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  • Persuasive Essay Writing

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    embarrassed. In the essay “Freewriting” Peter Elbow states that during the process, you should not go back and correct the paper. Along with Mr. Elbow’s advice Donald Murray had shared some tips about revising your papers. In “The Makers Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript” he shares “writers must be their own best enemy” (para.4). Due to the advice I recollected from these two talented writers I should be able to portray essays that can cause anyone to feel proud of their writings. In the essay “Freewriting”

  • Persuasive Essay On Tuition Classes

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    I had my first tuition class when I was 10 years old. The need came when I cried my eyes out for a Mandarin composition homework that I couldn’t write. My parents themselves were stumped by the homework and thought it was best to enrol me in a Mandarin tuition class. Nowadays, kids as young as 3 years old are enrolled in tuition classes. Is there even a need to send these children for extra classes? In a survey conducted by The Straits Times and research firm Nexus Link in 2015, seven in 10 families

  • Persuasive Essay On Test Taking

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    Test taking has always been difficult for me, now that I am required to take the advancement test in the Navy twice a year and now college I still struggle with tests. I always take notes and study, but my nerves and second guessing are a struggle for me to overcome. This class has provided me with some techniques I am going to implement in hopes that it will improve my test taking abilities. As I study for test, I will predict test questions, writing potential questions and the answers. I will also

  • Persuasive Essay On Journal Writing

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    Have you ever sat down at your coffee table, as you unpacked your journal and began freewriting? Think of it as a writing exercise in which you unleash your thoughts and memories of the day and begin writing and compensating them into a day in the life of yourself. At this moment in time is when you seem to come across things you were oblivious to in regards of what you felt of your day. Maybe you felt that today was a better day than yesterday and was a splendid day but as you sat down at the table

  • Persuasive Essay On Tattoo Removal

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    Dorian Davis, Laserless tattoo removal, does it work? The truth exposed Are you currently frustrated with your tattoo and saving up for its removal sometimes in future? Tattoo removal is simple and should not be complicated. Unfortunately it has been complicated because of the ignorance of natural alternative methods. Tattoo removal is basically removing ink under your skin, so don’t be willing to pay exorbitant prices. Dorian Davis, a tattoo artist, has developed a program that has everything you

  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Rescue

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    The animal rescue industry doesn't think that a girl is fit for the job. That’s why you very rarely see woman diving into freezing waters to save a dog or cat. Women are fragile said my father who believed women should stay home and take care of the kids. But i didn't care i was going to be an animal rescuer no matter what. “If you hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die. Life is a broken-winged bird.That cannot fly”(Hughes) I don't want to be a bird that can’t fly, i want to score higher than any

  • High School Persuasive Essay

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    The all too familiar sound of the school bell rings loudly in my ears as students converse among themselves during my final year of high school, and I think so myself, is college really worth the trouble? It would seem that somewhere such as a classroom would be a place for learning and retaining information that could potentially aid you in the long treacherous path of life later on down the road. For me, the classroom at the time felt like just a social setting, in general, the majority of the

  • Persuasive Essay On Pet Food

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    Shopping for dog food and taking care of your favorite pets can be quite challenging and stressful. While the companionship of the dogs and the friendship it provides can keep you happy, the idea of choosing food for their diet can be quite frustrating. With so many dog food brands available, it’s often a problem choosing the brand, or what kinds of pet food to buy. And when you want to go all natural and organic, the same problems crop up. Which fresh produce or meat can work for your dogs? Sure

  • Persuasive Essay: Why We Read?

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    Why we read? We read because reading benefits our body, inspires us to be better people, and expands our capabilities to be imaginative, creative and empathetic. A negative stigma about reading has developed in the current century: that reading is a mere pastime, that it is a taxing chore [or labour], and simply a hobby for the elderly or people with time on their hands. But reading is much more than this. In recent years, research into the benefits of reading has shown us that reading helps to improve

  • Persuasive Essay On Stay At Home Mother

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    So you have decided to be a stay-at-home mother, at least until your kids start going to school. Congratulations. This is one of the most important, yet challenging decisions you have taken as a mother. Staying with kids has its own benefits – you get to spend time with them and witness every special moment in their lives. But it comes with its own pressures too. Being home with kids all the time without anything else to do is enough to give you cabin fever. Here are 10 useful tips to help you become