Amusement Essays

  • The Importance Of Amusement Parks

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    The fastest roller coaster in the world The best thing about going to amusement parks is getting on all those rides. As you get older the allure of the merry go round fades and you start to want to go the grown up rides, the ones you have to be a certain height or age for. Americans are crazy about Roller coasters. Riding one is almost like a rite of passage, especially if you are a kid, trying to conquer some fear. There are coasters that are rather scary for being so fast they make your feel

  • Amusement Park Narrative

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    Melissa and Josh are thrilled to finally go out to the new amusement park in town, “Tick-Tock on the Wheel." Word had spread across the city like fire caught on a rope, and the exhilaration seemed to please them all. The main ride meant to captivate the thrill-seekers was the ferris wheel, which supposedly had magical features. Many did not believe in this and labelled it as a superstition, but this did not lessen their excitement. Josh was experiencing another excitement, one that filled

  • Summary: The Social Benefits Of Humor

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    as well as the affective response in the enjoyment of this stimulus” (Martin, 2007). In the communicative context, humor is ‘‘any communication perceived by any of the interacting parties as humorous and leads to laughing, smiling or a feeling of amusement’’ (Robinson, 1977). Furthermore, Lovorn (2008) states that laughter is described by humor researchers, as a response to pleasurable and/or amusing physical, emotional and/or intellectual

  • Animal Amusement Parks

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    Engrossed in believing that circuses and animal amusement parks are places of enchantment, many are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. Major companies like The Ringling Brothers have been around for 146 years, giving elephants and other animals an extensive period of suffrage. In 2016 it came to the company's attention that most of the states in America had become anti-circus, leading to the retirement of the iconic elephants. Building a 200-acre center was an act put in place to better

  • Relief Theory, Incongruity And Superiority Theory

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    There are three main concepts that guide this research; relief theory, incongruity theory, and superiority theory. It is a combination of all three concepts that attempts to fully encapsulate the complex subject of racial comedy. Firstly, relief theory argues that the act of laughing helps individuals to “subconsciously overcome inhibitions”. It states that jokes and laughter can help to increase ease of interaction between different social groups, making previously uncomfortable situations abundantly

  • Cannibalism In Cars Rhetorical Analysis

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    “Cannibalism in Cars” is a satirical story that is humorous and entertaining, yet it brings an important message across. This satirical story showed how the government was corrupt and greedy by using a comparisons. Twain used rhetorical devices throughout this allegory to bring out humor. Mark Twain created a humorous effect on the story using formal diction, irony, and syntax. The use of syntax enhances and lightens the mood because of the humor that syntax provides. Small details including syntax

  • 'Dramatic Irony In Harris And Me'

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    In “Harris and Me,” the humor contains more Low Comedy as a result of jocose situations and circumstances. He includes quotes that are full of wit. He has farcical physical comedy involving body parts, and electrocution. He has clever, hidden ideas that may be hard to analyze, but subconsciously, put a smile on your face, making you laugh, even though sometimes you don’t know why. Let’s go ahead and bring out the big point right away. Slapstick is embedded throughout the chapter. In the story

  • Horatian Satirical Analysis

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    The type of satire that I chose to create for my Create Your Own Satire is Horatian. My satire is Horatian because I am using humor to poke fun of technology and how it is taking over family bonding time in a lighthearted, witty way. Unlike Juvenalian satire, my satire is lighter, more gentle, less harsh in tone; more sophisticated and subtle. When I was deciding what to create for this assignment, my goal was to create something that would make the audience laugh by entertaining them with wry humor

  • Case Study: Georgetown Amusement Park

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    As the newest amusement park in town, Georgetown Amusement Park aims to integrate technology into experiences that will last a lifetime for every guest who enters our turnstiles. As a business, we would like to believe we can achieve maximum profit because we use technology to, for example, cut down on guest wait times to enter the park, wait times for riding attractions, and wait times for food and beverages. Through an initial survey of 100 amusement park enthusiasts, we have identified these

  • Coney Island Research Paper

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    Hudson River, you will begin to see a giant red tower looming over the apartment style houses. As you get closer, this mysterious, red tower looms closer into sight. This red tower is an old, non-functioning Parachute Ride located in the world-famous amusement park, Coney Island. Located in Brooklyn, New York, on 1000 Surf Avenue lies arguably New York’s most thrilling place to be, Coney Island. Coney Island is made up of three different parks, with rides ranging from rollercoasters to a children’s log

  • Personal Narrative: Receiving My First Job

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    it was much more. Working as a ride operator at a local amusement park, Lake Winnie. Many would

  • Roller Coasters History

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    drop of 85 feet. This coaster was said to have had healing powers after Emilio Franco, mute from birth, was unexplainably cured after riding. The Golden Age ended at the beginning of the Great Depression due to a lack in interests and funds for amusement parks. In 1959, Walt Disney revived roller coasters through the addition of Matterhorn Bobsleds in Disneyland. This coaster was 147 feet tall and was the first to be constructed using steel for the frame and nylon wheels on the

  • Disneyland Research Paper

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    Disneyland is the magical world for kids that enjoy fictional characters and images in breathtaking colors. But in my opinion, Disneyland is for more than just kids. The exhilarating rollercoaster rides, scrumptious food, and other attractions sum up what is expected there. Trust me when I say all ages will have a great time at the Magical Kingdom. When you first step through the gates of the park, instantly there is excitement everywhere. Loud Disney theme music and gorgeous colors are flaunted

  • Personal Narrative: Ghost Rider

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    climbed into my soft cushioned seat and felt the ride shift underneath my hefty feet. The rails were made of iron and steel, supported by strong, shabby beams made of what seemed to be oak. The ride before me sent the long car on a whoosh through the amusement park and the parking lot, where I spotted our automobile. My hair was flying, my body almost bouncing as the rushing, rickety ride pulled me away from the station. I felt as if I were jumping in the soft, fluffy clouds, someone, below my feet trying

  • Informative Speech On Hershey Park

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    Do you like to have a great time at amusement parks? Do you like to ride the roller coasters the best? If yes to any of these questions, then come on down Hershey Park to ride The Drop of Death. This ride has one loop, and It features two sideways turns, and a giant drop called the Drop Of Death. This ride is best at night because we feature no lights on the actual ride or track. It gives you a sense of suspense when you don’t know when the actual drop is coming. This ride is going to be one of the

  • Personal Narrative: My First Time At Cedar Point

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    HONK! BEEP! SQUEAKK! Every which way of me, cars are honking and breaks are squeaking but I don’t care because I see it, the best amusement park ever… Cedar Point! For the longest time had I been asking to go here, the day has finally came. I was nine then, my first time at Cedar Point (other then when I was like two or three but I don’t count that) and for most of the car ride I was all smiles. My family would look out and see who could be the first one to find the roller coasters. I thought it

  • How Does Energy Affect Energy In Roller Coasters

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    Roller coasters are fun rides found in amusement parks all over the world. Globally, people indulge in the thrilling experience provided by the steep hills, loops, and sharp twists. This feeling is made possible by the various changes in forces and energy, concepts not uncommon to us. energy Initially, the cart of roller coasters are brought to the top of a hill mechanically. At the top, it possesses a large amount of gravitational potential energy (Ep). This is the largest amount of energy the

  • Angus Wynne Six Flags Case Analysis

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    presentations, became his formula for success, and his ingenious use of themes turned the centuries-old amusement park idea into the broader theme park concept. Angus' vision, theming designed to enrich an entertainment experience, was right on target — and the regional theme park industry was born” (Six Flags). When the very first park was opened multitudes of people flocked the theme park. The name of the amusement park received its name from the 6 themes in the

  • Personal Narrative: Colorado Brotherly Bash

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    Colorado Brotherly Bash It was a nice, warm July morning in Shawnee, Kansas when the Turpin and Burner families started their trip to Colorado. After a long stressful night of packing and getting ready for a six-hour long car ride the journey began. There was not much need for entertainment since everyone was so tired from the long night of suffering and misery. My brother and I started fighting even in the car ride to Colorado because we just couldn 't wait that long without engaging in some

  • Argumentative Essay On Amusement Park Safety

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    A well-timed New York Times story says amusement park safety mishaps “raise the question of whether roller coasters and other thrill rides, which are faster, taller and more extreme than ever, have also become more dangerous.” The piece ran Sunday and was filed before Saturday’s incident at Cedar Point, in which two guests were injured in an accident on the Skyhawk ride. It begins by noting recent accidents at Six Flags parks in California and Texas, as well as an accident last summer on Cedar