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  • Sonnet 18 Figurative Language

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    In these short poems, the authors utilize particular rhetorical techniques and methods to reflect the speakers’ personality and motivation. Therefore, presenting the speaker becomes the main focus of the authors. In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess,” both poems reflect the speakers’ traits through monologue, figurative language, and symbolism. However, these two speakers’ personalities are different due to their attitude toward their beloved. The speaker in Sonnet 18

  • The Vacuum Poem Analysis

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    The Vacuum is a poem about the emptiness of an old man after her wife died. Nemerov started by presenting the environment in which the old man lived in. He also pointed out that the vacuum cleaner was in a corner, seemingly “grinning” (4) at him. He then stated that after his old wife has passed away, she seemed to be inside the vacuum cleaner (8, 9), cleaning up the house whenever the old man used it. The poet further expressed his feeling of loneness by recalling his days with his wife, where she

  • Odysseus And The Journey In The Odyssey And Homer's Journey

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    In both pieces, the main character undertakes a journey that teaches them about who they are, what they’re worth, and what they are capable of. In the Odyssey, Odysseus proved himself as a strong and great leader. Whilst on his journey back home, he comes across several different obstacles that he has to battle, face to face with them. In the end he defeats these challenges and reaches his ultimate goal, returning home. Similarly in the poem The Journey, the character struggles against her conflicts

  • A Description Of A City Shower Essay

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    This essay discusses the purpose of rural and urban landscapes in Jonathan Swifts ' works, by portraying the urbanisation in A Description of a City Shower and the rural scenery in A Modest Proposal. The essay also considers the context of the time Swift wrote the two works and describes the urban and rural setting to illustrate his viewpoint. “The first readers of the "City Shower," when it appeared in the Tatter No. 238 (October 17, 1710), had, outside their own knowledge and sensibilities, nothing

  • Descriptive Essay: Description Of The Lake

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    Smooth, oval rocks lined the bank of the secretive lake. Discarded and neglected; overlaid with spongy moss and choked by fallen, decaying leaves from the unclothed and withering trees above. As the lake swelled around the ashen boulders, icy, black water lifelessly lapped against the long, thin beams of wood holding up a rickety pier. The structure was covered in splinters and ragged, iron nails, and as it reached out into the centre of the sombre lake, it became more and more distant. Half-cut

  • Ivan The Terrible Essay Description

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    Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible, the Grand Prince of Moscow (until he gained the title of tsar) was an extreme absolute monarch. As a child, he faced cruel abuse and hostility from his mother. As he grew older, he accumulated countless enemies. When he gained full power of Moscow at 17, he began destroying his rivals and anybody he thought might be against him. Ivan the Terrible gained his name particularly from his unforgiving torture methods, so unforgiving that he even used them on his own

  • Descriptive Essay On The Lawn

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    Whereas in my negative paragraph I talk about “The weeds in the garden seem to have grown everywhere,” and leave it in my positive scene where it would have changed the pleasant essence of description. Show vs tell I used “show sentences”, in order to make my writing more picturesque. This way the readers can imagine the space vividly in their head. For example, I talk about “.filtering sun rays makes the water glisten,” “Quivering in agony

  • Personal Reflection

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    of writing these personal essays, with the help of my teacher and the materials made available to me, I can affirmatively say that I feel more confident as a writer and as an editor. I say that because I feel self-aware to an extent to be able to see the major flaws in my personal essays and being able to edit them to produce better quality writings. A significant development in my writing was to acknowledge the “Show not tell” phrase and implement it in my personal essays. This particular rule has

  • I Truly Like My Native Place Essay

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    Activity 3. Read through the following conclusions from the essays introduced in Activities 1 and 2. Do they sum up the contents of the essay? Is the thesis reiterated? Rewrite the conclusions, if necessary. 1. In conclusion, I would like to add that I truly like my native place. I cannot imagine my life without its captivating rivers, green forests, boundless fields, and splendid hills, covered with gorgeous plants. I wish everyone could see this unforgettable view. 2. I know that here my old

  • Argumentative Essay On My Family

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    Write Essay On My Family Essays have always been a challenging task in the life of a student, still it is most commonly used in schools and universities. A student during his lifetime has to write different kinds of essay namely, • Descriptive essay • Narrative essay • Argumentative essay Additionally, there are other types of essay, which includes essay for admission or an essay to receive a scholarship, which are different from the narrative, descriptive or argumentative essay. Descriptive essay