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  • Asset Forfeiture

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    Drugs. Since the US government declared the War on Drugs asset forfeiture has been widely used by law enforcement agencies to reduce drug criminals influence. Asset forfeiture is effective in tackling illegal drug crimes and funding government agencies, but the laws about asset forfeiture has been controversial due to its questionable profit incentives for law enforcement and inability to protect property owners from unfair seizures. Asset forfeiture is the legal process in which property is seized

  • Assets Forfeiture

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    Assets forfeiture as defined in Introduction to Law Enforcement: An Insider's View, is defined as “the seizure (and eventual forfeiture) of property connected with criminal activity.” (Doerner, 2012) Law enforcement agencies hold the authority to seize any and all assets associated with criminal activity. The temporary and/or permanent seizing of assets can occasionally terminate or interrupt the criminal activity committed by an individual or criminal organization. Seizures are most common at the

  • Asset Forfeiture

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    Asset forfeiture is a tool used by law enforcement at all levels. Money is a big player in most all criminal activities and is the motivation behind the scenes. By seizing the money you can slow down or stop some of the criminal activities. However money is not the only thing that is seized, many times automobiles, boats, and planes will seized as well other types of criminal tools. These items could also be houses land and/or anything connected to the crime or criminal activity. The items that

  • What Are The Assets And Liabilities Of HST And Host L. P.

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    HST consolidates Host L.P. for financial reporting purposes, and HST does not have significant assets other than its investment in Host L.P. Therefore, the assets and liabilities of HST and Host L.P. are the same on their respective financial statements. In 2013, net income improved $260 million in 2013 to $321 million. Net income benefited from the improvement in operating profit and decrease in interest expense of $69 million due to the repayment or refinancing of debt at lower interest rates.

  • Asset Report

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    'Asset report " responsibility may be an unrefined strating point , yet as a benchmark it would urge police powers and police strengths to start to offer informative open records for contrasts in viability in clearing up wrongdoing, proficiency , needs and

  • Examples Of Asset Misappropriation

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    Understanding Asset Misappropriation Definition According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, misappropriate verb means to take something such as money dishonestly for your own use or to appropriate something wrongly. On transitive verb it means to appropriate wrongly as by theft or embezzlement. Asset misappropriation is wider than that whereby it could be as taking a piece of paper to write your personal thing during lunch hour or using the computer for your own benefit after the office hour.

  • Developmental Assets In The Pigman

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    40 developmental assets reflect what you learned in your childhood life. In the novel The Pigman, these assets are shown by all characters. In this novel John allows you to explore the 40 developmental assets, caring, other adult relationships, and honesty. In the beginning of the novel John does not really fit either of those, but as he grows up, he starts to fit into those assets. He was a very bad kid until he met Mr. Pignati, Mr. Pignati was a very kind man who cared for John very well. I think

  • Pros And Cons Of Bargain Purchase

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    Bargain purchase A bargain purchase consists of financial assets acquired for less than fair market value. In a bargain purchase business combination, a corporate entity is acquired by another for an amount that is less than the fair market value of its net assets. Bargain purchase arises when the price paid for the fair value of the equity shares of the investee is less than the fair value of the net asset of the investee on the acquisition date. In a situation where the investor acquire

  • Macy's Comprehensive Analysis

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    Liquidity Liquidity is defined as the ability to convert assets quickly into to cash (Liquidity, 2014). A good standing liquidity is good for companies as well as investors and lenders to the company. For the company it’s a great indication as to whether it will meet short term maturing obligations or not. For creditors and investors, a good standing liquidity portrays the ability of how quick a company can pay off debts. Current Ratio (Current assets ÷ Current liabilities) The current ratio (working-capital

  • Advantages Of Straight-Line Depreciation

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    decrease in value of a non-current asset during a given accounting period. (Company Act , 1965) .Depreciation is the term applicable to tangible non-current asset which has physical substance, can be seen and touched. First of all, Straight Line method is also known as Fixed Instalment method. It is the most commonly used method. The annual depreciation expense or charge to the profit and loss account. It is also charges cost evenly throughout the useful life of a fixed asset. The straight line method is

  • Swot Analysis Of Avon Company

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    measure the company's ability to pay off its short-term debts as they come due by using the company's current or quick assets, • Current ratio= current assets current liabilities AVP= 1.34 ULTA= 2.9 REVLON= 15.86 • Quick ratio = ( current assets - inventory) current liabilities AVON= .94 ULTA= 1.12 REVLON= 15.26 The safe rate for current ratio is 1 or up, that means the current assets can cover the current liabilities, we see that the current ratio for AVP is 1.34 which means it is it has ability to

  • Summary Of Cheesecake Factory Financial Ratios

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    average current ratio is .98 and average acid test ratio is .55. These averages are below the average in comparison to the Cheesecake Factory average current ratio is 2.5 and average acid test ratio is 2.2. Therefore, Cracker Barrel has enough current assets to cover their liquidity ratio, so they are providing themselves an excellent financial stability. Above all, the current ratio and acid test ratio includes immediate access to convert to cash. On the other hand, Cheesecake Factory has a financially

  • Jagdambay Exports Case Study

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    to CFO of Jagdambay Exports. I will explain the following questions. 1. Explain the components of a financial market and its relevance to Jagdambay Exports. Be explicit and explain to the CFO how financial markets differ from markets for physical assets and why that difference matters to Jagdambay Exports. 2. Explain the relevance of money markets and capital markets for Jagdambay Exports. 3. Analyze Jagdambay exports and advise how the CFO should consider the primary market and secondary market

  • Methods Of Depreciation Essay

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    tangible asset over its useful economic life. Depreciation also means that loss value of an asset due to the unfavourable market conditions. Other definition of depreciation is a non-cash expense that decreases the value of an asset. Why depreciation happen? There are four reasons that have make depreciation happen. One of the reasons is wear and tear. When the more noncurrent asset that we used, the noncurrent asset will wear out. For example, motor vehicle is known as noncurrent asset. If we use

  • Importance Of Fair Value Measurement: Hilton Worldwide

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    received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability (exit price) in an orderly transaction between market participants on the measurement date. Another important criteria in fair value measurement is that all the measurement are market-based but not entity-based and, the measurement requires to take market conditions to account, especially the principal market and it is basically measured using the assumptions that would be used by market participants in order to price an asset or liability. However

  • Essay On Civil Asset Forfeiture

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    Many people see civil asset forfeiture as a defective tactic used by the government. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal tool that allows law enforcement officials to seize property that they assert has been involved in certain criminal activity. In Conor Friedersdorfs article, “The Injustice of Civil Asset Forfeiture”, it is clearly stated that he is anti civil asset forfeiture and is looking for a reform in this tactic. Freidersdorf uses the story of a young man named Joseph Rivers for evidence to

  • Newmont Case

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    debt expenses. When a company’s interest coverage ratio is only 1.5 or lower, its ability to meet interest expenses may be questionable. Return on Assets measures how efficient firm assets in generating profit. It is expressed in percentage. Higher the ROA, more money the company is earning on its assets. A low ROA shows inefficient use of company’s assets. Return on Equity shows how much profit the company is generating with the money invested by common shareholders. ROE is expressed in percentage

  • Ryanair Financial Ratio Analysis

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    The following example will provide further explanation: some entities, for instance a supermarket, may have a lot of cash trade. Due to this reason, it is a possibility that their current assets ratio of less than 2 : 1. This is not likely to be an issue for them because sufficient amounts of cash is probably collected daily through the checkouts. On the other hand, the airline industry, a low current ratio may not necessarily mean that a

  • Summary: Spinnaker Investment Group

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    Take the stress out of your finances and let Spinnaker Investment Group Help. With years of experience in the finance industry, we can help you manage your portfolio, determine long-term goals and become financially secure. We work with each client to ensure that their portfolio matches their long-term goals. Confidence, independence and financial wellness are more than just bywords for Spinnaker Investment Group: they are the words we live by. Among our other financial services, we can help with:

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Real Estate Investment

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    2.2 Opportunities (advantages) associated with real estate Companies and citizens consider real estate as one important financial asset. One good reason for the entry and increasing popularity of real estate in an investor’s portfolio is the observed protection from inflation. In order to show the advantages of investors in real estate, it is important to compare real estate to stocks or bonds. In case of stocks the real returns have a negative response to inflation in a short-term period as