Amos Bronson Alcott Essays

  • The Importance Of Memories In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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    Memories are one of the most important parts of life, there is no true happiness without the reminiscence of pain or love. This concept is portrayed in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. The story tells of a 12-year old Jonas, who lives in a “utopian” society, where all bad memories are destroyed to avoid the feeling of pain. Jonas becomes the receiver, someone who receives good and bad memories, and he is transmitted memories of pain and pleasure from The Giver and is taught to keep the secret to himself

  • The Colonel Poem Summary

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    “One-part brave, three-parts fool.” This is a popular quote from the novel Eragon and it describes the nature of the main character as he is a young, foolish, and overconfident kid. Similarly, Carolyn Forché, an American poet and human rights activist, can be described by this due to assumptions that can be made in her poem “The Colonel”. This poem details her experiences during a trip to El Salvador during the late seventies. More specifically it is about a visit to a high-ranking officer’s home

  • Aristotle's Metaphysics: Empedocles Point Of View

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    In Metaphysics chapter 4, pages 8 to 10, Aristotle, a 4th century BC Greek Philosopher , rightfully states that the pluralist school of thought; which included Anaxagoras and Empedocles, does not have coherent argument characteristics for the following reasons: Empedocles theory of love and strife is self-contradictory likewise, Anaxagoras uses the theory of “nous” as an excuse to explain what was unknown at the time. In Metaphysics, Aristotle, elaborates on ways that pre-Socratic philosophers theorized

  • Feminism In The Storm

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    Traces of Modern Feminism in Kate Chopin's story "The Storm" The first reading of the story "The Storm" makes a person to be on his guard after knowing it that it was written during the end of the 19th century when Victorian Era was repudiating the same things in Hardy as his crude (at least understood at that time) novel, Jude the Obscure, created a sort of buzz in the literary world. It was also a point of amazement that a female having lived most of her life among females have made a courage to

  • David Hume: The Concept Of Self And Personal Identity

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    What is Personal Identity? The concept of self and personal identity is perceived differently by almost everyone, and nobody is to say who is right or wrong. The two ancient philosophers that paved the way regarding human understanding and human nature are John Locke and David Hume. Locke believes what constitutes identity in some objects is different in others. Different things require a specific criteria for determining its self and personal identity. Hume explores the conception of personal identity

  • Essay On Religion And Science In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birthmark

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    The Birthmark as a Religion and Science Story Hawthorn’s short stories of the 1800s not only bring the past colonial times in America to the present but also touches on the contemporary life. Through his life’s experience, he has explored essential themes for example religion, science and nature. These themes are comprised of the society of today and thus the need to examine them. The Birthmark is a story written in the mid-19th century where Hawthorn portrays thoughts on life, beauty, and science

  • Salman Rushdie's Through Memory

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    Migration, with the shifting of cultural borders that it engenders, is a defining feature of the contemporary world. It has therefore appropriately become, in the words of Edward Said “a potent, even enriching, motif of modern culture” as the exile, conscious that homes are ephemeral, “cross borders, break barriers of thought and experience” (qtd. in Chambers 2). Salman Rushdie is also certain that migrancy is a dominant trope of our time. According to him, migrants are new categories of individuals:

  • Summary Of The Novel 'The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh'

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    The three texts, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” by Ray Bradbury, Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen and Civil War Journal by Louisa May Alcott share the common theme of the importance of an individual's contribution during the Civil War. Joby’s contribution to the war is very important because it helps alert the soldiers and give them special signals. Charlie’s contribution to the war is also very important because he is helping the people win by risking his life. Louisa May Alcott’s contribution to the

  • Solitary Confinement In The Movie Brronson

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    The movie Bronson is a really good example of how prison is for some inmates. There are a lot of prisoners that feel that prison is home for them. They make a living of it and sometimes they refuse to be free and experience real life. Prison can be an escape from their problems and they find a way to work and be recognize during their time on the institution. Prison can have benefits from some prisoners, because they learn skills that can help them to find a job after they are done with their time

  • American's Lady Analysis

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    American's Lady otherwise known as Wynette, Texas series is a series of novels by Susan Elizabeth Phillips the American bestselling contemporary romance author. The debut novel in the series was the 1987 published Glitter Baby that was first published in 1987. Since then the author went on to write several more titles in the still ongoing series. As a writer Phillips has been writing contemporary romance with her unique combination of emotion and humor since the early 1980s. Susan was born to John

  • The Great Depression In Tillie Olsen's I Stand Here Ironing

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    In the short story, I Stand Here Ironing, by Tillie Olsen. Took place in “Pre-relief, pre-WPA world depression,” also known as the great depression and the second world war.The Great depression era was important to this story because emily was born during this era, and the second world war is important because this where emily stepfather went off to first. The point of view of this story is the third-person omniscient because the story only uses the narrator's thoughts or known as in the story Emily's

  • Virginia Woolf Professions For Women

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    Professions for Women Analysis In Virginia Woolf’s “Profession for Women,” she emphasizes the difficulties women have in the workplace and in daily life in the Victorian Age in which she also grew up in. Growing up Woolf was not given a fair opportunity with her education. While her brothers were sent away to school, she was privately tutored in the comfort of her home. “She later resented the degradation of women in patriarchal society” (Svendson 1); since then, equality between men and women has

  • The 13th Night Analysis

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    Shimizu Shikin’s “Two Modern Girls” and Higuchi Ichiyo’s story “The Thirteenth Night” are literally stories that show the issues of love and how it is different from other cultural issues like honor, tradition, and satire from a feminist perspective. The stories feature the issue of loss and love in a simple but compelling way. It is unique how the two women approach the issues through character transformations in the stories. The experiences of the different characters in both stories give a critical

  • Louisa May Alcott's Little Woman

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    Little Woman is a novel considered to be one of the best-known work written by the American author Louisa May Alcott, in 1868. The novel, focuses on the lives of four March sisters (Meg, Jo , Beth and Amy) following the and covering the details of their transit from childhood to womanhood, and it is broadly reflected and based on the author’s life sisters. Little Woman was instant trade and critical hit, and it has been translated nearly into every world language. Little Woman has been read as an

  • Vietnamese Women In Vietnam Films

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    2. The Vietnamese Women's representation in Vietnamese war films Under the Vietnamese lens, Vietnamese women are the central figure in many films. They could be a wife and also a guerrilla woman like Sau in Free Fire Zone (1979), a wife waiting for her husband in the homefront like Duyen in When the Tenth Month Comes (1984) or Tram, a doctor in battlefield in Don’t Burn (2009). The common characteristics of these women are feminine, gentle, caring for husbands, children, families, relatives.

  • Louisa May Alcott Little Women Essay

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    Little Women, written by Louisa May Alcott, was brilliant and outstanding in the meaning of pure literature. It’s setting was held in a small town during the period of the Civil War, roughly, between the years of 1861 to 1876. Many critiques and the author herself said that Little Women is based on Louisa’s life, and that Jo was based off of herself. While the book carried on with a dull writing and an overall, overused plot, it brought back morals and teachings that I could never forget again. It

  • Behind A Mask Or A Woman's Power Analysis

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    well, because new characters keep many secrets that are generally not revealed to other characters.This secretiveness can also symbolize many things in the life around the characters. In the book Behind a Mask; or, a Woman’s Power, author Louisa May Alcott demonstrates this aspect of literature through Jean Muir while symbolizing parts of the Victorian society around them. The mask Jean Muir hides behind is the part of herself that she doesn’t show others and is sometimes is the method through which

  • What Is Symbolism In The Necklace

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    “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant Analytical essay (symbols) The class system has been around for centuries, it is probably embedded in our society forever. And Guy de Maupassant’s short story “The Necklace” explores the idea of that system dictating our lives. Maupassant’s story explores the negative influence of the class system on people through the use of a symbol, the “diamond” necklace. By analysing how the necklace influences different character and the ironic reveal at the end of the

  • Gender Roles In Little Women By Louisa May Alcott

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    Louisa May Alcott was one of the America 's best-known writers of young people fiction. Alcott showed the lives of four sisters and their dreams Louisa May Alcott 's in Little Women showed the difficulties that are communicated with the gender roles between women and men during the Civil War in America. The civil war was a clear metaphor for internal conflict of four little women grils.The story was based on the childhood experiences Alcott shared with her real-life sisters, Anna, May and Elizabeth

  • Intertextual Techniques In Letters To Alice

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    In your comparative study of two texts, our understanding of intertextual connections is enhanced by a consideration of each composer’s use of textual form To what extent does this view accord with your comparative study of the prescribed texts? Through intertextual connections, texts continuously provide readers with an enhanced understanding of context and key values that are shaped through the literary form, ultimately expanding upon proceeding works and generating a greater appreciation for