathan Swift’s reading shook many readers like me about this proposal. He really made his point that the Modest Proposal is possible if considered. However, the proposal was kind of doubtful that is was meant to be beneficial for both England and Ireland people. This report will explain Jonathan Swift’s real target, real message, and how poor is still a great disadvantage. “A Modest Proposal” was not actually as modest as it sounds. Jonathan Swift’s came up with a good emotional reason of why

  • Personal Essay: What Writing Means To Me

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    What does writing mean to me? Writing means getting people engaged in your piece. It means people wanting to keep reading what you wrote. The biggest thing about writing to me is expressing your thoughts and letting your mind go. Using good word choice and having a strong voice in the writing is something that makes it good. Also not leaving people wondering about what is happening makes a good piece of writing. I know when I have written something well, when I feel very confident in it. As I’m reading

  • Powerpoint Reflective Reflection

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    Over the past few months of learning and growing in knowledge within this unit, I have taken this time to ponder on how it has changed my perspectives and how this unit has developed me academically. Upon initiation of this unit, assumed that this unit was useless information that I already knew, simply placed in courses for those students who were not as proficient in online learning. As a daily user of online information and communication, I have been amazed at the amount of things that I thought

  • Oral Communication Skills

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    We start communicating from the early days of our life; we do so by crying to let adults know that we are not satisfied or comfortable. We communicate in our everyday life, at school, at workplace and everywhere we interact with other people. As Buckey states, “[w]e listen to a book a day, we speak a book a week, read the equivalent of a book a month, and write the equivalent of a book a year” (qtd. in Emanuel 1). Hence, communication skills are fundamental for one’s personal, academic and professional

  • Essay On Sitting

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    The word posture is derived from a Latin word ‘Ponere’ which means to place or to put1. Sitting is the most common posture acquired by the individuals but this posture has always been compromised especially during work or while studying 2. Sitting can be defined as an erect position of head and trunk with hip and knee almost 900 bent while feet placed steadily on the floor. For a good sitting posture all the three normal curves should be present3. Right arm chairs are most commonly used in colleges

  • Neutrogena Advertisement Analysis

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    When people are looking through a magazine, the advertisement usually overlook ads until one catches their eye. That is why the people that design the advertisement for a company has to take the time and think on how Neutrogena can make someone stop and read their ad. Therefore, advertisement has to put the pieces of the product on a paper that pops out to customers. The company for Neutrogena put together an advertisement that catches the eyes of their target audiences by using different techniques

  • Key Factors Of Critical Thinking

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    Critical thinking What is critical thinking? Some people say that It means being critical in everything,like in the way of thinking (as an example) and this word or skill doesn't only mean the way of thinking but it has a lot of ways such as how to read critically, how to write critically, how to skim or scan critically and a lot of other ways that i will mention later.This important skill has many definitions. When i checked the online sources and some books related to that topic i saw a lot

  • Character Analysis: Paul Bloom, Against Empathy

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    Paul Bloom, Against Empathy. At the point when asked what I am dealing with, I regularly say I am composing a book about compassion. Individuals have a tendency to grin and nod, and afterward I include, "I 'm against it." This generally gets an uncomfortable chuckle. This response amazed me from the beginning, however I 've come to understand that taking a position against compassion is similar to publishing that you scorn little cats an announcement so amazing it must be a joke. Along these lines