Academy Award for Best Picture Essays

  • Racial Stereotypes In Dead Poets Society

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    Films have been a major part of the fabric of American society for many decades now. Americans are constantly bombarded with adverts about the newest number one movie. That said, Americans are continuously judging and critiquing films in the form of movie reviews. Such evaluations result in multiple interpretations of films. Nevertheless, over the course of a lifetime, people are taught many lessons from films. For example, the audiences that watch The Dead Poet’s Society, learn that people who use

  • It Happened One Night Essay

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    It Happened One Night Introduction It Happened One Night was a movie directed by Frank Capra. It was released in 1934 by Columbia pictures, being a small budget film; it was not expected to perform well at the box office. On the contrary, the film performed well to an extend that it won many accolades. This led the film winning the Academy Award for the best picture in 1934. Because of its nature as a small film, the main actor role was filled by Clark Gable, who was loaned from another studio. The

  • Porgy And Bess Comparison

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    the musical was nominated for 13 Tony awards, and won six. For years, movie adaptations had been in the works, but due to legal or interest complications, the plans never came to fruition. Following the success of Chicago, the project was finally greenlighted and headed by director Bill Condon. Released in December 2006, the film has been the most expensive film with an all black cast. The film came to critical acclaim, winning a Golden Globe and 2 Academy Awards. In contrast to previous all black musical

  • West Side Story Play Analysis

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    ‘West Side Story (1961) was the second highest-grossing film of the year in the United States and swept the Academy Awards, winning ten Oscars, including Best Picture – more than any other musical. It garnered uniformly enthusiastic critical accolades (…). The soundtrack album was one of the best-selling LPs off all time up to that point.’ (Keith, page 100) West Side Story is known as one of the greatest musicals of all the time. Furthermore, the fusion of the magnificent play of colors with splendid

  • Baz Luhrmann Film Analysis

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    angles, shots and the use of a narrator, it’s no wonder he is able to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. But how does Baz Luhrmann pull off this spectacular feat of his? This is probably explained best by referring to Baz Luhrmann’s films and how he himself has evolved as a director. This is best done by comparing two of his films, namely, Romeo and Juliette and The Great Gatsby. Although both these films have a large variety of common factors, such as the spectacular parties, the use of music

  • Thorwald's Use Of Suspense In The Rear Window

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    Through viewing the film Rear Window and reading the Short story It had to be murder I saw various ways in which suspense was created both in the short story and film. In the film, Jeff was trying to work out his problems with Lisa as well as being a voyeur and peeping into his neighbor's rear windows. He mainly focuses on Thorwald's window but we have several scenes where Jeff addresses his problems with Lisa. The most climatic scenes happened towards the end of the movie when Lisa decided to enter

  • A Midsummer Night Dream Theme Essay

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    when love comes from looks it is more than likely gonna fail love comes from inside and shows actually how care for that person. Another instance in the play that love comes into effect is at the beginning really one girl likes a guy but he loves her best friend like in real life in most cases she never gets a chance “the course of true love never did run smooth(). In the play love does not run smoothly it keeps from relationships forming all because of a flower. In the play marriage plays a key role

  • Waxen Wings Literary Analysis

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    “Waxen Wings” Literary Analysis All her life, Birdie experiences failure. However, the only thing that she takes away from the experience is success. So, whether this is a tragedy or not, Birdie only sees it as a chance to be triumphant. In Ha Songnan’s “Waxen Wings”, the character Birdie grows up wanting to fly and the ways that she attempts to achieve this goal shapes her into the person that she will become. Songnan uses a sequential structure in order to take the reader through the highs and

  • The Ransom Of Red Thief Rhetorical Analysis

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    In the short story “The Ransom of Redchief” by O.Henry there is situational irony to create humor and excitement. The main character Johnny got kidnapped and was having the time of his life. He never wanted to go back home or to school. When he was making trouble at the camp the two kidnappers Bill and Sam ask him if he wanted to go back home but he does not want to “‘Aw what for’ says he’ I don’t have any fun at home.”’ (41). Whenever one of them asked Johnny got upset and refused. Bill and Sam

  • Poetic Devices In Crossing The Swamp

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    DocViewer Zoom Pages A poem can depict many pictures and emotions that writing itself cannot. Crossing the Swamp written my Mary Oliver was able to build a strong relationship between the speaker and the swamp through a change in attitude, different poetic devices, and an overall shift in feelings. The change in attitude throughout Crossing the Swamp was able to give the reader a chance to see the gradual progression of the speaker’s new outlook. As the poem progresses, the character

  • Irony In Pudd Nhead Wilson

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    Tell the truth or trump- but get the trick Pudd’nhead Wilson’s calendar This first aphorism of the book Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain already gives an indication of what is going to happen in the following chapter. This quotation from Wilson’s calendar is about the remark made by David Wilson when he just arrived in the town Dawson’s Landing, Missouri. The remark he made was: ‘I wish I owned half that dog. ‘Why?’ Somebody asked. ‘Because I would kill my half.’ Wilson was trying to make

  • Bugger's Decisions In The Round House By Louise Erdrich

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    Louise Erdrich’s “The Round House” consists of many complex ideas and topics, many of which we were unable to touch on in class. One of the most important points in our readings I found was the scene when Joe realizes where Mayla’s body is and the character Bugger’s connection to this awareness. Although he appears in the novel only briefly, the five or so pages that involve Bugger and what he knows are some of the most significant pages in the entire book. What he knows and the decisions Joe makes

  • How Lee Has Changed The Most In Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

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    “Flux” is anywhere. It either can “sux” or “rox”. With changes people will change along the way. From appearance, to deep down inside. Many will argue which character in the book has changed,from all of the opinions and reasonings with further evidence, it seems to stand out that Lee has changed the most throughout Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. From her style changing so drastically, to having one opinion about one thing and changing the perspective completely. One of the reasons why Lee changed

  • Self Deception In Hamlet

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    Everyone sees the play Hamlet as this great tragedy and a quest for revenge, and it is one, but it’s all filled with so much deception and lies. The characters lie to each other, they spy and create plans to find out information. This use of hidden yet obvious deception just shows how rotton human beings can be with each other and how easily they can turn on one another to further themselves to get what they want. It eventually shows that by using all your energy towards a plan of revenge, can cause

  • Steve Cutts Happiness Short Film Analysis

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    In our society today, every individual’s ideas can be exchanged in various creative forms. The short film medium, being a form of social commentary, is a pertinent driving force behind shifts in personal values. Thus short films as a textual form have great value and impact to society due to their versatile delivery. Steve Cutts’ Happiness (2017) is a satirical film whose fast-paced nature prioritises meaning over matter to critique the constant pursuit of happiness in misplaced interests. Erez Tadmor

  • Hamlet's Madness In Hamlet

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    Hamlet Hamlet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. It is a play that involves numerous deaths. Hamlet is the main character in the play and he is depicted as an insane person. Hamlet faked his madness so as to confuse Claudius and his assistants in order to find the truth about the death of his father. He acted strange when he was around the king and his attendants and this is evident when he tells his friend Guildenstem that "his uncle-father and aunt-mother are deceived" (Shakespeare)

  • Good Bye Lenin Analysis

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    Good bye Lenin! At the 2003 Berlin Film Festival, Good bye Lenin! Was awarded as the Best European Film. The experts say that, this touching film was so fruitful in its introduction that it earned more cash in Germany than the Harry Potter movies did in their first month. The title of the film mirrors the changing political scene of the time, with the authority send-off of Soviet impact and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a historically huge occasion not ony

  • Beauty And Brutality In The Book Thief

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    Life is not always beautiful, that is a fact. It is a fact that every human being has come to realize. Another fact that we all know but cease to accept is that life is brutal, that is another fact, except that, it is a fact no one wanted to accept until that one turning point in a person’s journey in which they realize that there is not always a way out. In “The Book Thief”, the protagonist, Liesel Meminger comes to realize that in life, there is beauty and brutality, sometimes both combined together

  • Maltese Falcon Scene Analysis

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    Today I will be analyzing all three versions of The Maltese Falcon film’s the scene I’ve chosen to review the scene where Spade is visited and questioned by police detectives Lt. Dundy and Sergeant Tom Polhaus. Although the films are based on the same novel The Maltese Falcon (1930), they differ in many ways I’ll use the scene I mentioned above to show the differences in mood, setting, the behavior and attitude of the main characters in this scene. The second thing I’ll do is show how breaking down

  • City Of God Film Analysis

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    City of God is Brazil’s most critically praised film of recent years. Based on the book of the same name by writer Paulo Lins, which in-turn was based on a true story. This essay will focus on the cinematography and cinematic conventions of the film and how sound and music plays a big role in the opening sequence, it will also focus on visual design and lighting in the film Synopsis City of God is a violent, fast-paced movie that tells the tale of the residents of this Brazilian slum. Events are