A Descent into the Maelström Essays

  • Descent Into The Maelstrom Analysis

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    In his story, “Descent into the Maelstrom”, Edgar Allen Poe writes of an old fisherman who claims to have gone through the monstrous whirlpool, “Moskoe-strom,” lasting the duration of 6 hours. The fisherman acts as a guide to the narrator as he leads him up the mountain Helseggen, where the old fisherman tells him the story of how his hair turned grey in a day. It might be argued, though, that this story was nothing short of a tall tale. There are numerous points in this his story that indicate the

  • Addiction In The Tell Tale Heart

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    The Haunting Retribution of a Tortured Man The “Tell Tale Heart”, published in 1843, is a gothic short story written by the infamous author Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is known for many poems and short stories such as “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” to name a few. “The Tell Tale Heart” is an eerie fiction of an unreliable narrator attempting to convince the reader of his sanity. In doing so, he reveals more about his insanity while he tells the tale of a dark deed. The narrator is psychotic

  • Sensory Imagery In A Gun For Sale

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    Sensory Imagery in A Gun for Sale If one thinks about the difference between music and books, they will come to a realization that they are infact very similar. A song just like a novel has a start, an ending and most importantly a climax. In between the climax comes the rising tension to reach the climax and falling action which brings us to the end of a song or a story. In Graham Greene’s novel, A Gun for Sale, we experience the buildup of tension. The author creates this by using cinematic aspects

  • The Black Cat Research Paper

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    In the short story, “The Black Cat,” written by the great Edgar Allan Poe, the setting being in a house full of wealth that burns down leaving one wall, really helps out and makes it a great piece of Gothic Literature. The first example is that of which explaining the first, high class house when it had began to burn down, as the narrator exclaims, “On the night of the day on which this cruel deed was done, I was aroused from sleep by the cry of fire. The curtains of my bed were in flames. The whole

  • Compare And Contrast Tell Tale Heart And The Raven

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    Edgar Allan Poe’s frightening gothic style poetry and short novels about fear, love, death and horror are prominent to Gothic Literature and explore madness through a nerve-recking angle. The incredible, malformed author, poet, editor and novelist is recognized for his famous classical pieces such as “The Raven”, “Berenice” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”, pieces of work that mystically yet magnificently awakens readers with a gloomy spirit. Awakening the subject of madness through written work was viewed

  • The Pros And Cons Of Postmodernism

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    Introductions There is more than one way to skin a cat, the saying goes; although it is not a pleasant sight its is however a very interesting way of deductive thinking and critical reasoning… one question, one answer that’s the assumption, however one question, one answer, two more questions and a different question is the reality of how postmodernism has quickly cultivated into our lives today. The aim of this paper is to argue the pro and cons of post modernism and how they influence each other

  • The Struggle With Alcoholism In The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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    A man and his feline companion A struggling alcoholic’s love for his cat. The Black Cat is a twisted short story that brings the reader through a chaotic recollection of the narrator’s past. Word choice sets the tone early on in this story giving it chaotic sense of the narrator’s distorted thought process. The narrator recounts his experiences with “The black Cat” however he fails to realize that it is a mere figment of his imagination. “The Black Cat” our narrator see’s is in reality a symbolism

  • Bonehead Age Film Analysis

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    The silent era animation is characterized by its imaginative and risqué topics. Sexist stereotypes were a common entertain resource. As well for women and men. In the film Bonehead Age (1925) by Paul Terry, a cavewoman appears hitting his caveman. Another film depicting male being clobbered is Love Nest (1920) two male cats return home and their wives hit them with several objects for no explicable reason. Men being beaten by their wives are a common symbol in early films. In two Bray´s studio films

  • Essay About Black Cats

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    9 Stories About Black Cats That Made Them Halloween Icons The Icon Black Cat For centuries, Black cats have never come up with an illegal or false level of Halloween Icon. This days, these type of animals are maltreated, hated and rejected by others of what they seems to be representing because in the past years, many culture’s stigma that follows these animals is extremely uncalled for. Like the average tabby, Black Cats surfer prejudice and danger especially when the month of October approaches

  • Suspense In Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat

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    What gives the reader that feeling of being on the edge of their seat? Why would he want the reader to anticipate what’s going to happen next? That is how the author expresses tension. The author does this by using literary devices. Edgar Allen Poe builds suspense in “The Black Cat” by using specific literary devices—foreshadowing, allusion, and slow pace. The author increases the feeling of anxiety in the story by using foreshadowing. For example, after the narrator obtains the second black cat

  • Examples Of Perverseness In The Black Cat

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    “And then came, as if to my final and irrevocable overthrow, the spirit of PERVERSENESS.” Perverseness is persistently holding to what is wrong; wayward. Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Black Cat,” is a case study of the spirit of Perverseness. “The Black Cat is a fascinating story that gives us insights into the mind of an insane man. In the short story “The Black Cat,” Edgar Allen Poe uses the point of view of first person unreliable to challenge the trust between the reader and the narrator. In the opening

  • Cat And The Hat Themes

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    The Cat and the Hat by Doctor Seuss and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn both have the theme that man creates there own problem. In The Cat and the Hat, an anthropomorphic cat shows up at the house of two children, Sally and her unnamed brother, one rainy day when their mother is away. Ignoring repeated objections from the children's fish, who can also talk, the Cat shows the children a few of his tricks in an attempt to entertain them. In the process he and his companions, Thing One and Thing Two, wreck

  • Personification In Ayn Rand's 'Like A Cat'

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    In this passage way you see personification and mystery. The personification is when he says "A series of stern-looking portraits glared down at him from the walls" this shows personification due to the potrats having the human trait of glaring. personification also shows when he says "On of the volumes had struck him back. Like a cat" this shows personification due to it saying it struck at him when it is just a book. also by saying it was likea cat when it was truely not because it is a book. What

  • Examples Of Suspense In The Black Cat

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    Suspense in “The Black Cat” Why do people choose to go into haunted houses? It is because they want to know what happens inside. Haunted houses maintain this mystery and intrigue in order to create an element of suspense. Edgar Allan Poe uses this same element in “The Black Cat” to keep the reader interested. Poe develops suspense through three events: the hanging of his black cat, Pluto; the finding of the second black cat; and the killing of his wife, Virginia. Next, Poe develops suspense in

  • Similarities Between The Black Cat And The Tell Tale Heart

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    Edgar Allan Poe 's The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart are very similar in the way that they portray insanity. In The Black Cat the narrator was an introvert that becomes an alcoholic and becomes “insane” when he starts to not feel any emotions when he does anything, cruel or not. In The Black Cat the narrator did things that many would consider insane, such as taking a cats’ eye out or hanging the cat because you love it. The narrator, despite being an alcoholic, did things that even if you were

  • Social Issues In William Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury

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    Despite never graduating high school and living through the Great Depression and the suffering that came as a result, William Faulkner established his own literary fantasy and a new approach to the style of writing while addressing social issues as portrayed throughout The Sound and the Fury. William Faulkner faced a multitude of challenges and hardships throughout his life that influenced his literary works. Faulkner was involved in a complicated love affair with an engaged Estelle Oldham. Following

  • Officer Nfess In The Tell Tale Heart

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    “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” ~Lois McMaster Bujold. The deceased cannot tell someone to provide justice, only law enforcement can. This short story is one of many of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous stories. This story is about the narrator that takes care of an old man on a day-to-day basis. One day, he realized he was deeply disturbed by the old man’s eye, which has a vulture-like cataract on it. He became so bothered that he slowly decided to

  • Literary Elements In Edgar Allan Poe

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    In many stories and poems; such as the Tell Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven, Annabel Lee, The House of Usher, and so many more timeless works, Edgar Allan Poe has been captivating his audiences with spine tingling thrillers through the words and style of his own twisted ways. The only way to describe where Poe’s writing belongs in history, would be classified as gothic genre. From the start of the 1800’s to present day and the future of literature, through irony, repetition, imagery

  • Examples Of Alcoholism In The Black Cat

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    The Black Cat and Alcoholism Written in August 19,1843, The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe is the account of a drunkard who kills not only his cat, but his wife for no logical reasons, other than rage and paranoia brought from the evils of alcohol. This narrative is quite conducive with Poe’s personal views, as he was strongly against the recreational use of alcohol, contrary to popular belief. The Narrator of The Black Cat details his upbringing, describing himself, possibly falsely, as a kind

  • Violence In Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat

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    An author has the freedom to create their own worlds. Some are realistic worlds with a dark twist, others are just complete nonsense. What if the world of an author came to life? Specifically, how would the World of Edgar Allen Poe be? Most of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories have a similar theme. This essay will be focusing on the world where his story “The Black Cat” takes place. This world of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” is unnatural, with heavy themes of violence. Characters in this world