Autobiography Essays

  • Analysis: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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    In Malcolm X’s autobiography, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, he says “All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient” (153). This quote holds true throughout the whole autobiography. Malcolm tells us about his whole life from the time his family suffered through the Great Depression to the time he was fighting for black rights during the civil rights movement. Malcolm goes through many challenges in his lifetime and throughout this book we

  • A Long Way Gone Themes

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    It is a great autobiography. It was told from his point of view. The stories were told from his experiences and memories, which makes it a memoir. Last but not least, this is a true story. A Long Way Gone is highly recommended for readers who love to read autobiographies, memoirs, non-fictions, or someone who is open-minded to learning more about the communities other than their own. This novel

  • Loss Of Death In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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    The Heartbreak That Killed “The Raven” is by Edgar Allan Poe. The Poem “The Raven” is gothic literature. This poem is about how a husband tries to deal with the lost of his beloved wife Lenore. Soon after the man starts to lose his mind and senses. The lost of his wife is so dramatizing for him that it starts to affect on his state of mind , also his physical appearance. I strongly truly believe heartbreak or a loss of a loved one can change who you are as a person. Physically some people may

  • What Is John Muir's Interpretation Of Time?

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    When thinking about time one many have different interpretation on what time is. One may say time is just a clock, others may say time is forever. In this paper we will talk about four different essays and how their authors interpret on what time is. One of the authors named Henry David Thoreau used a pond to describe how he views time. Aldo Leopold decided to write about how he understood about time and life by using a mountain as an example. John Muir wrote how it takes years for trees to grow

  • Theme Of Realism In Robinson Crusoe

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    Realism is intended to give the full and true picture of life at any given moment in place and history. It reflects the life of the common reader. To achieve this, the author writes a story through the view point of one or more protagonists who are living ordinary lives, might find life a tad dull or unhappy and may under special circumstances display heroic aspects. Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe is argued to be the very first novel. It is about a man who is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island

  • Confessional Elements In Kamala Das's Poetry

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    CONFESSIONAL ELEMENT IN KAMALA DAS’S POETRY Dr. Dibyajyoti Likharu Assistant Professor, Deptt. of English Howraghat College, Karbi- Anglong, Assam Email: ABSTRACT: Kamala Das is one of prominent literary figure in Indian writing in English. Her poetic output is contained in four volumes of poems which include “Summer in Calcutta”, “The Descendants”, “The Old Playhouse and Other Poems” and “Stranger Time”. Problems of women are the central theme in most of her poems. Kamala

  • Beauty In Alice Walker's Gift Of Beauty

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    ‘’ If I could write the beauty of your eyes And in fresh numbers number all your graces, The age to come would say, 'This poet lies; Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.'’ William Shakespeare. Yet even these words hearken images of physical beauty as they defy the convention of glorifying ideal beauty. However, Alice couldn’t accept her own physical disability and this clouded her ability to live life to its fullest. Alice saw things, but she didn’t perceive them. Until the day her

  • Motherhood In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    Published in 1818, Frankenstein is one of the most famous works of Mary Shelley and its origin is almost as mysterious and exciting as the novel itself. The book is telling a story about the monstrous and mortal consequences of male creation, arising from a rivalry between man's affinities to his family and surely to science as well. Recently, modern literary critics do not perceive the work of Shelley merely as a fictional creation, but primarily as a novel that reflects the author's personal experience

  • Essay On Masculinity In F. Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams

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    In F. Scott Fitzgerald´s “Winter Dreams” Fitzgerald portrays Judy as a woman with a free-spirited attitude toward men that can give her satisfaction. Even though Dexter, who is a wealthy business man, is trying to win her over, she takes on other men, leaving Dexter incapable towards her love. Judy´s dominance, attempts at golf and usage of men can be traced as a more masculine type, instead of the stereotypical feminist approach to control her desires. She gives Dexter the impression on not trying

  • Autobiography Of Autobiography

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    Autobiography: A story of me and everything that I can be Its 3:56 in the morning. A couple of hours and the sun will be illuminating parts of the world signaling a new day. While majority of the people is still sleeping soundly in their homes, some people is already awake and preparing for their day. Some people haven’t slept yet like a couple expecting the arrival of their child. September 9, 2000; the day I was born. I am Ma. Xela Bernardino Cagadas and for the 17 years of my life I have live

  • Female Autobiographies

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    CHAPTER THREE MAINSTREAM FEMALE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES Introduction: To counter the Orientals discourse, the native intellectuals reformed Hinduism and had a secular attitude towards women. Their reformists and liberal ideas towards women resulted into mainstream women's autobiographies from the early quarter of 20th century Maharashtra. The early women autobiographies are written by the wives or mother or daughters of public figures. Initially, the upper caste women express their devotion/Bhakti towards

  • Mankiller's Autobiography

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    Mankiller’s autobiography is Mankiller is writing about herself and she is writing about her personal experiences that help develop her thoughts and actions in life. She also writes about the history of indigenous people and the “Indian Island.” The last thing that was included in the autobiography was Mankiller expresses her feelings and thoughts. Meanwhile, the biography is written by Abbey talking about Mankiller. One thing Abbey talks about was Mankiller’s childhood, her leadership abilities

  • Persepolis Autobiography

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    The Visual and the Written in Persepolis An autobiography usually has a purpose as to why it was written, either to try and fight or change something, like in Fredrick Douglass ' Narrative of an American Slave, to tell a life story, or show historical and political history through the personal life story and experiences. One way of telling that personal story is through a visual autobiography, not the conventional way, but, in my opinion a much more powerful and engaging way of telling one 's life

  • Lies In The Dust Analysis

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    Set fourteen years after the Salem witch trials, Lies In The Dust is a graphic about historical figure Ann Putnam coming to terms with the damage she dealt to Salem and the remorse that moved her to publicly apologize. Over the course of the narrative, Ann extensively reflects on her family's involvement in abetting the trials and consequent ostracization from the surviving members of her community. As the setting bounces between the present year of 1706 and the past in 1692, the full extent of Ann's

  • Feminism In Historical Autobiography

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    AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND HISTORICISM IN RAMADEVI CHOUDHURI’S INTO THE SUN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Mrs.P.Gandhimathi M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor of English Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College for Women (A) Madurai. Abstract: Literature and History appear to be sharply distinct disciplines but has been overwhelmingly concomitant to each other since their inception. Literature and history had been relying upon each other through centuries of inquiry. Within literature, autobiography/self-life

  • Autobiography As A Literary Genre

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    Autobiography is one of the most complicated forms in the history of literary genre. It has become difficult task among the literary scholars to define it. Before giving its reliable definition, there are few questions arise on its emergence as a literary genre. First question arises on its place that whether it should be considered as a literature or not?? If it is once considered as a literature then under which category should it be put? Whether it is a fiction or a fact? If it is a fact then

  • Maya Angelou's Autobiography

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    deals with one of the autobiographical series of Maya Angelou as how she grew up black and female.Dominant in Angelou’s autobiography is the exploration of the self – the self in relationship to the others. One of the central concerns in this study is the exploration of a particular kind of self and identity that emerges from her writings. A study of Maya Angelou’s autobiography is significant not only because it offers insights into personal and group experience in America, but also because it is

  • Baseball Autobiography

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    Looking back at my childhood I realized that some of the fondest memories I have was playing baseball. Like the time I had my first homerun when I was 10 years old, or our first district championship in over 20 years. Not only is it the memories that stick with you along the way, but the friendships as well. I can truly say some of the closest friends I have made, I met playing baseball. For instance my best friend and I met playing t-ball at the age of four, we have been friends ever since and now

  • My Autobiography

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    Computers have been an integral part of my life. I took naturally to playing on the keyboard and making alphabets, numerals and symbols dance on my father’s Mac Desktop’s screen, much to his chagrin, as a toddler. Creating paintings of happy houses with the bright yellow sun rising above the horizon and sparrows perched on the banyan tree, kept me engrossed during the long and merciless north Indian summers. By the time I was seven, I could type basic messages and was eager to understand the machine

  • Immigrant Autobiography Analysis

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    “America is rich in autobiography” (Holte 29). Furthermore, “autobiographies of immigrants provide a chance to assess how political, cultural, and social forces actually shaped economic decision making of emigrants” (Blewett 90). In this thesis, three contemporary immigrant autobiographers were selected