Asteroid Essays

  • Argumentative Essay: The Future Of NASA

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    “I fear for our future. Our planet earth is threatened with an ever expanding population and only finite resources. We need a plan B.” - Quotation by Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist. Our world is dying. We have been mining coal for only two hundred of our 200 000 year existence as a species, yet we have already caused irreparable damage to the environment. We face a huge array of potentially disastrous threats to our planet, many of which could spell the end of humanity itself. The only way to

  • Crater On The Moon's Surface Lab Report

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    On The Moon’s Surface Purpose We are trying to find out how the moon’s craters are formed on the moon’s surface. We are also trying to find out if the size and distance of an asteroid, comet, or meteor does or does not have an effect on the size and shape of the crater it creates Hypothesis The size and distance of an asteroid, comet, or meteor does have an effect on the size and shape of the crater it creates. Materials Flour Cocoa powder Shallow pan Small rocks, balls, or marbles Ruler or tape measure

  • Space Junk Research Paper

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    Space Junk is like a bullet. It is like a bullet because of it’s speed and velocity from being in the earth’s orbit. Space Junk is caused by collisions of really fast space junk hitting other space junk. Research shows that space junk is dangerous and can cause satellites to be put out of commission and also makes Earth’s orbit more dangerous. Some causes of space junk are human activity, and Space Junk Collisions. A major cause for space junk is human activity. One thing that supports this would

  • The Chicxulub Impact

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    Chicxulub crater, was formed by an asteroid that collided with the Yucatan Peninsula located in Mexico 65.5 million years ago. The asteroid was said to hold the same energy as 100 million atomic bombs which precipitated an incident that destroyed the dinosaurs and nearly all life on Earth, leaving the atmosphere inhabitable for centuries. What is an Asteroid? Asteroids are pieces of rocks that aren't called planets based on the how small they are. The asteroids are orbiting around the sun mainly

  • Space Risks: The Dangers Of Space Hazards

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    June 30th, 1908 marks the date of a vicious asteroid impacting near the Tunguska River in Siberia. This event, known as the Tunguska Event, came into Earth’s atmosphere traveling at an extremely high speed and at a height of about 8500 meters the asteroid blew up due to the high temperature and pressure and it is said to have released so much energy that it would be equivalent to 185 Hiroshima nuclear

  • Chxculub Impact Case Study

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    Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) defines an asteroid as “A relatively small, inactive, rocky body orbiting the Sun.” {1} These objects are understood to have been left over pieces from the formation of our solar system. Because of this hardly any asteroids have been left in any remotely spherical shape and the majority are cratered and lumpy in exterior. The vast majority of asteroids can be found orbiting the sun in what is called the asteroid belt, which is situated in the space between Mars

  • Pros And Cons Of Terraforming Mars

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    species, the opportunities for resource harvesting, and its diplomatic potential. Earth has been struck multiple times by space objects, such as asteroids, triggering mass extinctions. “Every few million years, the Earth tends to be wiped clear of almost all life in a globally catastrophic event (read:asteroid collision). An asteroid the size of Dactyl could wipe us off the face of the Earth.” The author of the “terraforming mars” doc writes, saying

  • Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction

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    the theory that a cosmic impact from an asteroid or comet provoked the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction. Scientists later on found hints of an asteroid collision when they noticed an inordinate crater, more than 180 kilometers wide, near the town of Chicxulub in Mexico. This collision was omnipotent in strength, as it would have released as much energy as 100 trillion tons of TNT (Choi, “Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs: New Evidence”). The asteroid impact was found to have materialized

  • Disappearance Of Dinosaurs Essay

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    time periods. Some believe that a large asteroid hit the earth, killing all living matter. Others believe that a huge volcano erupted on earth killing all matter on earth quickly. One other theory of the death of the dinosaurs is the continental drift, this was a slow killing because of the cooling and drying climate. The last theory is in the bible, they believe the flood caused all the dinosaurs to die out. According to evidence a six-mile-wide asteroid hit Earth. This happened about 65 million

  • Ordovican Extinction Event Research Paper

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    is extremity dangerous because it could affect the climate of the planet. Carbon helps trap heat because of the green house gas affect. With out Carbon Dioxide their would be a globe cooling. Some scientist believe this event happened because of a asteroid hit the earth. This event does not have direct evidence but rather in derict evidence. However the trassic event has more direct eviduce on what

  • Ice Age: Movie Analysis

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    thus starting the Scrat-tastrophe. High up in space, Scrat’s series of mishaps cause the planets to collide to each other, positioning each planet to the current place, and creating the storm on Jupiter. Unfortunately, not only planets but also asteroids are hit by his spacecraft, causing them to move towards the earth. Meanwhile on earth, Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of the mammals are living their happy family

  • The Pros And Cons Of Going To NASA

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    by trying to send people to Mars. Another place they want to send people is to an asteroid. The spaceship that is going to Mars has to be the best. It will hold four astronauts. Its name is the NASA Orion spacecraft. To help make sure that the spaceship works , they will send the Orion up to take an asteroid that is close to the Earth and then put in orbit around the moon. Then astronauts will observe the asteroid from the moon. Scientific discoveries change society in many ways. For instance the

  • The Benefits Of Space Exploration And The Future

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    solar system. Astronomers have identified and cataloged numerous asteroids in close proximity to the earth’s orbit that have the potential of causing a catastrophe to our planet. William Burrows an American scientist, author, and journalist certifies that “ Since they [astronomers] do not doubt that several [asteroids] are headed in our direction, advanced knowledge could make it possible to destroy or deflect an approaching asteroid or comet.” (Burrows, 2003). With an objective of avoiding an impending

  • Osamu Character Analysis

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    Osamu Mikumo is the main character of the World Trigger series and also the captain of Tamakoma second (Mikumo Unit). Osamu is the shooter of the squad is main shooter trigger is asteroid armed with secondary trigger raygust which makes a deadly combo. If Osamu had any skill to use them effectively, Osamu is by far the weakest character of the show he has poor technique, low trion, and the experience of a new born babyBut he does recognize his weakness and try many different tactics to win matches

  • Going To Mars

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    Futurism states: "A number of experts agree that humanity needs to become a multi-planetary species within the next 100 years to ensure its survival into the future."(Bates) Experts on space believe that if we are living on more than one planet, and an asteroid hits earth, that the human species will not be wiped out because others would be on Mars. Others believe that we may run out of natural resources on Earth and that Mars could save us. Although some people believe this, it is not true. David Spiegelhalter

  • Golden Amusement Park Persuasive Speech

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    On vacation in California and don’t have anything to do with the whole family? You should visit the Golden Amusement Park and ride our most famous ride Stellar! This ride has one of the most thought out and spectacular themes you will see throughout the park. Stellar is a dark indoor roller coaster with stars covering the ceiling and sides to make it have the feeling that you’re in space. To make it have more of the feeling that you’re in space, they will move through the coaster in a cart shaped

  • Battle Royale Analysis

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    Cecil B. DeMille, one of the highly regarded trailblazers of American cinema long ago has mentioned that “The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling,” and for all one knows it has come to pass as a well-founded pronouncement. Humans have forevermore been daresay a storyteller. Subsequent to the inception of the first civilization, artists have taken advantage of antithetic orders to be a source of an account of a story. In addition to, music, painting, poetry and literature the immediately

  • Essay On Human Mission To Mars

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    What does make human mission to Mars beneficial? NASA unveiled their scheme of manned expedition to Mars by 2030, and it added fuel to the controversy of the question: Should humans explore to Mars instead of rovers or not. It goes without saying that manned expedition is more risky and needs billions of money. However, human exploration to the Red planet excels in its several benefits. Therefore, this essay will demonstrate three aspects of positive result of manned expedition; social changes,

  • Creatures Have Increased Over Time Essay

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    This essay you will earn important facts, whether the number of creatures have increased over time. I will be telling you why their number of creatures have increased or if they have not increased. Has the number of creatures on Earth increased or decreased over time.The reason creatures has increased over time is because creatures has multiplied over the time. A lot of creatures decreased when the mass extinction happened, wiping out all the dinosaurs. This topic is very important because some

  • Why Did Columbus Travel West

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    abandon the mother Earth and move to another planet is due to the risks caused by our own mutilation of nature whether it is by global warming or famine or nuclear threats. Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation in which a 10 kilometer large diamond asteroid-much larger than the one that hit Russia many years ago but close to it smashes into the subcontinent. It wouldn’t just destroy India or Pakistan instead would form huge sockets in the