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  • Benjamin Franklin Accomplishments

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    Benjamin franklin was a great man. One of the founding fathers, he was one of the most respected figures in American History. Franklin was one of the engineering mind behind the early success of our nation. As a diplomat, he worked tirelessly to add structure to our young and ambitious union. Franklin was also one of the most emblematic leader of the United States of America . Benjamin went on to accomplished many positive things for the American people. He was a major political figure, an inventor

  • Benjamin Franklin Thesis

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    Benjamin Franklin Even before America was founded on July 4, 1776, there were many people who already embodied what was portrayed as an american. One of the first true americans was Benjamin Franklin. He was not only an early politician, diplomat, author, scientist, inventor, and founding father, but also a great leader to the american people. He was so well known and respected, he is on the one hundred dollar bill. Franklin contributed a lot of things during his lifetime. For example, he invented

  • Benjamin Franklin Synthesis

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    Over the past two centuries, Benjamin Franklin has become the businessman known for being “self-made.” That is to say our modern understanding of Franklin is that of a man who invented his own name and fortune alongside the invention that was, and is, the United States. Just as the meaning of the United States has been transformed by years of misinterpretations, exaggerations, and even lies, the story of Benjamin Franklin has been waxed and shined by centuries of American industry. Although not

  • Benjamin Franklin Characteristics

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    heard of the famous Benjamin Franklin. From the many history classes, and conversations in general. Benjamin Franklin is famous for many reasons; for example, he was responsible for publishing the very first political cartoon, the author of Poor Richard’s Almanack, inventing the lightning rod and bifocals, and he was one of five who drafted the Declaration of Independence. These accomplishments are great, but only tell part of the story of the great Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. In the biography

  • Benjamin Franklin Quotes

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    The man on the $100 dollar bill is there for a reason….Benjamin Franklin is known as the founding fathers who planned the declaration of independence and the constitution of the U.S. He was born on January 17, 1706 Boston , Massachusetts. Franklin did lots of things during his lifetime he was a printer , writer , scientist , inventor , statesman ,civic leader and a diplomat . Therefore since Franklin was a writer he had several famous quotes he 1st quote ‘’There was never a bad war or a bad peace

  • Benjamin Franklin Accomplishments

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    Have you ever seen a kite with a key on the string getting struck by lightning well Benjamin Franklin has. He was testing how electricity travels then, ZAP! Lightning struck the key But don't worry he was fine. Benjamin franklin changed the world by his inventions his good deeds and helping us win the revolutionary war. So now i will explain why benjamin Franklin is very important to the u.s. Benjamin Franklin made great inventions for the colonists. He made great inventions for the colonists and

  • Letter To Benjamin Franklin

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    Lee Li Mrs.Kealer English III Period 7 24 October 2015 1.I think Franklin was the first person to be very careful.Because he is no matter what things are very strict attention to detail encountered difficulties will do their best to solve the problem“I made a little book, in which I allotted a page for each of the virtues. I ruled each page with red ink, so as to have seven columns, one for each day of the week, marking each column with a letter for the day. I crossed these columns with thirteen

  • Benjamin Franklin Founding Father

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    Benjamin Franklin was one of the largest known founding fathers of the United States. He was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. He was the fifteenth child of Josiah and one of ten by Abiah(Franklin Born). His father wanted him to be a clergy but could not afford to send him to school for that many years. Instead, he became his brother’s, James, apprentice at the age of twelve to learn the printing trade(Begins Apprenticeship). This

  • Benjamin Franklin: Ethics And Virtues

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    In a world where morals, ethics and virtues are constantly debated, it pays to acknowledge two great men who had a profuse influence on society during their time. Benjamin Franklin was born in January of 1706, in Boston to puritan parents. While alive Benjamin Franklin was well known amongst his peers for his numerous accomplishments in a variety of areas. He had the burning desire to be as moral and virtuous as possible even though conceding perfection is impractical. On the other hand, Aristotle

  • Was Benjamin Franklin A Hero

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    We consider Benjamin Franklin to be one of the most influential heroes of his time. Franklin is a hero due to his groundbreaking inventions. During the time he was alive, he produced multiple ingenious inventions that helped combat problems in the 13 colonies. His Franklin Stove brought cheap warmth to many households, and his lightning rod kept many houses from becoming blazing infernos. Additionally, he found the connection between lightning and electricity, which led to all sorts of new discoveries

  • Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father

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    “Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 (January 6, 1705, in the old style calendar) of very humble origins, origins that always struck Franklin himself as poor.”(Wood,17) He proved throughout his life that he was quite the renaissance man, showing expertise in many professions and fields from Author to Inventor. Franklin proved time and time again that he was intellectually capable of doing pretty much anything. Franklin's status of being a founding father has proven how much of a staple

  • Benjamin Franklin Biography Essay

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    Kevin Hu Mrs. Baylis 2 September 2014 Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson “Franklin was a great genius, original, sagacious, and inventive, capable of discoveries in science no less than of improvements in the fine arts and the mechanical arts….His reputation was more universal than that of Leibnitz or Newton, Frederick or Voltaire.” These were the words how Founding Father of America, John Adams, described Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin, as one of the greatest men in history, devoted himself

  • Benjamin Franklin Hero's Journey

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    American Literature Essay Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography in during the 1700’s about his life starting with his early childhood and through the last couple of year he was alive. Franklin speaks about his life comparing his actions to the Hero’s Journey; Call to Adventure, Crossing the Threshold, as well as Challenges and Temptations. The Hero’s Journey; originally called a Monomyth, was introduced and written by Joseph Campbell in his book; The Hero With A Thousand Faces published in 1949

  • Accomplishments Of Benjamin Franklin And The Constitution

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    Benjamin Franklin was involved with the constitution in many different ways and ended up being part of the members.The constitution is a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. The Constitution is made up from 4,400 words it's the oldest and shortest written constitution of any major government in the world. Even though he was 81 years old and in poor health he still participated as a delegate to the

  • Benjamin Franklin Rhetorical Devices

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    Benjamin Franklin - an innovative man, writer, and adviser. Mr. Franklin is a man of many trades, but simultaneously within that time period he still left time to educate his readers. His audience, not only gets to hear about a life story, but they learn about how Benjamin Franklin uses analogies to convey a message. His writing serves as a guide to the writers of the modern age. In a short excerpt from a letter written by Benjamin Franklin the anecdote illustrated serves to set up the entrance of

  • Why Is Benjamin Franklin Important

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    things worth reading or do things worth writing.”- Benjamin Franklin. Without Benjamin Franklin’s advanced thinking life wouldn 't be as easy as it is today. A great portion of inventions would not exist without him, such as, the Lightning Rod, Bifocals, and different types of stoves. We might not even be a country without Ben. Benjamins intellect and love for his country still lives on to this day, and will continue to live on for centuries. Franklin 's education was very little and ended when he

  • Benjamin Franklin Pros And Cons

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    Benjamin Franklin, who was born into a large family in colonial Boston, argues and shows he is a good Colonial and future American by going to London as a delegate to help benefit the colonial states when Parliament put high tax on goods and eventually becomes a founding father to the United States. He tells his side of the accounts through his autobiography. Evaluation of the Argument Benjamin Franklin invented several things to make colonial life better. One of the first was the stove in 1742

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Papers

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    Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the United States of America. He was a renowned printer, author, politician, inventor, scientist and diplomat. He was the part of the American Enlightenment and also the part of history of physics as he discovered theories for the invention of electricity. In Philadelphia, he was the successful newspaper editor and printer. He published the renowned newspaper ‘Pennsylvania Chronicle’ which was famous for its revolutionary sentiments. Franklin

  • Benjamin Franklin Research Paper

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    Benjamin Franklin was a boy who was born Boston in the year 1706. Josiah, Franklin's parent, wanted to send him to school with the clergy but they didn’t have enough money, so he only went two years and did not graduate. Schooling for Franklin ended when he was ten, after that he worked for awhile with his father. Then at twelve, he worked as an apprentice with his brother James a printer who taught Franklin the printing trade. At the age of fifteen, Benjamin started a newspaper called “The New-England

  • Pros And Cons Of Benjamin Franklin

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    To begin with, Benjamin Franklin is inspirational, The reason why he is inspirational franklin is a frugal, Inoffensive, Thrifty citizen, He said no one would fail because everyone could do it, And his role in the American Revolution. Moreover was also an inspiration, The reason why he is because he, A hero save many other people citizens, Also he participated in a long history of fighting britain. Benjamin franklin was a hero because of the honor, He brought our country in the American Revolution