Academy Award for Best Actor Essays

  • Why Is Life Is Beautiful

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    The film was so loved by the critics that it won Grand Apis at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998, and three Academy Awards, including the Best Actor for the main lead, Roberto Benigni. The film was a success despite of its subject matter. Set in 1939, a Jewish man named, Guido, falls in love with a woman named, Dora. They later got married and had a son named, Giosue. Unfortunately

  • Marlon Brando Analysis

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    revolution is thanks to him: when you compare his work from the Quay to The Last Tango in Paris, you see the lightest possible, and full of sensations. "- (Martin Scorsese) Despite his German-British origins, Marlon Brando was the most influential actor in the history of the American cinema and even the most "disturbing" critic. Roger Ebert, said, "There is no one before or ever since that has been like Marlon Brando.” Jack Nicholson also said “He was so ingenious that it was the beginning of a revolution

  • Charlie Chaplin Biography

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    1.1 Introduction: Sir Charles Spencer ‘Charlie’ Chaplin was a versatile actor, director and music producer whose prolific entertainment career spanned over 75 years. Influential film roles included the films, The Kid (1921) and The Great Dictator (1940). Charlie Chaplin was a comedic British actor who became one of the biggest stars of the 20th century's silent-film era. Born on April 16, 1889, in London, England, Charlie Chaplin worked with a children's dance troupe before making his mark

  • Lady And The Tramp Film Analysis

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    It’s a challenge for me to think of any movie that doesn’t have at least one kiss between two characters. Even Lady and the Tramp, a children’s movie, has that iconic moment when the two dogs lock lips after sharing a plate of spaghetti. Sure, it wasn’t full-on making out - and it may border on beastiality - but it was a kiss nonetheless. At this point, a good kissing scene is a Hollywood institution; we see one (or an attempt at one) in practically every movie ever made, just as we do an exploding

  • Literary Analysis: Punishment In Kindergarten By Kamala Das

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    The poem “Punishment in Kindergarten” was written by the famous Indo poet Kamala Das. The poem is a heart-hardening autobiographical poem, as it takes the reader back to a picnic where the poetess recalls one of her childhood experiences which she viewed as an obscure pillar of deception in her life. The children were playing together but the poet chose to stay away and be alone from the company of the children. Their teacher, a blue-frocked woman, scolded her saying, “Why don’t you join the others

  • Narrative Essay About Playing Football

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    I play football because my family grew up playing it all of my uncles and my dad and my brother and I was also just really good at it because everyone has taught me from a very young age.The main to people who taught me everything were my dad and brother which were both really good at football. When I got to the field that day, it felt like a normal practice. We started off with warm-ups, and then ran the basic drills, like running through the pads. Towards the middle of practice all the positions

  • Leonardo Dicaprio Movie Analysis

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    Get the best Leonardo DiCaprio pictures today Actors are one of our favorite personalities out there and sometimes the actors take the screenplay to a whole new level where one can find it difficult to comprehend just how good they are and how compatible they are with the role and this is one of the biggest reasons for the success of Hollywood's all time favorite Leonardo DiCaprio who won an Oscar for his role. Leo has always been known by many directors as easy to work with, however, he is also

  • Critical Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

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    Critical Appraisal In my opinion, 12 Angry Men is an awesome movie which keeps the audience captured in its essence. The entire cast has done an amazing work which is in fact the reason for the tremendous success of this movie. But still there are some loopholes in the movie:  The first thing which I would like to criticize is that the entire story revolves in a single room. From the total duration of 96 minutes only 3 minutes were used to picturise the court room in the beginning and two or three

  • Airlift Movie Analysis

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    Last night, I watched the movie ‘Airlift’ and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie is gripping, the performances and direction were definitely above the average ‘Bollywood’ standard and Akshay Kumar gives one of the best performances of his career as Ranjit Katyal – the man who led 170,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait, to their homeland. Now if you are movie buff, that’s all you should know to enjoy the movie. A movie is meant to entertain and if entertainment is what you want

  • Violence In Martin Charles Scorsese

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    “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Departed”- this is only a short list of movies which were directed by a talented Italian-American screenwriter, Martin Charles Scorsese. With more than 50 years of film directing experience, with lots of rewards, including Oskar, he remains to be one of the most influential and recognized film producers around the globe. From very young age Mr. Scorsese was very passionate about film making and at the age of 26 he already

  • Will Smith: Famous Life And Contribution To Society

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    to society Page 5 Conclusion Page 6 Timeline Page 7 Sources Page 7 Introduction From a small gig rap star, to the “Fresh Prince,” to “The Most Powerful Actor In Hollywood,” the one and only Will Smith!!!- In this informational piece, you will be walking in the shoes of the one and only Will Smith!!! I will be showing you The famous actor Will Smith’s Life, from early life, famous life, and contributing to society. Clearly, I will be showing you When he was born, and when he was famous, and contribution

  • Analysis Of Bapsi Sidhwa's Novel Ice Candy Man

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    Plot: Bapsi Sidhwa's novel Ice-Candy Man deals with the partition of India and its aftermaths. This is the first novel by a woman novelist from Pakistan in which she describes about the fate of people in Lahore. The novel opens with the verse of Iqbal from his poem 'Complaint to God', with this, the child-narrator Lenny is introduced. She is lame and helpless. She finds that her movement between Warris Road and Jail Road is limited. She sees the Salvation Army wall with ventilation slits which makes

  • Persuasive Essay On Role Models

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    Role models. A very controversial topic, to be honest. There are good role models and bad role models, but what exactly is a role model? A role model is someone who one can look up to, aspire to be and be inspired by. A good example of role models is celebrities. They have a massive influence on people all around the world, especially teenagers. Many teens idolize celebrities aspire to be them. They are famous and many people try to imitate them. This is the perfect way to get them to do good things

  • Willy Loman Tragic Hero Essay

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    Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, believes that a tragedy is “that moment where the hero comes face to face with his true identity.” Since Aristotle’s time, writers utilized the main character that possesses a fatal flaw and portrayed how it sparks his or her tragic demise. Arthur Miller explains that a tragedy is when the consequences of a man’s total compulsion to evaluate himself justly. Throughout Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller illustrates that Willy Loman is the epitome of a tragic

  • The Shawshank Redemption

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    Stephen King’s novella, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption,” and Frank Darabont’s adaptation, The Shawshank Redemption, offer a story about a man who is sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his wife and her lover. The predominant reading is that it is redemptive and hopeful. In fact, the term “redemption” in the title also seems to “invite theological exploration,” and many critics have taken on that task (Marsh 47). The story is laden with Christian symbols of rebirth, baptism, covenants

  • The Role Of Men In Kate Chopin's Awakening

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    “She had all her life long been accustomed to harbor thoughts and emotions which never voiced themselves,”- Kate Chopin. Edna goes through life not completely fitting in and finally is able to break free. With breaking free Edna discovers the various qualities in a man that she wants but finds only certain qualities in certain men. The three main men in “Awakening” have the qualities she wants but in the end, cannot have. These three men are Leonce Pontellier, the husband, Robert Lebrun, the emotional

  • My Favorite Movie

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    Although there are many movies that I like a lot and which appeal me to a great extent but after a careful observation, I would say that my all time favorite movie would be “Avatar”. I consider this movie as my favorite because there is a great message given in this movie which according to me is “Unity”. The reason I say this is because in the movie it is shown that the opposition is fierce and in greater number but if we unite and then fight then we can win any battle as a nation. The story starts

  • Film Analysis Of Honor Thy Father

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    “Honor Thy Father,” a crime drama film directed by Erik Matti, was an official entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. It won several awards such as the best director, which is very well deserved for the phenomenal directing and filming of Erik Matti. Throughout the movie, the blocking, visuals, and scenes are very well thought of, which is supported by exemplary acting from its cast. Each technical aspect of the film works together perfectly, from the saturation and color of each scene to

  • Film Analysis In Thanatos

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    In the usual, but artful style of the archetype art-house Taiwanese film, as filmmakers like Tsai Ming Liang, Hou Hsiao Hsen and Edward Yang established it, Thanatos, Drunk tells the dramatic story of three men and the role that alcohol and death (thanatos is the Greek word for death) play in their lives. Rat is a constantly drunk youth who makes a living by selling vegetables at the local market and petty crime. Eventually he meets a young mute prostitute and saves her from a violent client. His

  • The Magician Poem Analysis

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    The poem “Magician” is as clever and deft as the tricks it describes. Through the use of concealed metaphor, combined with terse and logical language, Miranda expresses the human desire to hide from the harsh realities of life and conveys to the reader that people cannot turn to ‘magic’ for answer—we must discover them for ourselves. The title of the poem is frank and self-explanatory—the single word ‘Magician’. There is certainly no magic here—no colorful metaphor or exposition. The title takes