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  • Economic Approach To Crime

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    Economic approach to crime is least developed and utilized compared to other social sciences. Gordon Tullock in the article “An economic approach to crime” tries to bring in an utility aspect to understand the economic point of view by analyzing to areas of law- motor vehicle code violation and tax evasion. Before going into detail into the two broad categories (motor vehicle code violation and tax evasion), at the outset we need to make ourselves clear of what do we understand by 'economic approach

  • Economic Reforms In India

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    The process of economic reforms was started by the government of in 1991 for taking the country out of economic difficulty and speeding up the development of the country. The centre of economic reforms has been the liberalization, privatization and globalization. The Indian government has introduced many economic reforms in India since 1991.During 1990-1991, India had to face various economic problems. There was a massive deficiency which was increasing day by day. Since1978-88 till 1990-91 it was

  • Effects Of Economic Growth

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    their effects on the coexistence of economic growth, sustainable development and migration. The position taken is in support of the coexistence of these factors. The country of choice is China and the growth models selected are trade liberalization and race to the bottom. Economic growth is the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or the total production or output of a country. Growth can be classified as endogenous and exogenous. Indicators of economic growth include GDP, unemployment rates

  • The Importance Of Economic Growth

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    with economic growth we observe the increase of the knowledge-based economy which requires education and skills to secure it in the future. With failure in emphasizing investments in education systems, countries may lose opportunities in world trade, come across higher unemployment rates, more inequality which contributes to slowing growth and the wheel spins again and again. Entrepreneurial thinking : With economic growth, people are watching businesses prosper, new technologies appear and the

  • Macroeconomics In Economics

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    Economist and policy makers have been always concerned with the nature of the causation between money and real economic activities. The proponents of Quantity Theory of Money claim that money supply is exogenous. This is in contrast with Mundell`s proposition that money supply accommodates changes in output and income, being endogenous. Cagan (1965) also argues that money supply conveys both endogenous and exogenous properties. For short-run and cyclical fluctuation, he proposed a relation in which

  • Advantages Of Economic Integration

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    1 Market Size and Market Access Another argument in support of economic integration in Africa is that it can assist countries to overcome constraints associated with the smallness of domestic markets, by allowing them to benefit from economies of scale as well as smooth market access. These kinds of benefits can lead to stronger competition, and as a result raise productivity and diversify production and exports. In regional economic integration, neighbouring African countries will constitute a regional

  • Economic Growth In Thailand

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    A variety of political, social and economic factors is affected directly to the growth and equity of Thailand. The inequality grows as a gap of difference kinds of job. In the past, there were not varied kinds of job as present. Poverty is decreased when unemployment decrease and the income distribution increase. It’s still having an inequality in income because not every job can give the same amount of wage. Higher skilled job or the owner will receive more income. The question was occurring

  • Socio Economic Factors

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    2. Socio-economic issues According to the Oxford dictionary socio-economic is defined as: ‘relating to the interaction of social and economic factors.’ In order to critically analyse the evolution of Taste Holdings business strategy, socio-economic factors that are prevalent in a modern South Africa will be analysed, and they will be placed in the context of their chosen areas of operation. The dominant socio-economic issues with regards to Taste Holdings are: broad based black economic empowerment

  • Importance Of Economics In Malaysia

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    life is covered by economy as in housing, religion, health, education, defense, transportation and others whereby it has the aspects that can be discussed through the point of view of economics. The well known father of Economics and most celebrated English Economist Adam Smith, termed the Economics as “Economics is a science that enquires into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations” in his book ‘Science of Wealth’ towards the end of the eighteenth century. In short, the life of individuals

  • Inequality In Developmental Economics

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    Developmental Economics is a relatively young discipline in the field of study, it has only recently been taken into serious consideration and was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century. One could say, although this is quite an oversimplification, that the main goal of Developmental Economics is to quantify a way to induce growth. Not just among the developed nations either, as focus shifted towards economics in the world at large. Using its capacity for intelligence, humanity has always