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  • Reflection Of Interview In Nursing

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    1. INTRODUCTION T. S. Eliot (1943) once wrote, “We had the experience but missed the meaning”. We can have all the experiences in the world, but if we missed out on reflecting, how would we be able to find the meaning? In this reflection of an interview we were tasked to complete, I will be adopting Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle to help me in the describing, exploration of feelings, evaluating analysing, identifying implications, before concluding and writing the action plan. 2. REFLECTION OF THE

  • Jack The Ripper Analysis

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    (Pan the camera around to get an eye-level long shot of the view of the sky and the buildings. Sound: instrumental music play along in low volume.) (Continue panning then finally notice Shannon reading the novel in her hand, and focus the picture with Shannon, with the book in her hand, look at the camera. Then Shannon starts to speak Sound: instrumental music play along in low volume and the music fades out when the actress starts to speak.) Discuss the intrigue of mysteries and why people are attracted

  • Importance Of Active Learning

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    To gain an insight into active learning, I delved into topical readings. Before I dug deep into readings I felt it was best to understand what defines active learning? Through research I learned that there is no universal definition for active learning, as many authors have different interpretations on the various terms used. *REF PRINCE* Kyriacou (2007) describes active learning as any type of learning activities where pupils are given a marked degree of autonomy and control over the organisation

  • The Importance Of Academic Writing

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    A very important communication tool in the academic world is the academic writing itself. Through it, many scholars and researchers are able to express and share their ideas, studies and conclusions on a topic or a specific field of study. However, the process of writing is not that easy. Academic research is a complicated process that requires a lot of knowledge, time, hard work and special skills. You could be an excellent

  • My Experience In Writing

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    I have always enjoyed reading and writing, however, writing, never came so naturally for me. It has been ten years since my last English, or writing class. The extent of my writing today is limited to emails between co-workers, or simply texting on my cellphone. In the military you are trained to get straight to the point. Stop and think before you speak, and when it comes to writing, whether memos or emails, the same applies but the goal is to get to the point to obtain a quick straight forward

  • Major Characters In A Story: Everything I Never Told You

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    Everything I never told you Before I talk about the serious things happened in this story, I must tell that “Everything I Never Told You” is one of the best novel which I road since 2016. There are a lot of descriptions in the stories, and those descriptions are really detail and exquisite. I enjoy reading this book so much. The most favorite sentence for me is “Morning sun fills the house, creamy as lemon chiffon, lighting the insides of cupboards and empty closets and clean, bare floor.” From

  • Difference Between Content Writing And Creative Writing

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    Difference between Content Writing and Creative Writing Most people would think that all writing is the same and there is no difference between content writing and creative writing. I am Jaison, doing my final year English literature. Being a literature student, creative writing is my comfortable space. I did my internship in Opteamize cloud solutions as a Content writer. I struggled trying to deliver content for articles and blogs. After 5 continuous days of the workshop, I had a clear conception

  • Reflection: Language And Communication

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    My best writing piece ever would be the assignment paper for the course TIX1005, Language and Communication, Semester 2, 2016/2017. Even though it is just an academic paper, but I am so proud of it because in this paper, I had put my biggest effort as a student. Basically it was a group project, where each group need to come out with a research topic and based on the topic chosen, we must prepare a proposal for our study. Of course I worked with the other two course mates, but each of us divided

  • Monkeys Paw Story Analysis

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    What is plot development? It is defined as how a book progresses. Plot is casual sequence of events; it tells you why everything happens in the story. It draws in the readers into the character’s lives and makes them understand what that character is going through. The structure is the way the story elements are arranged and it can vary depending on the writer. The basic literary structure for most stories is: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. To identify this structure

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bermuda Triangle

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    Discourse Analysis and Rhetoric The two articles, The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and The Truth about Bermuda Triangle, present a strong analysis of viewpoints by strongly using rhetorical appeals as well as rhetoric devices. The articles are meant for general readership and as such a simple and non-technical language is utilized which make the articles easily understood by the general public. The stand point of the two articles is similar and is almost presented in the same manner with the authors

  • Gender And Language And Gender Stereotypes In Archie Comics

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    For this written task of gender and language, I have chosen to write a blog entry. During my class, we studied the different kinds of gender stereotypes – personality traits, domestic behaviors, occupations and physical appearance. Since my early days of childhood, I have been reading Archie Comics. I thought that writing a blog entry would be a good written task to explore gender stereotypes in Archie Comics, and that it is the most appropriate text type as I can state my opinion. In the comic

  • The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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    I always had the understanding that people in a society can only be empowered by learning the art of reading and writing. This is due to the fact that writing gives one a forum to air his or her views, while reading provides the necessary exposure needed to adapt to varying situations and get new information. Already in the ancient Chinese culture, reading and writing were regarded as the skills that every person had to know or be conversant with in order to go about their daily activities. Truth

  • Character Analysis Of The Book Twisted By Laurie Halse Anderson

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    Twisted This summer, I chose to read the book Twisted which was written by Laurie Halse Anderson. In Twisted, I noticed how each of the main characters personality traits played a key role throughout the story. I realized who I would and wouldn’t enjoy as a classmate. I know that classmates can “make or break” a class so they’re an important part in a classroom environment. If you have classmates who respect, listen, and lend their helping hand to each other, then you will most likely have a great

  • Plagiarism And Academic Integrity

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    Academic Integrity According to Professor Ebony Thomas, plagiarism is “every English teacher’s dream turned nightmare.” (Thomas, 2011). Professor Thomas described a fictional scenario in which an unsuspecting student wrote a paper that appeared to be vaguely familiar to the teacher. In due time, the teacher eventually came to the realization that the original work had already been published in a New York Times article. Though the student implemented modifications to the paper (tweaking of words

  • Importance Of Education In Singaporeans

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    CHEN LI YING K1510479 COR 160 Essential Academic Writing Skills TMA01 Education, a common term used in the society today. It has also become a crucial part of our daily life. But is education a friend or a foe in the current living society? In Singapore, the education system has been revamped several times to cater to the pragmatic needs of the Singaporeans due to constant growth of the economy. Nevertheless, schooling will always be the predominant form of education. Thus, the Applied Study

  • Reflection Of Teaching Brazilian Literature

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    I have been teaching Brazilian Literature since I finished my Master’s. I started at a private high school planning strategies to overcome the students’ reluctance to read canonical novels. Some of the students were fascinated to quickly consume best-sellers from any other nationality, rather than to contemplate a book by a Brazilian or a Portuguese author written dozens of years ago. I realized in practice what I have discussed with my colleagues at disciplines on teaching theory: the role of the

  • My Reflection Of Teacher As A Teacher

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    At the end of TPD course, which consisted of some weekly journal writings and reflection writings, discussions on seminal articles in the field, sharing experiences with classmates who were teachers of English and finally conducting a research project. Throughout this 14 weeks of intense course, I enriched my knowledge on TPD. Besides, I also detected some TPD practices that I had been doing intuitively and I renew my knowledge on TPD. This course caused some changes in my perception of teacher and

  • The Importance Of Myself In Writing

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    Question 2 Uc personal I chose to express myself in writing or drawing because I really enjoy how it helps me with my issues that I faced in my life. When it is time to draw whatever comes to my mind I try to make sure my pictures are more clear to see how I can improve them. Drawing for me represents how there are some people out there that have a hard time expressing themselves with something they are good at. Illustration is a creative way to help me calm down. There are so many sketches that

  • UNIV 1301 Personal Reflection

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    One of the important thing that I do here in the class of UNIV 1301 is that now I am writing more essays, more feelings, and more importantly more opinions. This class gave me the chance to write whatever I got from the three different articles. Most of the articles that I read where interested because they talk mostly about how the school system are working, one reader do not agree in how the student are being teach and another writer is talking about how the student need to have their mind and

  • The Importance Of Academic Writing

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    for higher education. I am not an expert, but I tried to gain as much knowledge as I can before I wrote the essay. I wrote an essay about the importance of academic writing, and the role that it plays for college students. In my essay, I provided the students with three characteristics of effective academic writing that I believe they should have before attending college. I believe that my essay is successful and effective because it contains a well written introduction, solid claims with good evidence