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  • Genetic Algorithm

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    Services (QoS) constraints to find the feasible solution. Genetic Algorithm is one of the soft computing techniques which give desired results for finding the optimal path from source to destination. Key Words: Routing, Genetic algorithm, QoS I. INTRODUCTION In any kind of networking most important factor affecting network performance is routing. How routing is carried out between source to destination is explained in 1.1. And genetic algorithm is applied to improve the routing and it helps to find the

  • Global Optimization Algorithm

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    of probabilistic algorithms.\\ \item \textbf{Probabilistic Algorithms:} These are generally referred as Monte-Carlo algorithms which provides a good solution in shorter time. They doesn't provide exact solution of a problem but a good solution near to optima which would have taken years by deterministic algorithms.\\\\ \begin{figure}[h]\centering \includegraphics[scale=1]{1}\\ \caption{Different Optimization algorithms (Source:\text{[1]})}

  • Introduction To Genetic Algorithm

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    2.1 INTRODUCTION Genetic Algorithm was first developed by John Holland at the University of Michigan in the year 1980. Generally Genetic Algorithm’s are said to be random process, which provides an optimal solution from a given set of possible solutions by a executing a series of problems. For solving the optimization problems Genetic Algorithms performs intelligent technique at random search. Even though Genetic Algorithm process is said to be at random search, the results produced are not random

  • Dijkastra Algorithm Essay

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    DIJKASTRA ALGORITHM There are many algorithms to find shortest path between two vertexes in weighted graph. The Dijkastra algorithm is one of them. The concept of Dijkastra algorithm was given by a Dutch computer scientist “Edsger Dijkastra” in 1956 and published in 1959. It is also graph search algorithm that solves the single-shortest path (minimum weight) problems, for a graph with non-negative edge path distance. Single-source shortest path problem Given as input a weighted graph, G= (V, E)

  • Optimization Algorithm Essay

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    Optimization Algorithm The Optimization Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem and get the exact value or can say optimal value of that problem. There are 2 Optimization Algorithms : • Genetic Algorithm (G. A.) • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (P. S. O.) • Genetic Algorithm Genetic Algorithm is give by Charles Darwin and based on the concept of Natural selection and evolution. This Algorithm is started with the set of solutions also known as chromosomes or population. The

  • Shortest Path Algorithm Research Paper

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    Shortest Path Algorithms The shortest path algorithms are shortest way of finding the mean distances between any two vertices. There are several algorithms for finding the shortest path between any two vertices in a weighted graph. A weighted graph is a way of finding multiple paths on a single condition by which we can easily select the shortest possible path. Some of the names shortest path Algorithms are: • SHIMBEL invented in 1955 which works on information networks. • FORD invented

  • Traveling Salesman Algorithm

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    The traveling salesman problem and genetic algorithms From Class I learned that genetic algorithms are search and optimization methods inspired by the evolution and genetic basis that it implies. For the use of an algorithm a set of possible solutions is generated (we will name each of these solutions "individuals")and our problem (called population), this population is mutated and recombined by random actions, as in evolution, they also undergo an assessment to decide which are the most suitable

  • Analysis Of The Travelling Salesman Problem

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    result. Many algorithms are used to solve travelling salesman problem. Some algorithms give optimal solution but some other algorithms gives nearest optimal solution. The genetic algorithm is a heuristic method which is used to improve the solution space for genetic algorithm. The genetic algorithm results in nearest optimal solution within a reasonable time. This paper mainly focuses on various stages of genetic algorithm and comparative study on various methods used for genetic algorithm. The paper

  • Ant Colony Optimization Lab Report

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    OPTIMIZATION Introduction Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a metaheuristic approach which uses the technique to find the shortest path for a given problem. Dorigo, Maniezzo and Colorni were the first ones who proposed ACO algorithm called Ant System. Ant Colony Optimization algorithms are used to solve large number of hard combinatorial optimization problems such as traveling salesman problem, routing, quadratic assignment problem and in telecommunication networks. Whenever we are solving optimization

  • Image Segmentation Optimization

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    Image Segmentation Optimization using Ant Weight Lifting Algorithm H C Abhishek 1, G Tirumala Rao2 1M.Tech Student, 2 Professor 12Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering(A) Visakhapatnam, Pin no.530048, Abstract— Image segmentation is an excellent concept in the field of image processing and is one of most popular platform of research. To properly segment an image in to well-defined classes watershed segmentation, k-means clustering and

  • Double Precision Multiplier

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    Area Efficient Run Time Reconfigurable Architecture for Double Precision Multiplier S. Shanmugapriyan, K. Sivanandam Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology. Abstract-- In many application Floating point Arithmetic is basic building blocks such as Scientific, digital signal processing and numeric. In this Floating point Arithmetic, Multiplication is most commonly used method. This multipliers are going to discussing about the double precision multiplier

  • Combinatorial Optimization Essay

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    1. DEFINITION OF THE COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM. Combinatorial optimization is defined as a combination of techniques of combinatorial operation research, linear programming and the theory of algorithms in the field of applied mathematics. The main aim of combinatorial optimization studies is to find an optimal solution from a finite set of objects.. Besides that, it solves optimization problems over discrete structures. Artificial intelligence, software engineering, , mathematics and machine

  • Why I Want To Choose Computer Science Essay

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    Statement of Purpose I am Muhammad Habib, I recently graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious institute of Computing “Riphah International University”. I firmly believe that a person’s ability to achieve something extraordinary is defined by himself. Technology has always caught my attention, since childhood I was curious about computers and automated systems. I have always wondered how difficult it would be to innovate new gadgets and design artificially

  • Essay On Outlier

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    IV. GIVING MEANING TO UNUSUAL BEHAVIORS After extracting outliers from semantic trajectories, the main goal of the next step is to add meaning to the outliers extracted. The next step is about splitting the outliers extracted to tree types according to their speed: Stop outlier, regular/slow outlier, Fast outlier, figure 4 illustrates the classification of outliers extracted. A. A stop outlier It occurs when the moving object made a stop for some time during the deviation, for instance the moving

  • Echo Cancellation Essay

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    ECHO CANCELLATION IN TRACED AUDIO USING DSP PROCESSOR K.V.Mohana Prasath [1], Dr.N.Kasturi [2] [1 ]PG Scholar, school of communication and Computer sciences, [2]Professor,school of communication and Computer sciences Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering , Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai-638052 , Abstract - Acoustic echo cancellation is a common occurrence in today’s telecommunication systems. Currently, echo cancellation is

  • Essay On Single Parents

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    ISSUES/PROBLEMS PERTAINING TO SINGLE PARENTS- USING COMBINED FUZZY CLUSTERING MODEL (CFCLM) A.Praveen Prakash*, V.Srimathi**, Esther Jerlin. J *** * Department of Mathematics, Hindustan University, Padur, Chennai-603103. ***Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Hindustan University, Padur, Chennai-603103. ***Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Hindustan University, Padur, Chennai-603103. Email: *, **, *** Abstract:

  • Quadratic Assignment Problem

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    pp.306, 2010. [AlcSicVig97] D.Alcaide, J.Sicilia and D.Vigo. A Tabu Search Algorithm for the Open Shop Problem, pp. 289-290, 1997. [HemCot08] J.V.Hemert and C.Cotta. Evo COP 2008, LNCS 4972, pp. 1-12, 2008. [HaoDorGal98] J.K.Hao, R.Dorne, P.Galinier. Tabu Search for frequency assignment in mobile radio networks. Journal of Heuristics 4(1), pp.47-62, 1998. [MonSmi01] R.Montemanni and D.H.Smith. A Tabu Search Algorithm with a dynamic Tabu list for the Frequency Assignment Problem, Technical Report

  • The Circle Packing Problem

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    to heuristic methods. For the packing problem, the two-dimensional container can be square, circle, semicircle, polygon, cubs and rectangle and the items can be rectangles, circles or irregular. However, as an NP-hard problem, there is no exact algorithm to obtain optimality in polynomial time unless N = NP, and researchers have resorted to heuristics or approximation methods. As a well-known NP-hard problem, the circle packing problem We consider two-dimensional (2D) circle packing problem (CPP)

  • Soft Computing Research Paper

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    research area including • Neural Networks • Fuzzy system • Evolutionary computing like Genetic Algorithms • Swarm Intelligence • Bayesian Network • Chaos theory Soft computing has become one of the key research and programming area in the field of Computer science from late 1990s when scientists and researchers shows more interests on computational approaches are complex in nature to derive from a known algorithm of solution. For example, in the field of Biology, medicine and human management sciences

  • Graphite Flake Research Report

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    This process is called ‘Blob Extraction’ or ‘Region Detection’. The labeling algorithm states that assign same label number to pixels which are adjacent to each other where adjacency of pixels is determined based on 4-connectivity or 8-connectivity rule. Area of a flake is number of pixels with same label. Mathematically, it is described