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  • Theseus: A Greek Hero

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    respected demigod in ancient Athens (Ward, 7). Theseus’ mother, Aethra, was a princess and the daughter of Pittheus, the king of Troezen. The king was well-known in Greece due to his wisdom and many came to pursue his advice. One of these people was Aegeus, the king of Athens, who had trouble bearing a child

  • King Theseus: A Hero In Greek Mythology

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    making him one of the most highly regarded kings and heroes of Greek Mythology. Theseus was born of Princess Aethra and Athenian King Aegeus, although he was raised by Aethra and his grandfather King Pittheus of Troezen. The birth story of Theseus begins with his father, King Aegeus, stopping at Troezen and encountering an oracle. The oracle had forewarned Aegeus not to father a child on

  • Revenge In Medea

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    MEDEA Medea is a tragedy, written by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides in 431 BCE based on Jason and Medea, and particularly Medea’s revenge against Jason for betraying her with another woman. The play is set outside their house which represents the entire nation, Corinth, a Greek city. If the structure of the house is decentralized, so is the nation. In this play, revenge is a necessity and central to the play. Medea’s husband has not only wronged her by marrying the King of Corinth’s daughter

  • Medea As A Feminist Tragedy

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    Jeries 1 Asma A. Jeries Professor Ra'ad Ali Research Paper 15 December 2014 Medea as a Feminist Tragedy While researching texts written about Medea the heroine, I found lots of authors highlight the idea that Medea trapped in a patriarchal society, such as, academic journals, articles, and books . These authors looked at the play form unusual perspective which is from a woman's eye. They also found Medea is victimized by her unfaithful husband whom she sacrifices everything

  • The Childless King: A Brief Story Of Aegeus The King

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    disrespected by the fifty sons by his brother Pallas. Aegeus, the childless king, came up with the idea of marrying for the second time, in secret, behind his wife’s back. He confessed to Pittheus, king of Troezen, his plan and in his luck, Pittheus had received a “foretelling that his daughter would not make a splendid marriage in the eyes of the world but would bear a son whose name would become famous”(206). After hearing the news, Aegeus married Aethra in a secret ceremony and then headed back

  • Machina In Medea

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    materializes or is presented unexpectedly and abruptly and offers a forced elucidation to an apparently enigmatic difficulty. (Site) In Euripides’s Medea, deus ex machina arises on two separate occasions. The first was with the unforeseen entrance of Aegeus, king of Athens, who entered from the left just as Medea was giving up hope on her plan for retribution. The second is at the end of the play, when Medea needed a way out of Corinth, so her grandfather Helios sent a golden chariot to retrieve her

  • How Did Theseus Kill The Minotar

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    Marathon by the bull that impregnated his mother Pasiphae. Minos was infuriated, and demanded Aegeus the king of Athens to send seven men and women every year to the Minotaur to advert the plague caused by the death of Androgeus. The third year, Theseus, son of Aegeus decided to be one of the seven young men that would go to Crete, in order to kill the Minotaur and end the human sacrifices to the monster. King Aegeus tried to make

  • Minor Characters In Medea

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    broken his oath of loyalty to Medea and has left her for the princess of Corinth. This inspires Medea to take revenge on the King and Princess of Corinth, and on Jason. Euripides’ use of minor characters in Medea, specifically the Nurse, Creon and Aegeus, serves to hold the story together, moving the plot forward and reflecting the cultural values of the time, while also revealing a key theme of the play: the gods’ support of Medea. The minor characters also, through the exemplification of the cultural

  • Theseus As A Greek Hero

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    Theseus was the son of King Aegeus of Athens and Aethra, daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen, which made him royalty. While some people may say that being born royal does not make Theseus a hero considering he did not know he was of noble birth until he was a young man, he still claimed his heritage, eventually took over the kingdom, and was known as a great hero to many people. First, according to, King Aegeus consulted the

  • Heroism In Medea

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    Medea. He also depicts the rulers of Greece, King Creon and King Aegeus as weak and immoral, which challenge the power hierarchy between characters. Using a classic and famous myth such as Jason and the Golden Fleece as its

  • Theseus Character Analysis

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    son of King Aegeus, but grew up in a small town with his mother. Once Theseus grew strong enough; his mother

  • Theseus And The Minotaur Analysis

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    Theseus and the Minotaur Fear. Heroism. Danger. In the Theseus story, King Minos of Crete was a powerful man, feared by the rulers of the lands around him. When he demanded goods or men for his great armies, they felt they had to agree. When he demanded they send tributes to honour him, they sent them without question. It was the only way they could stop him going to war with them. But his demands on Athens became too much for them to bear. This hold over the ancient Greek world ended, because

  • Minor Characters In Euripides Medea

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    Show how Euripides uses minor characters to develop in ideas in the play Medea “Medea is a classical tragedy by Euripides set in the ancient setting of Greece. In this play all characters play an important role including the minor ones. Minor characters are characters that work hand in hand with the protagonist and antagonists of a drama such as Medea to convey a message that we may have missed as well as move the plot forward to reveal more suspense with the help of an abundance of foreshadowing

  • Perseus: The Greatest Heroes In Greek Myth

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    The Greek mythology has got to have the most fascinating and at the same time, the most detailed myths in the world. It was actually created thousands of years ago that has been passed down for generations. These myths often features stories about the gods and goddesses as well as heroic battles between monstrous creatures and mortals that teaches intelligence and bravery to its readers. These ancient tales are either painted or carved on pots and statues. That is why in this article we will bring

  • Roles Of Men And Women In Medea By Euripides

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    Even when ignoring the context of the time period, Medea by Euripides is clearly a patriarchal story. This fact is evident at several major points in the play, and the theme of the roles of men and women is consistent throughout. Firstly, nobody seems to question Jason, Medea’s husband’s abandonment of her, it is a completely acceptable act. Both him and her king, Creon, casually and brutally push her aside, while also admitting they are frightened of her cleverness, due to the fact she is a woman

  • Personal Narrative: I Am Socrates

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    I am Socrates. It will probably be a surprise to you that I knew next to nothing, because I suppose, my name has always been mentioned as being pre-eminent among philosophers and it would be reasonable to draw the conclusion that I was very learned. Indeed, my name is so illustrious, that I have become a watershed for ancient thinking. Philosophers would come to be referred to as being pre- or post-Socratic. The truth is that I really knew very little. And yet, if I am to be honest, the Oracle at

  • Theseus Slaying The Minotaur

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    Antoine-Louis Barye artwork is very nice, as you study his sculpture you could see how realistic it looked. Viewing his other sculpture’s they all had that same bronze color to them and very defining as well. All of his artwork are really great pieces, Antoine was also a painter and printmaker whose subject was primarily animals. With that being said, that probably explains why most of his work is done in bronze coloring. Barye was responsible for having improved the status of animal sculpture, another

  • Gender Roles In Medea

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    The chorus speaks of everything being reversed, as for the first time, a woman as a thinker is taking all the decisions and controls the whip. There is going to be a change in the narrative from being purely masculine since a woman’s voice backed by reason and emotions is going to resonate through the rest of the play. It is to be wondered whether such an optimistic endeavour or expectation seeks a rewriting of history from the viewpoint of women. It might even seek an equal representation of female

  • Essay On Medea Character Development

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    Is Medea´s development through the story the one of a hero or of a mentally unstable? Medea´s character development consists mainly in the transition from suicidal to child-killing hero (or some say). Said transition consists mainly of a physiological struggle between reason and passion, which can be perceived as the struggle of a hero or the struggle of a mentally unstable and sexual-jealous person. The main objective of this essay is to explore these two options in order to develop a more clear

  • The Minotaur In Greek Myth

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    Throughout the course of time many Greek myths have been passed on from generation to generation. One of the most common myths is one about the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. This half-bull/half-man creature had a very odd life. This story is well known, because of the way he was born, where he lived, and the extremely heroic and remarkable way he was killed. This is what makes this myth something that everyone should listen to at some point in their lifetime. The Minotaur was born to Pasiphae (the