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  • American Photographer And Photojournalist: Dorothea Lange

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    The life and work of Dorothea Lange Dorothea Lange was an American Photographer and photojournalist. She was born in may 26,1895. She was known for her Depression era work for Farm security Administration. Her grand parents moved form Europe (Germany) to The united states for a better and more settled life. They found their new home where they decided to live. She was born oat 1041 Bloomfield street, Hoboken, New Jersey. She always loved her mother more than her father. Her father left the family

  • Alfred Stieglitz: American Photographer

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    Essay Week 2 Topic: Alfred Stieglitz (American Photographer) He operated three galleries in New York City between 1905 and 1946. He helped unleash the creative energies that would drive American art for much of the 20th Century. Stieglitz edited the associations luxurious publication Camera Work from 1902 to 1917. (AI, Abstraction) Stieglitz was a committed idealist who marched to his own beat, he built a bridge between European art styles and American culture in the early 20th Century. Later

  • Stereotypes In The Ugly American

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    Malual Global Studies 201 Reaction Paper:1 Question: 3 Are You an Ugly American? Stereotypically, Americans are seen as terrible people to be around when traveling. They are thought to be loud, obnoxious, and very close-minded about the way people live in other countries. In The Ugly American we see these stereotypes being presented throughout the novel by those in higher positions. There are two different types of ugly Americans, One is being physically unattractive, Homer Atkins, while the other

  • Consequences Of Photojournalism

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    Giving life for a shot or getting the shot of a lifetime? Photojournalism life seen from different perspectives Press photographers document stories as they happen. Regarded as real and truthful, they convince the viewers to believe what they see. This essay considers the consequences and impact of photojournalism on those involved – the photographer as an eyewitness, the subject as a victim and the audience being the spectator of traumatic reality. To begin with, social objectives are the pivot

  • Caravaggio Narcissus Poem Analysis

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    It is “foolish men” who fail to see that acute insightfulness is a vehicle for precise thinking. Nevertheless, the speaker shuns drawing conclusions about whether the creation of art contributes to, or ease madness, by attributing her speculations to theories others have proposed. In the final lines of the poem, however, she endorses the decision to explore dark corners of the mind and expand the limitations of the self by drawing attention to the affective dimension of the work, the beneficent effect

  • Summary Of Nora Ephron's The Boston Paragraphs

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    Nora Ephron’s “The Boston Paragraphs” displays various forms of rhetorical proficiency in order to create a fleshed out story. A piece of writing that displays many forms of rhetorical devices has the ability to carry out the author's feelings and ideas through a specific audience. Ephron expresses her love for stories and photos because they capture all the angles from the human experience. Ephron uses simple yet effective writing in order to keep casual readers from shying away from this complicated

  • Wedding Photography Advantages And Disadvantages

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    become a wealthy photographer. 1. Learn

  • Ansel Adams: A Reverent American Photographer

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    Ansel Adams, a reverent American photographer, was born in San Francisco, California, on February 20, 1902. During his lifetime, Adams worked primarily on the grounds of American West, specifically, Yosemite National Park. He was known as the father of nature photography, promoting conservation of the environment through black-and-white images. Adams put focus on and was famous for his spectacular utilization of clarity and sharpness. Ansel Adams also developed the Zone System, a famous technique

  • Vintage's Fashion Industry

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    Vintage is obsession! The appeal of vintage fashion lies in its history, uncommonness and finesse keeping it exclusive and something that cant fade with time. Vintage is classic and an enticing eye to the fashion in the past. It’s a revolution where old is the new! Vintage clothing over the years has evolved more as a trend and makes you inherent the look. We in this article are investigating the growing popularity of vintage fashion as an investment and why should you own a vintage piece. I am

  • Danny Lyon Civil Rights Movement Analysis

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    Danny Lyon is a New York City based photographer who was heavily involved in the civil-rights movement. According to Vince Aletti from The New Yorker magazine, Lyon ended up in a Georgia jail in 1962, with Martin Luther King, Jr., in a nearby cell. A year later, he was given the opportunity to become the staff photographer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Lyon had a passion for social change so he fully immersed himself in the cultures and communities he documented. Throughout the

  • The Influence Of Harlem Renaissance On African American Culture

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    African Americans had endured centuries of slavery and the struggle for abolition. (,2016) The Great Migration eventually moved thousands of African Americans to the rural South to the urban North. Many discovered they had shared many things in common in their past histories. Jim Crow had many African Americans think there life would be better up north. African American culture was reborn in the Harlem Renaissance. African American culture

  • James Van Der Zee: A Brief Analysis Of The Harlem Renaissance

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    James Van Der Zee was a photographer who was key for understanding the Harlem Renaissance, while also becoming known for his detailed imagery of African-American life. James Van Der Zee was a man of effort. He put his heart into what he loved, that being photography. He took very detailed images and took his time to make the the best images of the Harlem Renaissance. He made a great contribution to the remembrance of the Harlem Renaissance with his pictures, immortalizing it into the history books

  • Attack Dogs Analysis

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    From the 1950s through the 1960s the United States presence the effort by the African American community to gain equality and eliminate segregation in what is called The Civil Rights Movement. One of the images that highly influenced the outcome of the movement and helped achieve legislation that treated everyone equal was “Attack Dogs,” a photograph taken by Charles Moore in 1963 and published in the LIFE magazine. This photograph helped shed light on the unethical treatment of the peaceful protesters

  • The Legend Of Whitney Houston: African American Legend

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    Whitney Houston Whitney Houston, an African American legend, born on August 9,1963, was destined for her singing career. Her mother (Cissy Houston), cousin (Dionne Warwick), and godmother (Aretha Franklin) were all well known singers. Singing was in her blood. By the time she was 15, she had started trying to find a record deal by singing with her mother. She was then sought after by a photographer who was stunned by her natural beauty. This led her to become a model. Later on, she was signed by

  • Analysis Of Charles Moore's 'Attack Dogs'

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    “Attack Dogs” From the 1950s through the 1960s the United States presence the effort by the African American community to gain equality and eliminate segregation in what is called the Civil Rights Movement. One of the images that highly influenced the outcome of the movement and helped achieve legislation that treated everyone equal was “Attack Dogs,” a photograph taken by Charles Moore in 1963 and published in the LIFE magazine. This photograph helped shed light on the unethical treatment of the

  • Jacob Riis How The Other Half Lives Summary

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    an age where industrialization, wealth, and the desire to gain material progress ruled the American social rankings, Jacob Riis did not hesitate to expose the other end of the spectrum. While middle and upper class Americans were sitting pretty with their superior statuses and wealth, the lower class was overworked and underappreciated. By working as a newspaper reporter, social reformer, and photographer, the Danish immigrant effectively portrayed the lives of the other half: those living in the

  • Whitney Houston Research Paper

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    The Life of Whitney Houston A talented and gifted film-actress, producer, model and American singer. A woman who was one of the greatest singers in the world, and had the best voice of all time. A legendary woman throughout her wonderful years of life. Yet strong, but faced many struggles and challenges in her life, and still left a positive impact on the world after succumbing to death in February 2012. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born on August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey. She grew up singing

  • Little Rock Nine Inaccuracies

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    Little Rock Central High school, the media illuminated certain events but showed an inaccurate or incomplete picture of other events. In 1957 the media, illuminated certain events that happened in and outside the school building Central High. Photographer

  • Hank Wills Thomas Raise Up Analysis

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    Hank Wills Thomas is an African-American photographer and visual artist. His main point of interests in sculpturing revolves on race, popular culture and advertising. Born on March 17, 1976 in Plainfield, New Jersey, Thomas is a popular and well-known artist. Through his talented artistic sculptures, Hank Willis Thomas has received honorary awards including winning the Aperture West Book Prize, featuring of his work in other publications such as the Reflection in Black, and other several exhibitions

  • Lauren Greenfield Film Analysis

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    Lauren Greenfield is a documentary filmmaker/director, documentary photographer who has also worked with advertisements, famous people and has even made films of her own. She has been in many magazines and has been featured in art museums. Her documentary films mostly focus on women and the oppression and the power of the female gender and the media roles in their mental development and self confidence. These films are named Girl Culture, THIN, Beauty CULTure, Fast Forward and #likeagirl, and with