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  • Benin Bronzes Analysis

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    The Benin bronzes, which are a large collection of sculptures, have caused much controversy in the Art as well as Anthropology worlds and have created widely circulated discussion throughout Europe. This is because of their importance, as not only displays of unique craftsmanship, but also as pieces of anthropological significance. The bronzes were from the West African kingdom of Benin which was situated by the river Niger, and around 2,400 objects were discovered and looted during the Punitive

  • Informative Speech: The Benin Culture

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    General Purpose: To inform my audience about African historic culture) Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on the ancient Benin (Benin) culture and how it has evolved today Attention Getter: Did you know that everyone evolved from Africa? Researchers have examined the differences of the skulls and DNA of human remains from around the globe say their outcomes indicate present day people (Homo sapiens) having a solitary beginning in Africa.(Owen,2007) Preview your main point:

  • Togo Research Paper

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    The 2nd biggest export is cement, accounting for 13% of the 1.8billion dollars of export. 36% of the cement they made is exported to Burkina Faso, 30% to Niger, and 11% to Benin. In the mid 1960’s the HeidelbergCement company started to make cement in togo, they make 1.5 million tons of cement each year with an annual revenue of 13.2billion(13208400000.00) dollars. One of these plants is located near the town of Tabligbo

  • Voodoo In Benin

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    Benin was formed in 1960 when the colony of French Dahomey gained independence from France. Prior to that, it was divided between two coastal kingdoms that were Dahomey and Porto-Novo. Benin is made up of 43,483 square miles and extends about 420 miles from the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean to the Niger River. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo and the form of government is made up of a combined republic with one legislative house. In Benin, there are two climatic zones, the southern and

  • Benin Art Essay

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    In 1897, Benin was conquered by the British due to the fatal attack on the Acting Consul-General James Phillip and his army. As a result, the Benin City was completely destroyed and the Oba was arrested. The Benin art was confiscated and sent to Britain, were they either was displayed in British museums or sold to Germany. The Benin art proved to be much more than just art created by "primitive people" as speculations about the assumptions of black people grew. Even though, the Portuguese were

  • Creativity In Benin Art

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    The turning point that highlighted the change of feelings and thoughts about Benin art started to take place after the First World War. New interest of objects, including the sculptures of Benin, was come to light. The acceptance of the African art was inescapable. The Europeans who defined the Benin art as primitive were the first who supported it. To demonstrate, it was claimed that there is no artwork without cultural content; and the society in which such artworks are produced must not be neglected

  • Benin Brass Casting

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    between Benin and Portuguese encouraged the Benin people to develop their brass casting. However, Benin didn't have enough metal for such development although its people were the inventors of the molding of copper and zinc as well as the brass casting. Thus, the Portuguese supplied Benin with brass ingots shaped as bracelets and they were called manillas. These brass manillas were made and used as currency by countries such as modern Holland where they were sent to Benin and melted by the Benin craftsmen

  • Henry Gallwey: Lessons From The Ancient Benin Kingdom

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    Lessons from the Ancient Benin Kingdom In the example of the ancient Benin Kingdom, elements of both abolitionist and “trade interests” converged to explode a volatile situation that had been steadily nurtured by commercial ambitions and the abolitionist will of the colonialists and the sheer determination of the Benin rulers to uphold the status quo and protect their territory. As has already been mentioned above, the Ancient Benin Kingdom is on record to have covered almost the entire length and

  • Bishop Anyogu's Cultural Identity

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    to the ruling Benin monarch left Benin, led his people to safety, away from the tyrant Benin King to become himself a king and with time a deity of his people. IFE AND BENIN DEITY -2nd and Third Deities The kingdom of Ife, some 100 miles from Benin also held their kings as deities. It was stated that as far back as the 12th century, Benin was an annex of this Great Kingdom of Ife – then, there were no kings or Oba’s at Benin. This caused all sorts of problems and the people of Benin decided to send

  • Oba Ewuare Influence

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    King Ewuare fought against and captured 201 towns and villages in Ekiti, Ikare, Kukuruku, Eka and Igbo country. He took their rulers captive, and he caused the people to pay tribute to him. He made good roads in Benin City. In fact, the town rose to important and gained the name of city during his reign. It was he who had the innermost and greatest of the walls and ditches made round the city, and he also made powerful charms and had them buried at each of the nine gateways of the city so as to ward

  • Head Of An Oba Essay

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    The head of an Oba was created by artists within the city and only through the permission of their current Oba (king). No one artist is given credit for its creation , so we only know that this piece comes from the Benin culture , made through lost wax bronzing, and is from the 16th century. The head is made in the honor of an Oba who has passed by his successor. The head of an Oba is a commemorative head somewhat the metal cousin to busts of roman culture. This head is made of brass and iron, brass

  • Napoleon Leading The Army Over The Dragon Analysis

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    The poet of course, calls for change to a content, calm bronze of Benin. Benin does not mean the current West African country Benin but the Benin Empire which was a large pre-colonial African state of modern Nigeria. It was one of the most developed and prosperous nations of the Western African coastal countries until it was invaded by British explorers. The British annexed the Empire of Benin and took many of their culturally advanced artefacts, including their renowned artefacts

  • Pre-Colonial African Kingdoms Essay

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    Starting his rule in 1440, King Oba Ewuare was documented as the first King of the Benin Empire. The Benin Empire; now located in what is Southern Nigeria and known for being one of the oldest and highly developed states in West Africa. King Oba Ewuare, previously known as Prince Ogun; came to power after a violent overturn on his own brother; Prince Uwaifaikon. So violent that he ended up destroying much of Benin City in the processes.Oba Ewuare was the son of Ohen and after his death, an altercation

  • Mirror Boy Speech

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    At Travelstart Nigeria, many things give us inspiration and get us more excited to travel. Foods, luxury destinations, travel quotes, photos, and of course movies have a way of eliciting wanderlust in us – leaving us with a strong desire to visit places we’ve would love to explore. There are Nollywood movies that would make you laugh until you crack your ribs, and then inspire you for your next vacation. Travelstarters picked out their favourite Nollywood movies, which have made them want to set

  • Equiano Equaino Olaudah: A Life Of A Slave

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    Equiano’s narrative not only opens doors to ending slavery, but gives us some clear insight about the many struggles the slaves endure. “Equaino Olaudah was born in the mid-1700s, in the tribe of Ibo in the village of Essaka (Benin) from the kingdom of Benin which is southeastern Nigeria, West Africa”. According to the author, “Equiano was captured by black slave raider at age 11or 12, then he and his sister were kidnapped. After he and his sister were kidnapped, they were separated, he spent months

  • Equiano Olaudah: Ending Slavery

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    Equiano’s narrative not only open doors to ending slavery, but also gives us some clear insight about the many struggles the slaves had endured. Equiano Olaudah, who was born in 1745, was a member of the Eboe tribe who came from a village in Essaka (Benin) which is now southeastern Nigeria, West Africa. Part of his culture, was having a mark placed on a certain part of his body, which was significant to his culture. According to Equiano, “This mark conferred on the person entitled to it, by cutting

  • Africa-Brazil Economic Relations

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    Examples include the Cotton Four Project in Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Mali, the project on Technical Support to the Development of Agricultural Innovation in Mozambique, and the Rice-Culture Development Project in

  • Persuasive Speech On Endangered Chimpanzee

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    bushmeat hunting and deforestation. The greatest threat of a chimpanzee is habitat destruction. The chimp has already disappeared from for African countries and are almost extinct and many others. Chimpanzees are no longer found in Bambia, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Togo. Bushmeat trade is the greatest threat to biodiversity in forests in West and Central Africa. Chimpanzees today can be found in forests and savannas of tropical West and Central Africa. Next, I am going to be talking about their lifestyles

  • Pros And Cons Of Bartolome De Las Casas

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    preach the gospel, his faith lead him to see that true Christians did not act the way the Spanish Conquistadors did and that something must be done to right the wronged. In 1555, Richard Eden, an Englishman traveled to the West African Empire of Benin. He was in the company of Captain Windham and several English merchants,

  • Yemoja Religion

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    Sea, Queen of the Waves, Lady of the Sea, Mother of Water, Mother of all Orishas, and Patroness and Protection of Children and Fishermen, in the Yoruba religion. The Yoruba religion ingenerated and is progressing in Southwestern Nigeria, parts of Benin and Togo. The religion has one major self-existing God or deity, Olodumare, whose status of supremacy is absolute . Olodumare is said to be the creator of the earth. He created Obatalá (father and creator of human bodies) to build the world and gave