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  • Examples Of Economic Volatility

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    Economics Volatility can be defined as the fluctuation of economies or the unstable growth of economies. The economy of a country plays an important part, especially in poor countries when economics volatility could easily happen. A researcher of Economics once wrote: “Poor countries specialize in fewer and more volatile sectors, poor countries experience more frequent and more severe aggregate shocks, poor countries’ macroeconomic fluctuations are more highly correlated with the shocks affecting

  • Economic Development In Africa

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    with citizens’ demand for service delivery such as sanitation, policing, school, transportation, water, electricity and the like (J. Rapley, 2002 p. 132-34). Development is defined as the process used to explain the progressive social, political and economic advancement of a society, and it is measured by an increase in the standard of living of people. Within the development paradigm, different methodologies have

  • Tourism Economic Growth

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    exists a causal relationship between tourism and economic growth on Turkey between the years 2004-2015. Obviously, these effects will vary from one country to another according to a wide set of circumstances, such as natural resource, culture and socio-economic environment of tourism destinations (Pao, 2004). Tourism and Economic Growth Economic growth is one of the crucial factors needed for a country’s development. In its broadest sense, economic growth often points to a rise in GDP. We will omit

  • Importance Of Economic Analysis

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    top-down approach the analysis begins with economic analysis by examine the various economic indicator like GDP growth rates, inflation, interest rates etc. Followed by industry and company analysis, industry analysis includes study of growth of industry, its structure, government policies, the effects of competing products etc. and company analysis is

  • International Economic Constraints

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    The constraints of global industrial has significant affected the economic performance of developing countries. When a developing country has bad economic performance, it may influence the country GDP. This can cause the gap of poverty between developing countries and developed countries become huge. Tariff is a tax on a good that is imposed by the importing country when an imported good crosses its international boundary. Governments use to influence international trade and protect domestic industries

  • Economic Economy In Malaysia

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    has played an active role in industrialization and economic development. This continues as of the present and now that Malaysia has a developing economy which, in recent years, has successfully transformed from an exporter of raw materials into a diversified

  • Economic Impact Of Globalization

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    of the political, economic and cultural activities of geographically and/or nationally separated people.” The impact is extensive. The evaluation of globalization was positive in general. Yet, the evaluation was not comprehensive. It only measure the impact on economic while impact on political and cultural were being neglected. Since impact can be either positive or negative, globalization became controversial. Some stated that globalization is overrated. The impact on economic was significant.

  • Economic Development In Vietnam

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    The process of Vietnamese economic development after the war can be divided into two periods: the 10-year period of the centrally planned economy from 1975 to 1985 and the subsequent years of economic reform when Vietnam shifted toward a market-led economy. After more than a century of foreign domination and 21 years of war and division, Vietnam became an independent nation. North Vietnam’s communist party, Lao Dong, merged with the People’s Revolutionary Party of South Vietnam to form the Communist

  • Neoliberal Economic Development

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    regulated and controlled in the Bretton Woods period. The liberalisation of cross-country capital flows in the 1980s was a crucial driver of the process of globalisation. This process produced a growing global interconnection among decision makers in economics and finance, and

  • Importance Of Monopoly In Economics

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    0.0 Introduction Economic monopoly caused by market access restrictions, mainly for the exclusive access to market opportunities, once the economic monopoly, the opportunity to enter this the market by new investment is difficulty. The principal of economic monopolies are not share the opportunity to enter the market with others, but also do not share new market opportunities with other undertakings. 1.0 Monopoly in the context of Economics Monopoly is a market structure where only one firm only