Anthozoa Essays

  • A Turtle's Tale Film Analysis

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    There are many instances where biology is both correctly and incorrectly displayed in the media. Through the use of animation movies mostly, biologists are able to spread awareness of important problems occurring in both the ocean and on land that effect animals and their habitats. The movie A Turtle’s Tale explores the life cycle of sea turtles; from when they are first born and the difficulties they face getting to the ocean to when they lay their own eggs. A Turtle’s Tale shows Sammy, a hatchling

  • Meandrina Research Paper

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    Chase Ward Mrs. Walser Bio 2 8-31-15 Meandrina Throughout the ocean are many different types of corals, but located along the foot of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico lies the Meandrina. The Meandrina is a coral that can form spherical heads along with flat plates that extend for yards beneath the sea. Within the genus of Meandrina you have the meandrites. Meandrites are sometimes known as the “maze coral” this type of Meandrina is found on the slopes underneath the water in the common areas

  • Metridium Research Paper

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    (2015). Frilled Sea Anemone. Retrieved from Frazão B, Vasconcelos V, Antunes A. (2012). Sea Anemone (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria) Toxins: An Overview. Retrieved from Wikipedia. (2013). Metridium. Retrieved from Emerald Sea