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  • Benjamin Franklin Quotes

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    The man on the $100 dollar bill is there for a reason….Benjamin Franklin is known as the founding fathers who planned the declaration of independence and the constitution of the U.S. He was born on January 17, 1706 Boston , Massachusetts. Franklin did lots of things during his lifetime he was a printer , writer , scientist , inventor , statesman ,civic leader and a diplomat . Therefore since Franklin was a writer he had several famous quotes he 1st quote ‘’There was never a bad war or a bad peace

  • Benjamin Franklin Characteristics

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    heard of the famous Benjamin Franklin. From the many history classes, and conversations in general. Benjamin Franklin is famous for many reasons; for example, he was responsible for publishing the very first political cartoon, the author of Poor Richard’s Almanack, inventing the lightning rod and bifocals, and he was one of five who drafted the Declaration of Independence. These accomplishments are great, but only tell part of the story of the great Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. In the biography

  • Benjamin Franklin Synthesis

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    Over the past two centuries, Benjamin Franklin has become the businessman known for being “self-made.” That is to say our modern understanding of Franklin is that of a man who invented his own name and fortune alongside the invention that was, and is, the United States. Just as the meaning of the United States has been transformed by years of misinterpretations, exaggerations, and even lies, the story of Benjamin Franklin has been waxed and shined by centuries of American industry. Although not

  • Benjamin Franklin Biography Essay

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    Kevin Hu Mrs. Baylis 2 September 2014 Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson “Franklin was a great genius, original, sagacious, and inventive, capable of discoveries in science no less than of improvements in the fine arts and the mechanical arts….His reputation was more universal than that of Leibnitz or Newton, Frederick or Voltaire.” These were the words how Founding Father of America, John Adams, described Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin, as one of the greatest men in history, devoted himself

  • Benjamin Franklin Founding Father

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    Benjamin Franklin was one of the largest known founding fathers of the United States. He was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. He was the fifteenth child of Josiah and one of ten by Abiah(Franklin Born). His father wanted him to be a clergy but could not afford to send him to school for that many years. Instead, he became his brother’s, James, apprentice at the age of twelve to learn the printing trade(Begins Apprenticeship). This

  • Benjamin Franklin: Ethics And Virtues

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    In a world where morals, ethics and virtues are constantly debated, it pays to acknowledge two great men who had a profuse influence on society during their time. Benjamin Franklin was born in January of 1706, in Boston to puritan parents. While alive Benjamin Franklin was well known amongst his peers for his numerous accomplishments in a variety of areas. He had the burning desire to be as moral and virtuous as possible even though conceding perfection is impractical. On the other hand, Aristotle

  • Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father

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    “Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 (January 6, 1705, in the old style calendar) of very humble origins, origins that always struck Franklin himself as poor.”(Wood,17) He proved throughout his life that he was quite the renaissance man, showing expertise in many professions and fields from Author to Inventor. Franklin proved time and time again that he was intellectually capable of doing pretty much anything. Franklin's status of being a founding father has proven how much of a staple

  • Why Is Benjamin Franklin Important

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    things worth reading or do things worth writing.”- Benjamin Franklin. Without Benjamin Franklin’s advanced thinking life wouldn 't be as easy as it is today. A great portion of inventions would not exist without him, such as, the Lightning Rod, Bifocals, and different types of stoves. We might not even be a country without Ben. Benjamins intellect and love for his country still lives on to this day, and will continue to live on for centuries. Franklin 's education was very little and ended when he

  • Benjamin Franklin Contributions To Society

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    Benjamin Franklin was born January 12, 1706 in Boston, Massachusettes. He grew up in Boston but spent the majority of his life in Philadelphia after running away from home at 17. Before his death on April 17, 1790 he had made many contributions to society, including typography. Although his vocation in life was a diplomat, scientist, inventor and writer, he only ever identified himself as a printer. Originally, Ben Franklin was an apprentice to his brother James at the age of 12. Upon turning

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Papers

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    Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the United States of America. He was a renowned printer, author, politician, inventor, scientist and diplomat. He was the part of the American Enlightenment and also the part of history of physics as he discovered theories for the invention of electricity. In Philadelphia, he was the successful newspaper editor and printer. He published the renowned newspaper ‘Pennsylvania Chronicle’ which was famous for its revolutionary sentiments. Franklin

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Paper

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    Scientist, diplomat, and inventor are three elements that describe Benjamin Franklin. Many people know that Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, but he did so much more. As a well known diplomat, Ben Franklin, showed Americans that they should be freed from British rule by fighting for their freedom. He left a lasting legacy as a Revolutionary War hero, a founding father, and a great scientist. The origin of Benjamin Franklin started when he ran away from his family at the age of 17. Franklin’s

  • Themes Of Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

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    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is composed of four different parts that were written at three different periods in Franklin’s life. The first section starts with Franklin addressing his son and it seems as though Franklin is telling his life story so that it may be an example of how he was continuously improving himself. Franklin also makes mention of his religious beliefs and God throughout the book which seems to be a theme throughout the book. Throughout Franklin’s Autobiography there

  • Comparing Benjamin Franklin And Wheelwright

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    Benjamin Franklin and Ester Wheelwright lived similar and different lives. They lived similar lives in the form that they learned many languages and experience great growth and education in life. They differed in the ways they experienced that growth, this is due to how they grew up, and their genders. Their growth in status, and education in language and life helped them get to the places in life that they desired to be, and live for such a long time. I want to explore and talk about their lives

  • Benjamin Franklin: A True American Hero

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    Benjamin Franklin a True American Hero Christopher Reeve once said “ A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacle” meaning that a hero is someone who does not give up and perseveres no matter how hard things get. They keep trying and keep going to get to their goal. Many people have shown these qualities whether it was a fireman a teacher a greek goddess or even a postman.These qualities make a great hero because they do things

  • The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin Rhetorical Analysis

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    audience will be? Benjamin Franklin started writing an autobiography of his life when he was about sixty-five years old. This self-narrative was written about Franklin’s life goals and accomplishments. The subject of who Franklin’s intended audience comes into question throughout the self-narrative. Many people think that The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is written to or for Franklin’s son, however it seems to be written to the general public. Most people believe that Benjamin Franklin is writing

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Paper Outline

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    Introduction 1 Benjamin Franklin was always loved to read and write and it led him to his amazing accomplishments. 2 Some of his accomplishments he had were in all subjects that are in schools today. 3 His accomplishments consisted of the first battery, the bifocal glasses, and he made the Odometer. 4 (thesis statement) There are so many reasons that Benjamin Franklin should be remembered. Body Paragraph #1 : _The battery __________________________ RA Benjamin Franklin should be remembered because

  • Was Benjamin Franklin A Good President

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    Do you think Benjamin Franklin was a good president? Benjamin Franklin was unconventional his youth but later made a great contribution to society his contributions not only impacted society, but was also impacted by his unconventionality. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts January 17, 1706. He died at the age 84 April 17, 1790 Benjamin Franklin’s family settled in Massachusetts he was born on Milk Street, in Boston M.A Pennsylvania hospital. Benjamin’s father wanted him to go to

  • Benjamin Franklin Character Analysis Essay

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    Benjamin Franklin is an important figure in the molding of an American business character. From reflecting off many of Jesus’ messages to benefiting the society all the way to displaying astounding entrepreneur character traits, Franklin left a well-respected legacy. He demonstrated that even an unestablished, doubted boy can have everything they’ve either dreamt of. Franklin’s view on leading was the benefit of serving others more than himself, he was servant leader. His view reflects Jesus’

  • Similarities Between Edwards And Benjamin Franklin

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    three men--Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Bell, and Jonathan Edwards--our first “historians”--had different goals and different lives. Benjamin Franklin, a statesman, author, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1708. He spent most of his life working and owning a flourishing printing business, which made him known as one of the richest people in the northern colonies by the age of 42. Once he retired to “live a life as a gentlemen”, Franklin planned to devote

  • Benjamin Franklin: An Influential Founding Father

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    and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. -Benjamin Franklin” ( Benjamin Franklin was not only one of the founding fathers but he also achieved great achievement as an author, politician, scientist, and mathematician. Although Franklin was born into a poor family, that did not stop him from getting to where he is today. Even though Benjamin Franklin had a job and little time to learn, he was able to understand Newton's theories of physics