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  • The Pros And Cons Of Economic Recessions

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    Utopian to have the economy grow at a stable rate, economic recessions are a fact of life and are as unavoidable as the setting of the sun. The economy has a cycle that involves both periods of growth and expansion, and periods of decline and recession. For investors, it 's often the recessionary cycle that causes the most concern. In this article, we will look at how to properly invest as the economy moves through this phase. Tutorial: Economics Basics What Is a Recession? A recession can be defined

  • Economic Diversification In Developing Countries

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    Economic diversification has been regarded as a major tool and source of sustainable economic growth and development in developed, emerging and developing economies through direct effect on the GDP by increasing economic activities and indirectly through multiplier effect, backward and forward linkages among the various sectors of the economy (Anyaehie&Areji, 2015; Akpan, 2009;Gachino, 2007). Classical and neo-classical economics theory projected convergence between poor developing countries and

  • Economic Growth Lead To Poverty

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    Yes, Economic growth does lead to a poverty reduction. As at first economic growth is an increase in the amount of goods and services produced per head of the population over a certain period of time, It’s measured as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product, GDP and increase in growth is caused by more efficient use of inputs like labor, physical capital or materials which is referred to as intensive growth. Thus, the most functioning way in order to pull the country and the people

  • Impact Of Entrepreneurship On Economic Growth

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    The impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth Introduction Economic growth refers to increasing goods and services produced over some period of time. Economic development has objectives to the standards of living, expand the economic range and increase the availability of goods and services. Economic development develops economic wealth in regions. It economically, politically and socially develops the wellbeing of the people. The more people are employed and earning an income, the more GDP

  • Economic Advantage Of South Korea

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    • South Korea’s economic advantage through Hallyu as its soft power As many countries in Asia experienced an economic collapse during the 1997 financial crisis, South Korea tried to look at a different approach on how to bring its monetary state back to normal. Through the increasing popularity of Hallyu as its soft power, South Korea utlized it as a promotional tool for marketing the products of economic values. It can be seen in two ways, such as an attraction in the tourism industry and the marketing

  • Alfred Marshall: The Founder Of The Neoclassical School Of Economics

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    Alfred Marshall’s economics Alfred Marshall, known as the founder of the neoclassical school of economics. He was one of the most influential economic scholars of all time. Alfred Marshall was born in 1842 and grew up in London; he is the son of a cashier at the Bank of England. Although his father wanted him to become a clergy, he defied his father’s wish and refused to go to Oxford with a classics scholarship, and then he attended Cambridge University, where he studied economics, mathematics and

  • Financial Role In Economic Development

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    Much of the subject matter of economics is economic development and economic growth per se. The role of financial structures in economic development has become of interest and lot of literature do find positive correlation between the two. Linkages and approaches It is common contention that financial strcutures may influence savings rates, technological improvesments and hence influence economic growth. According to Keynes it is never a problem of finance but rather of finance, thus financial intermediaries

  • Macroeconomic Impact: Different Types Of Economic Impacts

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    Economic impacts In order to find economic impacts, one must define them first. There are different types of economic impacts that should be considered. The business dictionary defines an economic impact as “A macroeconomic effect on commerce, employment, or incomes produced by a decision, event, or policy” (, 2017). Since this thesis is dealing with local businesses the macroeconomic turns into microeconomic. One way to separate the impacts is into tangible and intangible economic

  • Consequences Of Economic Growth On Our Planet Earth

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    2. What are the consequences of economic growth on our planet Earth? Economic growth is “the most fundamental indicator of an economy’s health”. They define it as the rate of growth of the national income of a country, measured by the annual percentage rate of change of country’s gross domestic product. According to Mankiw (2010), economic growth is one of the reasons why advanced countries have become richer and have improved standards of living. Economic growth has also attracted attention because

  • Type Of Economic System Essay

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    The Different Types of Economic Systems Every country has a different type of economy. What is an economy? An economy is a system that tries to balance the wealth and resources of a country. These resources are the factors of production: land, labor, capital and enterprise. The country has to balance these resources to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers. It does so by controlling or monitoring what is produced, how it is produced, , and who gets what is produced. Some countries like Cuba