Terrorism Essays

  • Islamophobia In The Media

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    to identify Islam as ‘problem’ in which 30 percent of the articles in the publication portrayed Islam as a ‘problem’. Further more, in the media, Islam and violence are linked widely with the most of the emphasis are characterised by mixing the terrorism and Islam (Anderson, 2015). Considering the media effect to the public’s mind, it can create the perception of the Western people about Islam as the mass media of the West where the journalists who cover about Muslim world possess very little information

  • National Security Assignment

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    Through my extensive research at the Terrorism Research Center, I have recognized domestic and international threats to US national security and have found that much of the international threats come from the Middle East. The technologies developed in Israel are both fascinating and productive in countering terrorism and protecting citizens. Through our partnership with Israel, the United States has Israel’s military support

  • Cause Of Islamophobia

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    Although it existed prior to the event, Islamophobia’s infamy rose to extreme heights after September 11, 2001. The West began to generalize Muslims, assuming that, by default, all Muslims carry the same innate traits of violence and terrorism. Although it was a tragic event, people need to realize that 2,976 people died on 9/11 while 2,500,000 people died in wars justified by 9/11. Moreover, the Boston Marathon bombing, a recent terrorist attack in the name of Islam, further popularizes

  • Causes Of Extremism Essay

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    society through social mechanism. The people, who are not able to exert their force in decision making process, go for aggressive means of expressing their opinion. As a result we see disorder in the society. This situation creates the poverty, terrorism and collective pain of the society. Extremism can be of different types, it can be ethnic, linguistic but the most sever kind of extremism

  • The Challenges Of Islam In Islam

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    Islamic terrorism is now common to hear from the commentators of media and inteligence analysts which means whatever it is true or not, the bad perception about terrorism in Islam is there (Ahmad, 2016).According to Yahya (2014), Islamophobia has risen significantly in places like in the US and Europe. However, the author does not put the

  • Importance Of Extremism In Pakistan

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    Extremism is a critical problem which the Pakistani society is facing today; it leads to social, economic, culture and humanitarian crises. It has occurred due to external and internal factors. Internal factors include the occurrence of social injustice, illiteracy, inequality and misuse of the governmental laws and external factors being the involvement of Pakistan in international and the national politics game. Extremism is the expression of thoughts of individual and the groups are not able

  • Advantages Of Counterterrorism In Policing

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    The events of 9/11 propelled terrorism into the forefront of American policing. While threats were always present, the materialization of attack sparked a newfound change in strategic thinking about how to integrate counterterrorism efforts into local policing. Larger police agencies may have greater resource capabilities to regularly engage in counterterrorism activities, however, smaller organizations can build relationships and leverage already-held local expertise and position to promote an equally-valuable

  • Argumentative Essay On Ilams In Islam

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    including the Television network Of Aljazeera, which was broadcasting the live images of the entire scene and does the apology for the Iraq war by the Bush Administration rationalizethe killings of innocent civilians in Iraq ?Actually the seed of terrorism was sown ,after the vandalism of Iraq and Afghanistan by the so called super power nation ,because injustice gives birth to

  • Elements Of Criminal Crime

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    the accused was blameworthy in doing what they did. It is because of it is an important ethical principle underpinning the criminal law that the state has the moral authority to punish its citizens only if they deserve it. Terrorism defined under Article 1 of Anti-terrorism law as: “ Every criminal act committed by an individual, or an organized group that targeted an individual, or a group of individuals or groups or official or unofficial institutions and caused damage to public or private properties

  • Conventional Warfare Strategy

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    THE RELEVANCE OF CONVENTIONAL STRATEGIES IN WAR AGAINST TERRORISM – A PERSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION 1. Background. Conventional warfare is the use of conventional - traditional -- means to wage war. The two sides face each other on the battlefield using weapons against each other, with these weapons usually not including biological, chemical or nuclear substances. Unconventional warfare, on the other hand, uses unconventional weapons, targets the civilian population as well as the armed forces, and specializes

  • Border Security Challenges

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    bordering countries of the U.S. raise many different issues especially when we are talking about terrorism, illegal smuggling, human trafficking, free trade. Understanding the challenges of the border and customs agent we must first understand: The Functional Equivalent of the border, The Fourth Amendment, Search and Seizure, Open market closed border, Challenges maintaining secure borders, impact of terrorism on U.S. and Global markets since 9/11. The border that separate countries are imaginary political

  • Importance Of Homeland Security In Pakistan

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    build up to avoid the danger of terrorism and all types of misdeeds in the city structure of the developed world. Home land security occupies an exclusive place at the edge of national and international security. It has many proportions ranging in diversity from vaccine development to border fence construction and efforts to safe and sound air travel sea containers and decisive infrastructure. In post 9/11 scenario the world encountered with the danger of terrorism that forced in danger of extinction

  • Why Should Batman Kill The Joker

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    Terrorism is a huge problem in the United States and all around the world. It is a federal offense that ends with the death penalty--or at least it should. In fact, the exact definition of terrorism is, “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” From a worldly perspective, Batman represents the government, and the Joker represents terrorists. Since the government should put terrorists to death, Batman should do the same to the

  • Pros And Cons Of The Patriot Act

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    The Patriot Act (the full name is the USA Patriot Act, or "Uniting and Strengthening America Act by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001") was signed on October 26 by the former U.S. President George W. Bush in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11. The main purposes are to improve the level of domestic security and to strengthen the powers of law-enforcement agencies in terms of identifying and eliminating terrorists. The US government

  • Inevitability Of Violence Essay

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    on civilians, it is clear that the rules of the game have changed. Although the rules may have changed, the warring has not stopped and the causes of violence being retribution and narcissism remain the same. Held (2003) explores the causes of terrorism and concludes that although religion is continually discussed in literature as a cause of violence Held’s theory is that the underlying root cause is humiliation. Freud work supports the view of Held when Freud talks about Narcissism as being “a

  • Boko Haram In Nigeria

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    Boko Haram (official name - Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad, Arabic for ‘People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad’) is a militant Islamic Group founded in 2002. Since its founding, it has caused havoc in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries namely Niger, Chad and Cameroon through a wave of violent abductions, bombings and assassinations - with the aim of overthrowing the government and establishing an Islamic Caliphate. Boko Haram was labelled as a terrorist

  • Advantages Of Enlightened Moderation

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    What is the Strategy of Enlightened Moderation? “The 9/11 Commission Report calls for the provision of long-term and comprehensive support to the government of Pakistan for its commitment to combating terrorism through “enlightened moderation.” Before going through the contents and motives of the proposed strategy, we must make an effort to understand its genesis and the literal meanings of both terms modifying the subject of the strategy: “enlightened” and “moderation.” In an elementary sense

  • Suspect In The Movie: Torture The Bombing Suspect

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    Torture the Bombing Suspect This is hugely debated topic among many us citizens. There have been many movies and books written about torture that their effects of it. Whether torturing is good or bad is in the eyes of the person doing the torturing and the one who is receiving the torture. As I write this paper, there is a movie that comes to mind by the name of Unthinkable. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson as one of the main characters, in which he plays a retired military torturer who is brought

  • War Essay: The Negative Effects Of War

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    The Negative Effects of War. Flipping through the channels on the television, we will usually see the news involving a war occurring somewhere in the world. People will usually fight because of terrorism, over land and territory, and economic and political ideas. We are all so used to the image of people being massacred, murdered, and killed in front of our eyes that we see these brutal events without the slightest remorse; it becomes an everyday thing. War and violence is futile and does more harm

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Refugee Crisis

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    Bloody conflict, raging terrorism, climate change,... A lot of events have made the early 21st century become an unforgettable time for human. Especially, one of the most difficult problem in the world is refugee crisis. Antonio Gutierrez -the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees once said: “It is time to fight for peace”. And in my opinion, I extremely support this notion. It is about time. All of us . For the definition of a legal term, refugee crisis, generally speaking, can refer to