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  • Army Profession Research Paper

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    Writing Assignment #1 What it means to be a Profession? The words spoken of Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler captured what it means to be in a profession of the modern army professional. “Being an (Army Professional) means total embodiment of the warrior ethos and the Army ethic. Our Soldiers to live by an ethic when their leaders and mentors are not upholding the standard. These values form the framework of our profession and are nonnegotiable” (Excellence, 2014). The Balancing

  • Cowardice In The Roman Army Summary

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION Coulston writes in his article Courage and Cowardice in the Roman Imperial Army (2013, p. 14) that the idea of virtus (courage) was a set of qualities that constituted proper Roman citizen behavior”, implying that at least in an organizational body such as the army, common identities was a necessity in order to bind together the troops, an idea which evidently is supported by the same article (ibid). Furthermore the concept of glory is seen in a lot of work from the Principate. In

  • Power Of Chamberlain's Speech In The Army

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    speech Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain decided he had to give at his Maine regiment. A phenomenal amount of mutineers arrived at Chamberlain’s camp, 120 to be exact. Why were all of these men there? They had signed a 3 year contract to serve in the army, but when their peers got to leave and their unit was disbanded, they still had 1 year left to serve. These soldiers were forced under guard to go to the Maine regiment, led by Chamberlain. All of them refused to fight, until the colonel delivered

  • The Importance Of Trust In The Army Profession

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    professionals in a certain craft that produce products or services required by society. The Army profession delivers the security aspect to our Nation and its people. Each member of the Army is trained and tested to reach a high level of standards at each succession level of promotion or advancement. Soldiers are taught to have integrity and a high level of ethical principles. Trust is the most important attribute that the Army must have. It creates a relationship with the Soldiers and their families to help

  • Mutiny In The Army Research Paper

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    A major issue is mutiny in the army. On January 6th, soldiers seized Bouake, the country’s second largest city. Solders also kidnapped the minister of defense while disputing over their pay. Some 8,000 soldiers were promised $19,300 each in bonuses, but none of the money was paid. A negotiator said that the soldiers were scared that the government would go back on their bonuses. Soldiers and workers were aggravated by the president’s actions, which caused many teachers and civil servants to go on

  • The Importance Of Trust In The Army

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    today’s Army. The American public views the military as a cherished profession that is trusted and relied upon to guarantee America’s security and freedom. Typically, professional organizations possess certain characteristics found within their employees and culture that are inherent to make effective institutions. Within the military organization, trust is the most important characteristic that must exist throughout internal military relationships and “civil-military relations.”1 The Army must continually

  • Essay On Army Profession

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    Profession of Arms Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms. In today’s military the importance of Human Resources is paramount to the success of the Army mission. First we must understand what it means to be a Profession, the balancing role of the Profession’s leaders, the Army Professional Culture, and the HR Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession. Profession by definition is a type of job that requires special education, training, or skill (, 2015). Doctors and Lawyers

  • Army Hr Profession

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    single Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in the United States Army is very essential and plays an enormous role in today’s Army. The Army must maintain readiness and operational capabilities at its best and to achieve it, it must train and educate its Soldiers on a daily basis. A Soldier is not just another employee of the Armed Forces but a professional warrior ready to answer the country’s call. The Soldier relies heavily in one Army Branch to stay focused on the mission and be able to perform

  • Seven Army Values

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    Being a member of JROTC I have to uphold some of these Army Values. There is seven different Army Values Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. Out of these seven army values that we all should carry, I chose 3 to talk about today.The first Army value I’m going to talk about is Integrity, which is a good value I show. Integrity is being honest and having strong principles. From me, you can expect a lot of Integrity because I was always raised to do the

  • Importance Of Accountability In The Army

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    Accountability In The Army What is accountability ?. Accountability is the obligation that an individual or an organization has to be answerable, take responsibility for its actions, and provide an account in a transparent manner. Achievement of this character trait in an organization requires every individual in an organization to own up to his or her responsibilities, their actions and the results after that. Accountability is crucial due to various reasons. Accountability can make someone trustworthy

  • Importance Of Army Values

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    Army Values Essay The Seven Values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. The Army Values are important and guide soldiers and leaders to do what is right on a day to day basis within their career. The Army Values are known as the foundation of the army. Even though people know the meaning of these values, not everyone actually lives up to them, but soldiers are taught in Basic Combat Training (BCT) the details of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service

  • The Importance Of Loyalty In The Army

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    Loyalty, is the gift to my generation, in the Army, you are trusted, and you should trust others that you have respect for, and those in you don’t have respect for. You are respected by those who aren’t in the Army, as well as those who were in the Army, along with those who are in the Army with respect comes along belief, in that you will make this country better, also safer. Loyalty is also a responsibility.The responsibility is being where people need you to be, such as having your partner’s back

  • Toxic Leader In The Army

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    Every Soldier is the Army is expected to live up to seven Army values namely loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage. A toxic leader is anyone who does not live up to Army Values and instead does everything opposite of it. A toxic leader is someone who always puts himself and his needs before his Soldiers, subordinates or anyone. A toxic leader does not respect peers or Soldiers who work for him. A toxic leader may lack integrity and not always do what is

  • Army Values Essay

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    As a Non-Commissioned Officer in today’s Army, my leadership philosophies, with the help of some exceptional leaders, were forged. Great leaders have the ability to mold subordinates through persistent communication and leading by example. By cross checking my personal leadership philosophy with the Army Values, I know that my standards are in acceptance with the Army beliefs. In this short paper, I will explain my philosophy by outlining my core beliefs and leading values. At my core, I believe

  • Army Leadership Philosophy

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    This was a subject that none of my Soldiers wanted to hear about. While they trusted me, they did not feel really good about staying in the Army. Since I really did care, I had a really honest conversation with my Soldier that had an autistic son. He wanted to get out of the Army. I asked him a series of questions, trying to find out about his plan. I asked him what he wanted to do. He gave me an answer, then I told it really does not matter what you want

  • The Army Song Analysis

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    The Army Song, adopted in 1952 and originally titled “The Caisson Song” (in reference to the carts used to transport artillery) reflects the history and pride of the United States Army. Written in 1908 by First Lieutenant Edmund Gruber as a Field Artillery song, The Army Song explicitly invokes a sense of pride in the history of the U.S. Army, as well as an attitude of comradery. It gained popularity during World War I, as it was made the official marching song of the U.S. Army in 1917, and was

  • Essay On Roman Army

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    The strong point of the Roman Empire was their army. The Roman army is said to be one of the most successful armies that ever existed. The roman army was well organized, well equipped and well trained. The roman army had to take care of a huge empire. They well-built Roman roads helped them move around the empire quickly. The men in the Roman Legionary were all citizens of Rome. They would sign up for a 20 year tour in the army. When they had completed their 20 years of service, they would

  • Performance Evaluation In The Army

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    When it pertains to the U.S Army formal performance evaluation process can be effective. When the performance evaluation process is effective it initially starts with an initial counseling from the Soldiers rater/evaluator which establishes the duties and responsibility of that particular Soldier within 30 days of starting that job. During the initial counseling session the rater can find out the Soldier short and long term goals; strengths and weaknesses. Each performance evaluation process if you’re

  • Essay On Army Values

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    Discuss how the army values apply to everyday life and how failing to follow them affects yourself, your squad and the Army as a whole . Before I start to discuss how, I would apply the army values into my day to day life . Let me first explain the meaning of the Army values and what it stands for . Not only for me but for all soldiers and civilian that still live by it, after service or by the connection that they once had with the Army way of life . I will make sure to uphold the Army values and make

  • Army Operating Concept

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    Under the Army Operating Concept: Win in a Complex World, Joint Forces and Army Commanders must establish the capability to rapidly anticipate, allocate, and synchronize the flow of sustained resources in order to equip, deploy/project, sustain, reconstitute, and redeploy forces in support of the national military strategy. Rapid, coordinated, and sustained support to the Army, Joint, and Allied Force is vital to successful military operations. Automation and communications supporting tactical