Adolph Rupp Essays

  • Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty In Collegiate Sports

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    The death penalty is a controversial topic in the world of sport. It’s referenced as the nickname of the NCAA’s harshest punishment. Typically, universities that receive this penalty are banned from participating in a particular sport for at least a year. This penalty is very rare and has only been implemented five times in the history of collegiate athletics (Death Penalty (NCAA)). This paper is an attempt to take a deeper look and analyze this policy. The NCAA has always had the power to ban

  • Hayden Hoe Research Paper

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    Swish, that was the sound of Hayden Hoose, he just made a three point shot and swished it. Hayden Hoose is the youngest male kid to make a half court shot in a basketball game. He was considered a basketball legend; people from China were hearing about Hayden Hoose. Hayden not only plays basketball he also plays baseball. People from China not only heard about his perfection for basketball, they also heard about his perfection for baseball. Hayden played for a basketball team called Michigan

  • Racism In Glory Road

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    The movie, Glory Road directed by James Gartner was released on January 13, 2006 (IMDb staff., 2018). It was rated PG-Parental Guidance Suggested for racial issues including violence, epithets, and mild language (IMDb staff., 2018). This 118 minute sports film depicts the inspiring true story of the underdog Texas Western University basketball team with the first all-African American starting lineup of players, who surprisingly won the 1966 NCAA tournament title on March 19th (IMDb staff, 2018).

  • Kevin Durant's Life And Accomplishments

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    Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the world. He is self made man that works and thrives hard for what he does. By working hard look where he now. Coming to the draft everyone wanted to have him he was that good. Kevin Durant’s early life was rough but it made his career and life stronger mentally and stronger. September 29, 1988 in Suitland, Maryland was the day a legend entered the world. Growing up his favorite basketball player was Kobe Bryant. He was one of 4 children;