Agra Essays

  • The Mughal Architecture

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    Owing to military concerns and Empire’s consolidation the Agra Fort (1565-71), is noteworthy for its impenetrable 70 ft high walls, its bastions, moat and its colossal Delhi Gate/Hathi pol. The main Delhi Gate and walls, Asher says were meant to reflect the patron’s imperial power. Brown says the fort is also

  • The Songhai Empire

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    The Songhai Empire was born out of quarrelling within Mali that eventually led to the independence of Songhai began its journey to becoming a great kingdom of Africa. Soon after its formation, Songhai looked to expand its territory. Their most notable leader, Sonni Ali, revamped their army to prepare for this series of expansions. His army had 30,000 infantry and 10,000 horseman, making it the largest force in western Sudan. This allowed Sonni Ali to take control of Cities such as Jenne and Songhai

  • Taj Mahal Summary

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    Introduction “The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.” These were the very words used by Rabindranath Tagore to capture the immense beauty and majesty of one of the creations of the Mughal Empire- the Taj Mahal. The Mughals played an extensive role in influencing the culture and architecture of the Indian subcontinent. Structures such as forts, tombs and palaces have shown the architectural prowess of the Mughal Empire. Such adroitness

  • The Importance Of Silver Pagoda In Cambodia

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    Within the Royal Palace compound is the extravagant Silver Pagoda, also known as Wat Preah Keo or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is so named for its floor, which is covered with five tons of gleaming silver. You can sneak a peek at some of the 5000 tiles near the entrance, but most are covered to protect them. Cambodia’s Royal Palace complex was begun by King Norodom I (ruled 1860-1904) in 1886, when the capital was moved to Phnom Penh. Most buildings were completed before World War I, with involvement

  • Caribbean Field Trip

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    I am pretty sure are whole class is so excited to go on this field trip today. We are going on a cruise to the Caribbean. Are class did an amazing thing to go on this trip. St. Judes Children Hospital asked are school to raise money in order to help their research and save many kids lives. The class that raised the most money got to have the chance to go on a cruise. We raised over $5,000 dollars that was the most the school raised this year. We are leaving on a Charter bus and going to Florida

  • Zayed Grand Mosque Essay

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    Topic 6. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, One of The Most Beautiful Worship Place. As one of the top ten architectural wonders in Abu Dhabi, designed on a a majestically beautiful landscape, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must visit place in Abu Dhabi. Not only it’s pleased your mind aesthetically with the architecture beauty, it is also a sacred place for worshippers. This Mosque open for Muslims and Non-Muslims as an impressive welcome to the capital city of United Arab Emirates. A visit to this

  • Essay On Iranian Culture

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    The Mughals were Persianized Turks who had invaded from Central Asia and claimed descent from both Timur and Chingiz Khan and they really strengthened the Persian culture in India. Mughal Emperors cultivated Peersian art ; enticing to their Courts Iranian artists and architects came from Tabriz, Shiraz, Herat and other cities of the Iran.1 Apart from a number of Iranian nobles, administrators and soldiers, there were painters, calligraphers, architects, musicians, poets, physicians and people with

  • Taj Mahal Essay

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    Taj Mahal One of the most extraordinary places in India to visit is the most beautiful Taj Mahal. This icon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the building is marble white and is situated in the Indian city called Agra. This beautiful building was specially made by the emperor Shah Jahan and has the tomb of his wife Mumtaz Mahal alongside many more. Lake Palace The Lake Palace would be found in the city of Udaipur, India. The lake is situated on Lake Pichola and was built as “a royal summer

  • Comparing The Foolious Men Of Agra And The Cranes

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    The Foolish Men of Agra and Arap Sang and the Cranes are similar and different in countless ways. Both characters in the stories were being foolish. In the first text, the leader asked a wise man to find six foolish men. When he brought back four, he said, “the other two men are you and me.” In the second text, the chief gave cranes a glorious crown to the cranes for helping him. But, roughly all of the cranes died due to of the shining crown. In The Foolish Men of Agra, Akbar was trying to outsmart

  • Safavid Empires

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    To create something great you must learn from the achievements and failures of others. This is how many of the great empires of the old world became what they were and how modern day society came about. Some of these empires that we have learned from are the Ottomans, the Safavids, and the Mughals. These societies had a major impact with their cultural achievements, ranging from their art to their writing. While they share similarities of a virtuous empire, they also have some differences which contributed

  • Greed And Crime

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    character Mabeth to demonstrate the inevitable result of greed. The play clearly illustrates the greed driven metamorphosis of Macbeth (Watson 112). Jonathan Small comes to England in pursuit of a lost treasure that he robbed from a merchant Achmet in Agra by brutally killing him years back. He is deceived by his allies Major Sholto, who runs away with the treasure, and Captain Morstan. Upon learning that Major Sholto has escaped with the treasure, Small is vehement and decides to revenge Sholto. His

  • Colosseum Research Paper

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    6. The Colosseum and Forum: Rome The Colosseum is situated just east of the Forum in the center of Rome. The Colosseum is a massive amphitheater made up of stone. It was commissioned around 70-72 A.D. by Emperor Vespasian. The Colosseum was opened in 80 A.D. by Vespasian’s son Titus. With the opening there were 100 days of games that consisted of gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, reenactments of famous battles and dramas. After four centuries of use, the arena fell into a decline of use. It was

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Taj Mahal

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    I was born near Agra and the Taj Mahal, so the fate of the two is an important subject for me. My exigence was noticing and addressing the misconception that the regions outside the Taj Mahal are as beautiful as the monument itself, and my audience was tourists since they have the capability to initiate Agra’s development due to the city’s dependence on tourism for economic growth. The podcast was effective in conveying this central message to the audience through the use of rhetorical appeals and

  • Walmart Joint Venture

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    Introduction In 2006, Walmart started talks with India-based Bharti Enterprises to enter the Indian business sector as India's strict business laws did not allow foreign companies to enter the Indian retail sector. They set up a joint venture called Bharti Walmart Private Limited in 2007, with the goal of doing wholesale business, through Best Price Modern Wholesale stores. It was chosen that while Walmart would work towards back-end cash and carry supply chain for the wholesale operations of Bharti

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Empirical Study

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    Dialectical behavior therapy is a comprehensive treatment combining “individual psychotherapy, group skills training, telephone coaching, and a therapist consultation team” (Lineham & Wilks, 2015) which was originally developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan for clients who were highly suicidal. Based on empirical studies, this paper will review the effectiveness of dialectical behavior therapy treatment within various disorders; borderline personality disorder and suicidal and self-harming behaviors, posttraumatic

  • The Mughal Empire And The Mughal Empire

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    The Mughal Empire was Muslim in religion and Turkic in culture, founded in 1526 by Babur, a descendant of Genghis Khan. The Mughal Empire ruled India from 1556 to 1707 through a central administration, sectioned provinces led by governors appointed by the emperor, and villages established in the provinces. In later years increased turmoil developed due to an increasingly weak and corrupt government, which persecuted the Hindus. This power breakdown led to British East India Company movement toward

  • Essay On Visual Balance

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    which is each side of the shape or forms are exactly the same and nothing is different. Bilateral symmetry is where there are minor discrepancies between one sides to the other, but overall effects is still one of symmetry. An example is Taj Mahal, Agra, India, Mughal period in which the building symmetrical even down to the surrounding gardens and reflecting pools. An artwork with absolute symmetry is the crucifix in the painting “Enguerrand Quarton, Cornation of the Virgin”. Another type of balance

  • The Importance Of The Taj Mahal

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    Dido you know that the ancient Greeks made a list on places you should visit when you go on vacations? In the articles “How to Save the Taj Mahal” by Jeffrey Bartholet and “World’s Wonders, Worn Down” by Cody Crane, the two authors explains the importance of the Taj Mahal. Keeping that in mind, the Taj Mahal should be preserved of all cost. Bartholet explains his personal journey to the Taj Mahal and the history of the Taj Mahal, also trouble that the Taj is facing like pollution problems. Crane

  • Social Stratification In Slumdog Millionaire

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    Every movie depicts a host of social elements in every scene. It 's only when the situations are realistic, do they manage to strike a chord with the audience. Slumdog millionaire is a British film, set and filmed in India. Slumdog millionaire is a movie set in the backdrop of the Mumbai slums and shows the life of a former street child Jamal, the protagonist and his struggle to reach the top. At different points in the film various Indian social elements are reflected. The movie starts off with

  • The Sign Of Four: A Literary Analysis

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    I have always loved Sherlock Holmes and read many adaptations and also watch the TV – series of it. “The Sign of four” is the second novel after “A Study in Scarlet” featuring Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle creates a whole different world where we can get lost in, Sherlock is a fascinating character who is intelligent, masterful and so sure of himself. I love seeing him that how he comes to his conclusions and often surprised by what he picks up and finds. He is so observant