African Bush Elephant Essays

  • Elephant Poaching Essay

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    Many Americans believe that elephant poaching is decreasing each year, however, the population statistics continue to worsen. In Using Poaching Levels and Elephant Distribution to Assess the Conservation Efficacy of Private, Communal and Government Land in Northern Kenya, researchers write, “Over-hunting of wild animals is a primary driver of species decline.” (Festus W. Ihwagi et al.) While humans can be a positive influence by depleting certain animals where overpopulation is a concern, they also

  • Palm Oil Thesis Statement

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    production of palm oil is economically beneficial for Indonesia, palm oil production has led to the deforestation of rainforests and habitat loss for rare and endangered species such as the Sumatran tigers, Komodo dragons, Sumatran rhinoceros, Javan elephants, Bornean Orangutans, and Sumatran Orangutans. Alternative sources of income are sustainable ecotourism and sustainable palm oil as it is another source of income that is beneficial to the government and local communities. Ecotourism and sustainable

  • Effects Of Wildlife Poaching

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    now reached a record of 1020, a number greater than the record in 2013 and triple the number four years ago (Bukhardt, 2014)! People may fall off their seats if they would be seeing this: according to Kathleen Gobush (n.d.), the population of African elephants has declined from a number of 1.3 million to 600 individuals from 1979 to 1987, an astonishing span of eight years! Here is another stunning fact: a recent United Nations report suggests that by the mid-2020s, gorillas may disappear from large

  • Examples Of Connotation In A Hanging By George Orwell

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    In “A Hanging”, Orwell uses connotation, contrast, syntax, and other forms of language to emphasize a point on how he believes that capital punishment is wrong. The prison and its contents are introduced right at the beginning. The first thing mentioned is the “sickly light, like yellow tinfoil” which is “slanting over the high walls into the jail yard” (page 1). The light described as sickly gives a bad connotation, setting a very grim mood from the beginning. Tinfoil is also an unnatural substance

  • African Elephants

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    Elephants are extraordinarily complex and intriguing creatures. They are the largest land animals on the planet, and a socially intellectual species with highly developed social networks. The Elephants descend from the ancient group of Proboscides, which arose 37 million years ago and spread from Africa into Asia. Scientists believe that the African elephant split from the mammoth about 7.6 million years ago and the Asian only about a million years ago. Therefore the Asian elephant is more closely

  • The Size And Shape Of An Elephant Analysis

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    and shape of an elephant. One day, the blind men came to a zoo to resolve their lasted argument. The zoo Veterinarian led them to a tamed small elephant. The first man reached the ear where the other man attained the tail of the elephant. All men explored the rest of the body of the elephant because each one thought he got an answer for his burning curiosity. The men happily got back to their place and each shared the other what he experienced about the size and shape of an elephant. The one who reached

  • Essay On Hunting And Poaching

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    unfortunately, because of excessive hunting and poaching, this has become a global problem whereby many animals and decreasing dramatically in population or even extinction. Some of the cases include Amur Leopard, Black Rhino, Sumatran Tiger, and Sumatran Elephant which are critically endangered. Some extreme cases where by a particular species of animal is completely extinct include Atlas bear, Japanese sea lion, Carolina parakeet and dusky seaside sparrow.

  • Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Stop Big Game Hunting

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    for deer? Could you imagine hunting big animals such as elephants, tigers, and lions? I understand hunting deer, but elephants? No way! Big game hunting should NOT be allowed. It can cause extinction, and can leave some animals with no habitats due to humans taking over their land. Big game hunting causes many different negative things to happen, but on of those negative things is that it can cause extinction. Currently, elephants are endangered because humans are selfish and want to take

  • Are Elephant Afraid Of Mice Essay

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    experiment, the question that was asked was, are elephants afraid of mice? The hypothesis is if a mouse is placed near an elephant, then the elephant will be frightened. The experimenters traveled to an African safari to perform the experiment with their test subjects (an African elephant and a white mouse). They hid the mouse in elephant dung and rolled over the dung whenever elephants passed by. At first there was speculation that the elephants might have been startled by the moving dung. But

  • Red Pandas Research Paper

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    Despite the red pandas name they are actually not considered pandas at all, and they are not closely related to giant pandas. Red pandas are still classified as endangered, and their populations are drastically decreasing. Red pandas are considered Ailurus Fulgens. The essential reason why people first named them Ailurus Fulgens is because Ailurus Fulgens mean fire-colored or shiny (Bradford). The fire cat has an abundant range that extends from western Nepal to northern Myanmar, they are also found

  • The Ivory Game Analysis

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    An elephant is killed almost every fifteen minutes. From 2007 to 2014 the elephant population has declined by thirty percent (theivorygame). Over two-thirds of the African elephants have been lost due to illegal ivory trade and the number is not slowing ( Throughout the Netflix original documentary, The Ivory Game, the issue of elephant poaching is presented to the viewer in a way that invokes many emotions and sparks much passion about the subject. The movie follows a multitude

  • Argumentative Essay: What Is Big Game Hunting?

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    What is big game hunting?There are around 20,000 to 35,000 wild lions left in Africa, depending on whom you ask, and big game hunters legally kill around 600 each year. This is a lost in population by two to three percent. Is big game hunting legal? Hunting is a well known sport. According to some, big game hunting is business for the wealthy, yet others believe it may actually provide benefits to the human, and animal population. Big game hunting allows humans and animals to benefit from it. According

  • Animal Cruelty Research Paper

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    Animal Cruelty Animals have been on this earth since God first created it. They have lived and walked among men since. But today, it seems that people have started caring less and less for them. There are so many animals on the street without homes, without love, or a family. Animals are being sent to slaughterhouses or taken to the middle of nowhere without the necessities they need to survive. They are left in small stalls in the middle of the desert without food or water, standing there to

  • Ringling Bros Research Paper

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    Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus have stated that elephants will not be transported across country anymore, and in 2018 all elephant performances will be put to an end. For a long time circuses have been accused of abusing the elephants and forcing them to perform. A lot of people are glad that Ringling Bros is retiring their elephants but, many other people think all circuses that use elephants should put an end to the performances. Elephants are abused by cruel tools. June 25, 2007, a video surfaces

  • Persuasive Essay On Exotic Animals

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    exotic pet owners to imitate the natural homes of these animals, which is what they require to ensure the animal lives a comfortable life. What most fail to realize is that these animals will not be able to adapt from a South American jungle, or African plain to a caged in backyard with a completely foreign ecosystem and lifestyle than these animals are meant to belong in. Finding veterinary care for exotic animals is a difficult task, let alone being able to meet the dietary needs of large, carnivorous

  • Persuasive Speech On Wildlife Conservation

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    Imagine you live in a world where there are no plants, forest, animals, or oceans all there is in where these things us to be is concrete, landfills of garbage, and buildings. This is what will transpire if we do not protect or wildlife, wildlife conservation is a very important situation as it helps keeps plants and animals off the endangered list. According to the World Wild Life organization there are twenty-six endangered animals and twenty-one critically endangered animals this is very overwhelming

  • The Major Causes Of Deforestation

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    Some days we print something on a piece of paper; every day we sit on our furniture or at our desk in which is made out of wood. However, do we ever actually stop to think about where that paper or wood is coming from? Most of the wood comes from rainforests. Every year the rainforests are slowly disappearing due to deforestation. Deforestation is the process of chopping and removing trees. Deforestation occurs in rainforest every day. Rainforest once covered 16% of the entire Earth’s land surface

  • The Revolt Of The Elephant Analysis

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    of the Elephants”, Ingrid E. Newkirk writes about the cruelty elephants go through just because humans use them as a source of entertainment. From an entertainment point of view, people do not think about what is actually done to the elephant physically and mentally because they only care about what they will see. “The Revolt of the Elephants” shows the reader the hardship we put one form of life through to give them self-awareness of what actually happens to another. Elephants are some

  • Giant Pandas Research Paper

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    Giant pandas are mammals that come from the bear family. But compared to them they are small. Giant pandas weigh about 200 to 300 pounds. But they eat a lot of their size. Giant panda eat up to 85 pounds of bamboo every day. Giant pandas have back teeth that are very wide and flat. Their teeth help them grind bamboo. Giant pandas spent half of their days sitting down eating bamboo. They eat bamboo with their strong jaws and flat teeth while holding it with their paws and wrists. Bamboo makes up

  • Write An Essay On Poaching In Africa

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    An elephant could drop at this very instant just for something on their face. In Africa grasslands this has been happening for a long time. "Most poaching is done by organized crime syndicates who use high-powered technology and weaponry to hunt and kill animals without being detected" (Gobush). That quote means that hunters use high quality weapons to hunt the animals with out being caught. If people don 't try to prevent poaching, the decrees of the animals will effect the environment, population