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  • Alexander The Great: The Influence Of Alexander The Great

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    Over the years, society’s opinion of “great” has been influenced not only by the people who create the standard, but also by the people who follow it. People such as Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., and even Abraham Lincoln set the examples of what a “great” person might accomplish and what standards they might follow. For example, Alexander the Great was born 300 years before Jesus of Nazareth into a family in which his father was King Philip of Macedonia. At the age of seventeen he took to the

  • Alexander The Great: Life And Achievements Of Alexander The Great

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    Alexander The Great One of the biggest empires the world has ever seen was ruled by Alexander the Great. He ruled the Greek Empire from 334 BCE- 323 BCE (Doc A). His empire was so big he founded over 70 cities and it was about 2,200,000 square miles (Doc E). But was he that great? Of course because he had many remarkable achievements, he also had great leadership, and he had very good intelligence. He was great for these main reasons, he had a vast empire with many different famous city-states,

  • Alexander The Great: How Great Was Alexander The Great?

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    How Great Was Alexander The Great? Alexander the III was born in 356 BCE, in the kingdom of Macedonia. Alexander’s parents raised their son in preparation to take over his father’s kingdom. At the age of 20, he inherited the kingdom of Macedonia and had set out on his first mission: conquering Persia. Alexander was given the nickname “Alexander the Great”, due to his success in his Greek empire. However, after taking a closer look at how Alexander maintained his empire and treated his troops

  • Alexander The Characteristics Of Alexander The Great

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    characteristics you look for in a hero, that’s what Alexander the Great is but, is he really great or just a power hungry king.. Alexander the Great was King Philip 's son who took over the world, he became the leader of Macedonia in 336 BCE. He was destined for power and started his strike in Asia Minor, this strike led him to take over most of Europe. Alexander was a great leader that used his intelligence and bravery to take down civilizations. Alexander was an intelligent leader that used his strategies

  • Alexander The Great: History Report: Alexander The Great

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    Synopsis I did my this day in history report on Alexander the Great. Alexander the great is known for many things. He was king of Macedonia, a military genius, and the greatest conqueror of all time-to name a few. Alexander was taught by many great minds, perhaps most responsible for his greatness was Aristotle. Alexander was given many hard tasks and tremendous responsibilities as a child and teen, which he carried out with ease. As an adult king, Alexander ruled over Macedonia and kept it safe from

  • The Influence Of Alexander The Great

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    of the known world before the age of twenty one. Alexander started ruling the small Macedonian Empire when he was just twenty years old, he eventually turned the small Macedonian Empire into one of the largest empires in the world. Alexander the Great named over seventy cities after himself and one after his horse. (Barksdale 1). Alexander the Great was truly great because he spread Greek culture throughout the known world. Alexander the Great fought for many years and it paid off. “He marched

  • Alexander The Great Dbq

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    Did you know that Alexander the Great was one of the greatest conquers? Alexander was born in 358 B.C. and he lived in a kingdom in Greece called Macedonia. Alexander was the son of the King Phillip II, and Alexander became king. During his life, did Alexander show enough leadership, courage, and concern for others to be considered great? By these measures, Alexander was great for at least three reasons: military genius, inspiring leader, and spread of Greek cultures. First of all, one reason

  • Alexander The Great: A Hero

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    Alexander the Great was a hero because he helped to spread Greek culture throughout the world, and he created the best military anyone has ever known. Alexander the Great was a Hero because while he spread Greek culture, he also allowed the people he chose to conquer to surrender and have the same lifestyle. Even though Alexander said that the civilizations either get killed or the society surrender he still allowed many civilizations to keep their customs. According to TCI, “Alexander created

  • Alexander The Great Greek

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    Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was an ancient king of a Greek kingdom called Macedonia. To earn his position as king he fought hard and experienced a massive amount of conflict. It started in 356 B.C. when Alexander was born to King Philip and Olympias. In 357 B.C. the king marries Olympias, not truly knowing her wild sign. Olympias had a strong desire for her son Alexander to become king and would secretly go behind her husbands back to make him king. One night, Philip caught Olympias

  • Alexander The Great Speeches

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    all of those near. And there has been other speeches that were small and insignificant. This was not the case for Alexander the Great. He spoke multiple speeches throughout his lifetime and all of them were inspiring to his people and frightful to his enemies. Alexander the Great was a great leader and brilliant war strategist, so when he spoke everyone listened. Alexander the Great was the King of the Greek of kingdom Macedon. He had created one of the largest empires in the world during that

  • Alexander The Great Essay: Why Alexander The Great Is A Villain

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    Alexander The Great:An Analysis A wise person once said “Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” Someone might think this because one thinks that they are helping but just making it worse. As a child Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. Aristotle warned him not to kill, Alexander did anyway, he even killed his own father to become king of Macedonia. As a result he used his power to take over the world. Alexander the Great is a villain because he murdered and tortured innocent people and took over

  • Alexander The Great Selfish

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    Alexander the Great Alexander III of Mutarch is a man known to be “Great,” but is that really so? Alexander was born in Macedonia, and he took charge of Macedonia at the age of 16 when his father left for an expedition. Although Alexander may have done some good deeds during his sovereignty for his people, it definitely does not outweigh the bad deeds he did to other people. Alexander received the name “Great” undeservingly because he did not exhibit examples of a good leader which should be one

  • Alexander The Great Downfall

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    Alexander The Great It is in no doubt that Alexander the Great has had a prominent position in the annals of history, and it is not arguable that he is among the most celebrated generals and leaders not only of his time, but also throughout history. All the same, it would be unfair to continue claiming that he deserved the accolades and the numerous mentions and references that he has continued to receive to date, without pausing to evaluate his real personality and the challenges of his time, and

  • Alexander The Great Bloodline

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    greatness. Alexander the Great was said to be part of a very extraordinary family where his father king Philip claimed to be descendant of heracles,and his mother Olympias was able to follow her bloodline back to Achilles.With just his blood line you can see he comes from a very prestige line of heroes in his blood.As Alexander grew older he was able to spent most of his time watching as his father king Philip won countless victories with a strong military. At the age of 12 Alexander was able to

  • Alexander III: The Legacy Of Alexander The Great

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    Alexander III (356-323 B.C.E.), also known as Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.E.), was a Macedonian King that united Greece and Macedonia, and began a world conquest. Although, he was not able to conquered the known world, his was able to defeat the Persian Empire and control their lands. Alexander, one of the most successfully military leaders of all time, showed his potential at a young age and expanded his father’s legacy by expanding the Macedonian empire in his search for personal glory until

  • Essay On Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great was amazingly great as a ruler. He knew what he was doing He was by far a a great ruler in many ways.He only fought when he saw nesscessary, let others practice their own religions, and wanted to keep the traditions alive by adopting and learning about the religions. Alexander was great because he always tried peace before violence. In the passage about Event A, from the perspective of the conqueror, it states that before the battle between Thebes and the Macedonian forces, Alexander

  • Alexander The Great Achievements

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    Alexander the Great is a well-known man who conquered much land at his time. Alexander the Great was born on July 21, 356 BCE and died on June 10 or 11, 323 BCE. His achievements in his life are incredible for all that he is done. His most incredible act was taking control of certain lands. From the very start, he had a lot of power. His father was Philip II, King of Macedonia, and Olympias. His father was never there for Alexander the Great because he was always off taking control of his military

  • Alexander The Great Influence

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    Alexander the Great Ever since Alexander the Great was young, he was destined to become a great ruler. His father’s influence was an important part of his childhood. Ironically, it was his father’s death that forced him to be a dominant fighter and drove him to conquer many territories around the world. It was his opportunistic upbringing that cultivated Alexander the Great to become a powerful and dominant leader. Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Greece during the summer of 356 BC. Alexander

  • DBQ On Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great Alexander the Great, a powerful leader, is one of the most famous people in history. Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE in a kingdom of Greece called Macedonia. Alexander inherited the kingdom at 20 years old when his father, King Philip, was assassinated. This left Alexander to conquer and expand his empire. (BGE) Was Alexander the Great really great? Based on his remarkable achievement, leadership, and concern for others, Alexander the Great was great. Alexander was great

  • Alexander The Great Impact

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    The Impact of Alexander the Great’s Invasions Alexander III of Macedon is known as Alexander the Great. He became a king after his father’s death and tried to conquer most of the cities of that period. He was a very talented person and had impressive diplomatic and military skills. For these qualities, he is known as “the Great.” Although Alexander faced many protests, but he won many battles and extended the territory of his empire very quickly. Alexander spread his political and military influence