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  • Enneagram Reflection

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    Without the knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God (Cron & Stabile, 2016). When I began reading the book, this quote had stood out to me, it highlights what knowing about yourself is all about. Before beginning this assignment or even opening the book, I had briefly heard about the Enneagram—it was another personality quest of what one is. Personally, I love knowing about personalities and just trying to know who I am, and wanting to know why I do the things that I do. When I started reading

  • Write A Short Story Of A Story

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    “Ok, I’m going to do this.” I told myself. I was going to write a short story and no one can disturb me! I sat on a comfortable chair and placed my laptop on the clean empty table in front of me. My mind was filled with good plots and ideas to write the story. I opened Google Docs and stared at the blank page for a while, wondering how to start my masterpiece. “Ok I’ll start with a cool explanation about a gloomy forest.” But before I could even type one letter my seven year old cousin came screaming

  • Literature-Texts And Contexts In The Stranger, By Albert Camus

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    Rationale My task is related to Part III: Literature-Texts and Contexts section of this course. My written task is a series of diary entries in the point of view of Meursault which express his feelings and actions based on explicit and implied events from the novel, The Stranger, by Albert Camus. In writing the journal entries, I wanted to show the character development of Meursault prior to him leaving school (first journal entry), then just after Maman’s death (second entry), and finally before

  • Analysis Of Boey Kim Cheng's 'Ahead My Father Moves'

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    Literature has always been more than an academic pursuit to me; it fuels my yearning to further understand the human condition. I cannot separate my understanding of myself from my fervour for literature, and I similarly believe that the beauty of literature is that writers inevitably includes a part of themselves in their writing. This is the beauty of literature, which allows me to achieve a deeper connection with the characters that they have crafted with their life experiences. I have had the

  • Thesis Statement For Antigone

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    INTRODUCTION: Open your argument to the audience and give them reason to listen on. I. Hook (Opening Statement): Get your audience’s attention! Consider a quote from the story. Are there any circumstances in which the law should be ignored? II. Overview (specific to topic/plot): Outline major background points about the play. In the play Antigone by Sophocles Antigone breaks the law and in the article Student protests growing over gender-equal dress codes they try to change the dress code rules

  • My Experience In Writing

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    I have always enjoyed reading and writing, however, writing, never came so naturally for me. It has been ten years since my last English, or writing class. The extent of my writing today is limited to emails between co-workers, or simply texting on my cellphone. In the military you are trained to get straight to the point. Stop and think before you speak, and when it comes to writing, whether memos or emails, the same applies but the goal is to get to the point to obtain a quick straight forward

  • Key Factors Of Critical Thinking

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    Critical thinking What is critical thinking? Some people say that It means being critical in everything,like in the way of thinking (as an example) and this word or skill doesn't only mean the way of thinking but it has a lot of ways such as how to read critically, how to write critically, how to skim or scan critically and a lot of other ways that i will mention later.This important skill has many definitions. When i checked the online sources and some books related to that topic i saw a lot

  • Advantages Of Speed Reading

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    How to read quickly and effectively Reading is quite a complex skill. Previously, scientists believed that when you read, both of your eyes focused on a particular letter in a word. Recent research shows this isn 't the case. When you look at it, reading could be the work-related skill that you use most often! Given the time that reading consumes in our daily lives, it may be a skill that we can, and should, improve. Advantages of Speed Reading Many people read at an average rate of 250 words per

  • Reflective Essay On Twelfth Night

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    Twelfth Night Twelfth Night was my major play and first play of until now. Taking this class and watching the “Twelfth Night” play was one of the best opportunities that I have been given. I have been taught so many things in the class as I did not know about. Before I went to see Twelfth Night, I did not know about the stage manager job and what individuals cast do throughout entire play. There are main several different casts such as lighting, props, sounds, costume and video design. All these

  • Birdie Character Analysis

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    Birdie is not an easy read, an unexpected fact, considering the woman who penned it, Tracey Lindberg, is a lawyer and professor by trade. The difficulty in reading the novel comes not only from its harrowing subject matter but also from the way the story is told. It’s non-linear and jumps back and forth from the present to the past. At the start of each chapter are poems, which often transform characters into animals, such as Bernice Meetos/Birdie who longs to return to the tree, Pimatisewin. The

  • The Most Determined Person In 'The Great Gatsby'

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    Today, I will be presenting a character as a candidate for an award. I’ve been studying this character ever since I first read this novel. The character I greatly admire every time I read this book. I read this novel over and over, just to study this character. My character, Jay Gatsby appears in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s historical fiction novel, The Great Gatsby. I believe, Mr. Gatsby should win the award for “The Most Determined Person.” By determined, I mean he is steadfast in achieving a goal despite

  • Why Do Not Learn To Learn A Second Language Essay

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    People do not understand why I cannot learn a 4th language easily. I had never found it easy to learn a new language. I tried Chinese, German and French and with none have I become masters. People do not understand the difference between growing up with the language and getting taught the language. With all three languages Japanese, English and Dutch I grew up listening to them. At home I would speak Japanese, at school I would speak English and at clubs and sports I would speak Dutch. Because I

  • Critical Review Of Literature Review: Advertising Creativity

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    CHAPTER-2 LITERATURE REVIEW “It is insight into human nature that is the key to the communicator’s skill. For whereas the writer is concerned with what he puts into his writings, the communicator is concerned with what the reader gets out of it. He therefore becomes a student of how people read or listen.” (Bill Bernbach cited in Richards 1996, p. 10) 2.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter deals in Review of Literature, Significance, Importance, and Scope In a descriptive form. 2.2 LITERATURE In Jerome

  • Language Teaching Problems In English Essay

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    LANGUAGE TEACHING PROBLEMS IN TURKEY EMRE KÜÇÜK English Language Teaching- Prospective Teacher E-mail: Abstract The purpose of this article is to discuss the language teaching problems in Turkey. It is unfortunately an unavoidable fact that Turkey has a language teaching problem, therefore, it causes a lot of discussion among the academics. All of them expresses their opinions, but they have never reached a conclusion. It has been a common belief that except a few university

  • Revenge In Hamlet

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    Throughout history, certain pieces of literature become irrelevant to the modern world. Moreover, the ability of many novels of the distant past to relate to a modern day high school student is especially difficult. However, there are a select few literary works that preach universal lessons, and stand the test of time. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the few texts that effectively relates to teenagers of the past, present, and future. The struggle to recover from a tragedy, and the repercussions

  • Creative Process In Writing

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    Most people correct and edit their text as they write it down. Why write something that needs to be rewritten later? This is one of the reasons people write this way. Peter Elbow shows that, in most cases, this is a very inefficient way of writing a text and offers several methods that can improve the creative process of writing any text. When writing any piece of text, the internal editor can impede the creative process. Peter Elbow postulates that writers can get tangled in a web of editing and

  • Word Sense Disambiguation Essay

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    In chapter 1, the main concept of text summarization and word sense disambiguation is introduced. Before starting Text summarization, first we, need to know that what a summary is. A summary can be defined as a non redundant text which gives important information of the original text, and is extracted from one or more sentences. We can say text summarization is the unique way, where a computer summarizes a text. A text is entered into the computer and a summarized text is returned as an output, which

  • The Importance Of Journalism In Journalism

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    John Keats once wrote that “ if poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all”. This applies in equal measure to any kind of writing even to journalism and journalistic writing. Whether you are interested in writing for a small school newspaper or you’re fulfilling a requirement for school, you will want to write like a professional if you intend to write a good article. So what does it take to write like a real reporter? You may find it intriguing. Why are

  • Essay On PTE Reading

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    Top Ten Tips for PTE Reading 1. Skimming Skimming is a method of quickly reading a text and searching for important key points. Since, a large part of the success in the exam is the time limit, this is a great exercise. The ability to quickly read a paragraph and note the keywords would help you in many parts of the tests like multiple choice questions, re-arranging paragraphs. 2. Go through the questions before you read the paragraph One of the oldest tricks of effective learning – read the question

  • Important Person In My Life

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    I look through the paper as my heart stops. Write about an important person in your life. I sigh and lift up the pen, I have to breathe and think of him. I still have some memories left from him even if they are blurry. His eyes were brown, a light brown that I never inherit sadly though I’m happy that I inherit his brown locks and his creamy light skin and his positive personality even with some struggles. I stop and search for a picture of him which is under my table I can’t have it around because