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  • Swot Analysis Of Kate Spade

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    II. A. Company Info Since the beginning in 1993, Kate Spade has been known for their use of colors and patterns, but it all started with a purse. Kate Brosnahan Spade designed a line of 6 purses completely different from the trends she saw on the runway. This was just the beginning for Kate Spade as they now sell everything from jewelry, to clothing, to home decor. In 2007 Spade sold the company to Liz Clairborne with Deborah Lloyd as the President. Since then, the company has continued to expand

  • Essay On Fast Fashion

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    Emergence of fast fashion has brought a drastic change in the fashion industry on a global level. Over the past decade it has brought a significant development in the retail sector as well as consumer behavior. This essay highlights the challenges and the opportunities as well as short term and long-term impacts of fast fashion on the industry. Fashion is a style of clothing or dressing at a particular time or place. Fashion is dynamic that is it keeps changing or evolving with time. Fashion never

  • Abercrombie's Theory Of Motivation

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    Motivation is a strong internal force that drives one to get what they need. In 1943, an American psychologist named Abraham Maslow developed a theory of hierarchy involving needs that are driven by motivation. Our basic needs from most important to least are physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, and esteem needs. The lower needs cannot not be obtained without first fulfilling our higher needs (D. Jary and J. Jary 2006). The most essential need physiological need, is our drive for

  • The Conquest Of Mexico Research Paper

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    certain prophetic omens. In the Florentine Codex, Bernardino de Sahagun wrote of eight omens that the Natives believed preceded the Spaniards. Fray Martin De Jesus de La Coruña, a Franciscan missionary wrote that the Natives believed that dream had preceded the arrival of the Spanish by about four years. The Tarascan peoples, whom Coruña had interviewed, claimed that some of their people had dreamed of people that would come, riding animals that they had never before seen. Omens were extremely important

  • Sacred Places Research Paper

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    sacred place that is well known for its beautiful Cathedral which helps one 's connect with the late Apostle St.James . Santiago de Compostela is located in Spain . It is near the conjunction of the Sar and Sarela Rivers. It is 32 miles southwest of Coruna city. In 813 CE a tomb stone was discovered which appeared to be the tomb of Apostle St. James. Bones were taken to spain where he was spreading the gospel . They began building things one by one . The Asturias built a church over tombstone . Which

  • Pablo Picasso: Influential Artists Of The 20th Century

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    Who Was Pablo Picasso ? Pablo Picasso (October 25, 1881 To April 8, 1973) Was A Spanish Expatriate Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Ceramicist And Stage Designer Considered One Of The Greatest And Most Influential Artists Of The 20Th Century And The Co-Creator. Considered Radical In His Work, Picasso Continues To Garner Reverence For His Technical Mastery, Visionary Creativity And Profound Empathy. For Nearly 80 Of His 91 Years, Picasso Devoted Himself To An Artistic Production That He Superstitiously

  • Pablo Picasso's Most Influential Artist In The Early 20th Century

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    His dad made sure that he would grow up to be successful. He made sure that Picasso got the best education that he could afford. Picasso and family moved to La Coruna in 1892, and a year after that Picasso was accepted into the school of Fine and Applied Arts there. He started selling his paintings and found a joy in doing them as well. In 1895, the family faced a tragic moment. His younger sister died due to diphtheria

  • Pablo Picasso's Influence On Modern Art

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    talent in art at his early age. His father, who was a professor of art and a painter, gave academic training to Picasso and by the age 13, he had lost interest in academic studies, shifting it to art. By the time when he was 10, his family moved to A Coruña and Picasso started to attend School of Fine Art. Just in a few years, his skills had surpassed his father’s by the time he was 13 (pablopicasso.org). In 1896, his family moved to Barcelona and there, he entered the Royal Academy of San Fernando to

  • Case Study Of The Zara Fast Fashion Supply Chain

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    it supply chain and it is vertical and horizontal integration. Briefly, we talk about Zara; Zara started its textiles business back in 1963 until date, over 53 years in this business. The first outlet of Zara has opened in 1975 in the centre of La Coruña, Spain. As of today, they have 2162 Zara fashion outlets around the globe.   Zara Supply chain Supply chain defined as "a network of organizations which have to deal with upstream and downstream linkages between each other. The linkages reflect

  • Gothic And Renaissance Architecture

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    INTRODUCTION For my Spanish cultural project, I will be focusing on the area of architecture and its history in Spain. I will be examining the influences of Europe and other places throughout the world and how Spain adapted them to their own preference. I will take a look and historic buildings such as monasteries and churches and also ancient architectural styles that affected these buildings such as gothic architectural style and the influence of the renaissance. I will compare and contrast the