Bachelor of Science in Nursing Essays

  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Essay

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    A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a standout amongst the most popular degrees in human services. Truth be told, numerous doctor 's facilities today call for nurses to have a BSN as a beginning stage to a vocation. This is the reason numerous qualified registered nurses (RNs) have started going to a school of nursing to acquire their BSN degree with a specific end goal to propel their vocations. On the normal it obliges four years to get a BSN. It can be procured online despite the fact that

  • Vocation In Nursing

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    The degree in nursing is one of the most demanded by students worldwide who dreams of becoming a nurse able to help many people. To access nursing career are several requirements that are demanded, but one that must and do not require access to a vocation, because during practice and purpose once the race will run the lives of people who have to attend, so if you really like the safest thing is that this race finish leaving because as any in the world of health care is hard and requires a lot of

  • Pediatric Nursing Career Paper

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    For years now, I have been looking at pursuing a career in nursing. Over these years I concluded that I would like to specialize in pediatric nursing with my bachelors of science in Nursing. These specific types of nurses specialize in the care of children for 0 months to late teens. While also engaging in tasks such as performing exams, measuring vital signs, taking blood pressure and urine samples, and ordering needed tests. While that’s the tasks pediatric nurses have there are many more aspects

  • A Career As A Register Nurse

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    difference in people 's lives makes a person feel so good and being a nurse I could do that everyday! In my opinion, this makes me a good candidate for the healthcare field! I plan to enroll in the nursing program at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND and graduate with my Bachelors of Science in nursing. This is my plan because I know a BSN is a little longer than an RN but it will benefit me in the long run if I want

  • Registered Nurse Analysis

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    school/college nursing program and has passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). “The RN assumes responsibility for the care of the sick, injured, disabled, and the dying. Registered nurses work both independently and in collaboration with other healthcare professionals” (Buhler-Wilkerson 2017). RN’s supervise the work of licensed practical nurses (LPN) and certified nursing assistants (CNA). RN work settings include hospitals, physician’s office, ambulatory care, nursing home, schools

  • Best Licensed Practical Nurse (RN)

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    Which One Is the Best - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN)? Nursing profession is the second highest in demand in the world. It's also one of the most diverse one, and is categorized according to education, experience, and skills. A nurse can do 20 different types of nursing jobs with a minimal education of High School Diploma, or a bachelor's degree in nursing. But out of those many nursing jobs, LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and RN (Registered Nurse) are the most common ones

  • Registered Nurse Jobs Essay

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    option for you. What is a registered nurse and why are there so many registered nurse jobs out there? A registered nurse is one that has a college degree (Associate's or Bachelor's degree) from an accredited institution and has passed his or her nursing boards. Required classes to get a degree so that you can qualify for registered nurse jobs include

  • Estelle Massey Osborne Biography

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    on the staff of a national nursing society, and the part of the Coordinating Committee on Negro Nursing for the National Council of War Service. She soon realized that combining her old and new career would help young black students everywhere, so she began teaching again. Osborne taught at Central Nursing School for Lincoln Junior College in Kansas City, Harlem Lincoln Schools, Freedman’s Hospital in Washington D.C., and then became the Associate professor of Nursing Education at the University

  • Registered Nursing Research Paper

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    In studying Registered Nursing one will find that they have to be compassionate and want to care for others. Registered Nurses assist physicians with suffering patients of any medical condition. They help to decide the patient’s medicine, treatment, recovery, and educate the them and their families on post-medical treatment. They need to have bedside manner, and be able to prepare patients for surgery. Registered Nursing careers range anywhere from critical care, oncology, mental health, to an everyday

  • Essay On Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

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    advanced nurse that specializes with children (children from newborn to until they are eighteen). A pediatric clinical nurse has to go to a four year college or university. You need to have a at least your master’s degree and your BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). You also have to be a RN (registered nurse) to have this job. I would need to go to medical school to be able to become a RN. I would like to be this for many different reasons. To be able to complete this I would need to go to college

  • Wound Nurse Personal Statement

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    I am a registered nurse and currently hold an associates degree. I am actively enrolled in TESU working towards my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) which is the degree most employers seek when hiring nurses. Once I have earned my BSN, which will be in the summer of 2016, my plan is to then take certain certification courses. I am very passionate about learning wound, ostomy and incontinence care (WOC) and will take the classes and state exams I need to earn my certification shortly after

  • Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    health care providers under a physician. Much like a geriatrician, Gerontological Nurse Practitioners work with elderly patients, diagnosing illness, conducting exams, and prescribing medication. (“Geriatric Nurse…”). These type of nurses work at nursing homes, with home healthcare services and in hospice facilities, or run your own private practice. A geriatric nurse work with finding illnesses and diseases, prescribing medication and therapy, routine check-ups and screenings, etc…etc. Some job characteristics

  • Essay On Neonatal Nurse

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    first step one needs to take before becoming a neonatal nurse you must look into what colleges are right for you and which programs they offer. Choose a school with an accredited nursing program and earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN); this will is very important as you will have to work your way up in nursing. Next step you have to take is ask yourself is working with babies the right job for me? It will not allows be easy and you will have to learn some skills that books won’t be able

  • Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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    work as hard. The other requirement you could have to become an RN is a nursing diploma. This diploma is usually offered by hospital-based nursing schools. Students that are awarded this diploma are able to take another exam in order to apply for licensure to become a Registered Nurse. The number of these nurses has decreased but there are still some out there. The nursing diploma is an entry-level tertiary education nursing

  • Registered Nurse Career

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    The Gale encyclopedia of nursing and allied health. Retrieved from How to Become a Registered Nurse. (n.d.). Retrieved from Nurse Journal. (n.d.). Registered Nurse Salary & Career Outlook. Retrieved from Nursing School Hub. (n.d.). The history of nursing. Retrieved from http://www

  • Dorothea Orem's Theory: Needs And Self-Care Deficit Theory

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    Orem was a needs and self-care theorist. She earned her diploma and Bachelor of Science and Nursing in the 1930s, her Master of Science and Nursing in 1945, and earned an honorary Doctorate in 1976 and 1980 (Meleis, 2012). Her philosophy of nursing was that patients can heal and recover quicker when they are able to take care of themselves. Her definition of nursing as stated in Theoretical Nursing Development & Progress is “nursing is art, a helping service and a technology” (Meleis, 2012). The goal

  • Neonatal Nurse Research Paper

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    experiences in life could lead someone to this career; such as, babysitting seeing a sick child who needs help, or even personal experiences. All types of nursing require some type of degree; the smallest would be a two year associate degree. Although people can stop there, some nursing careers prefer more education and experience. There are also four year bachelor degrees,

  • Empowerment In Nursing Practice

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    The purpose of this assignment is to explore the principles of empowerment in nursing practice. The essay will define what health promotion is and how it is important to empowerment and how they both link. I will also be discussing my artefact and what health promotion models have been researched and used throughout my essay and in the making of my artefact and the reasoning behind the decisions. The main topic of this essay will be focusing on how I can empower someone with a learning disability

  • Persuasive Essay On Social Work

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    exam. In addition, there are different levels for taking the LSW exam. According to the article Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Social Work Licensure: An Exploratory Study, there are four levels of social work licensing exams. Those being: Bachelor level, Master level, Advanced Generalist, and Clinical level. These exams are based on practice analysis’s that focus on job tasks of social workers. To add, the exam itself consists of 170 questions and test takers are allowed 4 hours to take the

  • Florence Nightingale's Role In Nursing

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    In 1860, significant gains in nursing was made; the Nightingale Training school was opened, which was attached to St. Thomas hospital. Her training school attracted so much attention and interest that a year later the “School of Midwifery Nursing at King’s College Hospital was opened” (“Florence Nightingale” The School Run). Starting in 1868, for the next twenty-two years, Nightingale was on a mission to ensure that nursing would become a popular profession, and that it would gain the people’s respect