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  • Oscar Wao Allusion

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    In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, language, narration structure, and use of allusions can be either helpful or hindering in the telling of the story. For this reader, they were extremely helpful. The language technique and use of allusions helped immerse the reader into the story and give helpful insight into the psyches of certain characters. The narration structure allows the reader to better understand the Cabral family fukú and its origin. Yuniors use of crude language helps

  • Reflection In Acting III

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    Since planning my schedule for this semester, Acting III has been the class I was looking most forward to. I’ve always struggled with appropriately incorporating movement in my performances; therefore, I appreciated the opportunity even though I was a bit reluctant to step out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, the movement dynamics I have worked on in the past weeks embody my favorite aspects of art. First, this exercise allows me to be vulnerable: each dynamic elicits a different emotion that creates

  • Central Metaphor Examples

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    Lecture’s Central Argument: Metaphor is used in all kinds of aspect, including daily conversation, film, literature, music etc. to show what the author feels, see and experiences. It is important because it helps readers understand a more abstract concept. Lecture’s Supporting Evidence/Examples: Metaphor is widely used in many forms and ways. For example, one may say, “I feel so down today”. In this context, that individual doesn’t mean it literally but metaphorically meaning that he or she doesn’t

  • The Importance Of Writing: The Eight Habits Of Mind

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    learn how to write these different kind of papers. I also believe openness is importnat in everything. Next is engagement, this is “a sense of investment and involvement in learning.” In my papers I think I have shown involvement. In the rehtorical essay I spent a lot of time putting that together and enjoyed learning about that particular style of learning. Creativity is “the ability to use novel approaches for generating, investagating adn representing ideas.” This is what I lack in papers can sometimes

  • Essay About Future Career

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    Essay № 1 Choosing one’s future career is not straightforward as it seems. During my last year at school, I enthusiastically studied different careers, however, still right after the school leaving ceremony, I felt uncertain concerning the pathway of my life. Once, I had reached the last floor of my University and, while staring around at admission adverts, my sight stopped on a bright advert of the foreign languages department. It said: “ Choose foreign languages, you will be

  • Explain How People's Dependence On Technology Has Affected Creativity And Communication

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    MY ESSAY CODE: DKLS29214 [DO NOT DELETE] ESSAY TITLE: "People’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication. Discuss." Explain what you understand by this statement. Technology may be considered as an interface between individuals and the products they create. We have access to more information. Information overload has become a reality, with the Internet providing much more knowledge at the click of a mouse than could even be imagined in the past. This means there is

  • Reflective Statement: Persepolis

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    Reflective Statement During the oral discussion, the students discussed intepretators and different ideas for their different views on the graphic novel Persepolis. There were an ample amount of tangent within the conversation per topic. Even with the tangents, the main topics that were discussed and reviewed were the students opinion on Persepolis, how others might have different interpretations of the book, as well as the effects the book had by being written in a different language. The interactive

  • Essay On Invisible Man

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    AP English 12 consisted of reading as many Bildungsroman novels as we could in 18 weeks. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, was be the most recent book that became significant to me. There were numerous lessons that one can learn by reading the book, and symbolism that allows one to look at the world in a different way. In the book the narrator is “Invisible” and this is mainly because of the color of his skin. Invisible is usually defined as unable to be seen. Symbols were the major key that allowed

  • The Harry Potter Series: Theme Of Study In College Literature

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    The great literature that students study in a college literature class have several elements in common. Plot, characterization, theme, and symbolism are a few of the elements of fiction that are studied in a college literature class. Some of the great authors that are studied are William Faulkner, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ernest Hemingway, and Edgar Allan Poe. An author that should be given some consideration for further study is J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame. Rowling’s use of formula, plot, characterization

  • Use Of Hyperbole In Fahrenheit 451

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    Let’s face it. Starting to write a novel an essay, or an article has become one of the many challenging tasks facing humanity. One has to think of a perfect sentence to start, otherwise the readers will be sleeping before reading the first phrase. However, in the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the author makes use of literary devices with the purpose of introducing the readers to the plot of the story and developing the protagonist. Bradbury has decided to start the novel with a powerful sentence

  • Reflection In Social Studies

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    Social Studies Reflection In my Social Studies class, I researched about the imperialism of Japan and Korean with a team of 5 people in my class and made a story map with the information we gathered. This process of researching and creating the story map, was about 4 months long. Even though, me and my team weren 't able to do the perfect story map in 4 months however, I still learned a lot from it. Researching skills, corroboration, supporting with evidence, team management, teamwork and more.

  • Genius Of The Poor Summary

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    Critique of the Book The book had different stories and most are written in the main points in the previous pages. The stories told are really inspiring and really career driven. Thomas Graham did an amazing job distributing his words and interviewing the people who also answered well. He is also an aspiring businessman and so he understood the way featured stories operate. He presented it in a way that readers will truly understand whether in literal or figurative content. He wrote this as if other

  • Genre Approach To Teaching Writing

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    reports describe what happened. Most genres use conven- tions related to communicative purposes; a personal letter starts with a cordial question in a friendly mood because its purpose is to maintain good relationships with friends, and an argument essay emphasizes its thesis since it aims at making an

  • The Pros And Cons Of Extended Professionalism

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    During the lecture on Monday, the idea of restricted professionalism and extended professionalism was identified and explored. It was within these two modes of professionalism, I began to make distinct reference to my own experiences. From the lecture restricted personality can be seen as an individual who engages infrequently with reading of professional literature, there is a limited involvement in professional development and that work is seen as just something they must do in order to earn a

  • Importance Of Reading

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    • Take literacy classes if you are facing barriers to reading, including less access to education or a different learning ability. Well, let me break it in 3 parts: 1) Read Newspapers at start First develop the interest of reading newspapers every day. Newspapers articles are very small, you won 't lose interest and moreover you would get to know the NEWS of course. 2) Pick up short stories or story books of your interest Read small story books for children and short stories of your interest

  • Reflection Essay On Teenage Gangs

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    I am, usually prompt, when, it comes to doing my assignment. I read over my work, regardless of my busy work schedule, I always try to upload my assignments on time, but I am probably not trying hard enough. As a writer; I have grown to the point, where I use less demonstrative pronouns in my writing. I attempt to use better word choice in my vocabulary. I researched and compared other news to different scenarios given. I considered the Human Trafficking reflection challenging, since it was harsh

  • Reflective Essay On Decision Making

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    Decision Making Quiz The decision-making quiz I got a 61 I was a bit surprised to see my decision-making process was only “OK”. I thought for the most part my process was through and well developed. My weak spots are generating potential solutions and deciding. Whereas I didn’t foresee generating potential solutions as a weakness I can agree with making the decision. I am not indecisive exactly, I more so want to make sure I am making the right decision, there is not a better option available. I

  • Response To Alexander Pope's Essay Of Criticism?

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    personally chose to create a poem in the form of a heroic couplet in response to Alexander Pope’s “Essay of Criticism”. Choosing to write a response in a poetic format was meant to be a recreation of Pope’s poem and to also challenge myself further with this project. Heroic couplets are used by Alexander Pope, which are a pair of rhyming iambic pentameters. The reason why I chose to do my creative piece on “Essay of Criticism” is because

  • Science Fair Reflection Paper

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    My reflection paper will reflect on the steps I completed to conduct my 2017-2018 science fair project. To begin, I came up with my project idea by first looking at the examples provided from the science fair manual, then I narrowed down to three ideas I really liked. Once I had those three ideas I believed I could work with, the only difficulty I had was choosing which one seemed to be the most interesting and had the most research. I eventually decided on an experiment that tested which colored

  • Catch 22 Literary Analysis Essay

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    Cornman Mrs. Lazor English 9GH, Period 2 Due Date 28 March 2018 Catch-22 Joseph Heller Realistic Fiction 08 February 2018 – 12 March 2018 453 Pages 7/10 because the novel was not what I had in mind when I initially started reading the novel. I had expected the novel to be very serious, but the novel is more so funny but subtle. The novel had some serious parts but did not meet the expectation I had at first. If the novel had been more serious, the novel would have been immensely more interesting